Happy Halloween


Proudly displaying recently captured pumpkins.

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In the French Quarter of NOLA, shirts about the spill are a hot item. Here are a few favorites around town. For more, check out our Flickr set devoted to oil spill t-shirts.
Yesterday was International Women's Day and since I'm a firm believer in International Better Late Than Never Day, I thought I thought I'd add my little contribution to the celebration. Or at least highlight a great post from someone else. Computer Scientist Amy Csizmar Dalal's recent blog post…
There are coyotes denned right across the road, which is one of the reasons we have Mac the Marshmallow. Mac is a 110lb Great Pyrenees dog, a livestock guardian breed the approximate size of a shetland pony. Asher, my four year old, has been known to ride him. We call him "Mac the Marshmallow"…
I already attacked the 2008 Punkin Chunkin Show. So, now I going to give the chunkers some tips. In case you aren't familiar, the Punkin Chunkin contest has teams create devices to launch a pumpkin. They have different categories, but I am going to focus on the air-powered devices. The basic…

Is that Huxley?? Wow, he grew FAST!

I know, he looks huge and that jacket makes him look very mature. If you check out the latest uploaded to my facebook account, taken the same day, you'll see his infant side coming through.

I love it.

Oh! I didn't know you were on FB! I'll look you up!