Science and Reason 2011: Future Watch

Atheists Talk, #98, January 2, 2011

As 2010 rolls out, we all hope the future is bright for 2011. Along with hope, there's always hype. Bringing us a reality check from their areas of expertise are these savvy thinkers:

Greg Laden, bio anthropologist and bogger for, will give his top ten list of science stories for 2010, with commentary on the new field of paleogenomics

Maggie Koerth-Baker, science journalist and writer for, will talk about the Future of Energy in the US

Steve Borsch, media trend expert at Connecting the Dots, has insights for a year of accelerating change

Will Steeger,, arctic explorer and eyewitness to the on-going catastrophic consequences of global climate change will tell us the latest observations

Interviewer Lynn Fellman,, is an artist communicating science through art, and a frequent science interviewer on "Atheist Talk".

Host Brent Michael Davids,, is an award winning composer and creator of the music for the "Atheist Talk".

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