Friday Cephalopod to DIE For

I know, I know, PZ Myers at Pharyngula does a Friday Cephalopod thing, and I'm totally ripping him off here and it's not even friday yet, but still ..

(Below the fold. Not work safe if you work, say, in a Japanese resturant.)

Click here if you want to know the science behind this neat trick. Hint: The creature is NOT alive. And there are no strings attached.

Am I a bad person because this makes me hungry?

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That's the coolest demonstartion of exactly how fresh the "Catch of the Day" is, I've yet seen.

.. Or so 'twould appear! ;-)

[Highly recommends the marinated octopus at the local Greek restaurant.]

Ooh, yes, octopus Greek-style in lemon, herbs and olive oil. One of the best dishes ever.

By hoary puccoon (not verified) on 29 Jul 2011 #permalink

Cooooooool! Now I want to try to do that, except that involves having meat that is very very VERY fresh, and that might be impractical for me....

By Calli Arcale (not verified) on 29 Jul 2011 #permalink

I think it's not quite dead for the following reasons.

* Look up the anatomy of a squid. Only the upper part of the squid is cut off, which only amounts to a disemboweling, as PZ described it.

* In another video ( we see the squid still moving around after it gets disemboweled. Therefore we cannot say for sure when it actually dies.

* In the same video, even though soy sauce is applied to just one side, the squid launches itself directly upward. Thus some of the unsauced tentacles pushed downward.

* All tentacles are moving around at the end, even the unsauced ones.

* Salt produces a twitching effect on frog legs, not a "frog-like" motion. When the soy sauce poured, the tentacles move in a "squid-like" motion. (This is a minor point which might be explained by a squid's neural wiring.)