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i-f6aa4ebf34034dfd265139e5dea82cd9-LeRoy_Bell_guitar.jpgAs you know, my nephew, LeRoy Bell, was a contestant on the XFactor singing contest. You may also know that he was voted off the show last week. I'm not going to say much about that other than to note that LeRoy was NOT the 8th or 9th best singer in the group. He was clearly in the top three, and he was voted off prematurely. But that's how these things work. In the end, America will Choose. A Country Western Act.

Anyway, I thought that by way of acknowledgment of LeRoy's Talents I'd point you to his previous work. It's all good. You can get his CD's or download individual songs on iTunes (I assume) or Amazon or wherever you download his stuff. Personally, I like the CD's because then I really own them.

i-11ed9b0f19f6202a4392801b362c0c36-LeRoy_Bell_TwoSidesToEveryStory.jpgTwo Sides To Every Story

1. Voodoo (3:50)
2. You Lied To Me (4:15)
3. Still Not Over You (3:59)
4. Father to Son (5:07)
5. Waiting (3:48)
6. 21st Century Man (3:48)
7. I Want You to Know Me (4:39)
8. Every Touch (4:22)
9. Mexico (5:58)
10. I'm In Love (4:15)
11. Once Upon A Time (4:06)
12. He Can't Hold Her (3:53)
13. Dream of Peace (5:24)
14. 20 Years From Now (4:34)

i-cec30a97a9fe01f3f0ad027d87a5957a-LeRoyBell_SpendingTime-thumb-300x300-70915.jpgSpending Time

1. Spending Time
2. Almost Peaceful
3. She Believes
4. Divine Intervention
5. Can't Run Back to Me
6. Ready to Fall

i-ced45dad8d119368893bb67f4fe1eff1-LeRoyBell_LiveIn3D-thumb-300x300-70917.jpgLeRoy Bell Live in 3D

1. You Lied To Me
2. He Can't Hold Her
3. Can't Run Back To Me
4. Father To Son
5. Mexico
6. Divine Intervention
7. I'm In Love
8. 20 Years From Now
9. Ready To Fall
10. Once Upon A Time
11. Voodoo

i-0c2e68deebe72a45a5f9687b0c1585e4-LeRoy_Bell_A_Change_Is_Coming-thumb-300x300-70921.jpgA Change Is Coming

1. The Way That I Fell Now
2. You Remind Me
3. Out of My Head
4. Should I Believe
5. A Change Is Coming
6. Everybody
7. In Love With You Girl
8. Fly On the Wall
9. Save Me
10. How Many Times
11. Land Line
12. Brand New Day


1. Can You Live On Love
2. Wind Me Up
3. Just Not Good Enough
4. To Say Goodbye
5. Mama Said
6. Everything About You
7. Tears
8. Thank You
9. Traces of Your Soul (Rick's song)
10. Wanna See You Smile
11. Spending Time

And just for fun, here are two songs recorded by Elton John:

LeRoy has done a lot more than this, but that's a good sampling.


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I, a senior citizen, claim to be one of LeRoy's biggest fans having voted 400 -500 times each week. I too thought LeRoy would be in the top 3 but I think there are a lot of younger, probably rappers, in the voting community. I love the softness and rich quality of LeRoy's voice...I do think his lack of stage presence worked against him...this lack was probably because the big stage performing was new to him, (but this should be true of most of the contestants) . At any rate, I truly hope LeRoy will get a recording contract....I will be first in line for it.....listening to his older music and what he did on the show, it seems that he may have learned a way of showing a deeper feeling for the music he is singing.

I am a 69-year old fan of Leroy Bell. I too felt he should have been in the top 3 (Leroy, Melanie, and Josh)on X-Factor. I too pray he gets a record deal. I would have liked to have heard him sing some Bruce Springsteen (sp?),some Sam Cooke, some Ray Charles. He would have made them all proud. Thank you for your blog. It looks interesting and there appears to be some information on your blog that is of interest to me.

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