Last night, a Minneapolis woman gave birth to twins. Two of them. But labor was tough. The first one was born just before 7PM on December 31st, 2011. The second one was born just after midnight, Januray 1st, 2012. This will get interesting in about 12 years.*

The following tragic news story appeared on this morning's WCCO Web Site. I've highlighted certain parts of it:

i-f0781b63a986ca727378c34ece67871e-Thinkering.jpgAre you tired of Tebow Tebowing? Well, one answers a gesture with a gesture, a symbol with a symbol. Next time you score at Touchdown during an NFL game, or whatever the normal human equivalent of that might be (finding your shoes on sale, getting your cheapskate friend to buy you a beer, etc.) try Thinkering. This is a picture of David Silverman of the American Atheists demonstrating this idea, which is apparently his. Good idea, Dave. A little reminiscent of the "Brights" idea but hopefully no one will remember that.

For the first time all year, we had more than just a dusting of snow. The snow transcended the New Years Moment, so only a tiny bit fell in 2011 and a tiny bit fell in 2012 (no big deal because that is not how we count winters, but still...). Unfortunately, the snow fell during the New Years Drunk Driving Tournament we seem to have every year, so statewide 138 vehicles were reported to have run off the road or spun out (I quickly add that this is a very under-reported statistic. If you drive your ride into a field and then back onto the road and continue on your way, you are not likely to call it in.) There were 88 crashes statewide, 54 in the Twin Cities Metro. There were eleven injuries and 20 people were arrested statewide for DWI. One of the accidents was a police squad car at a crash scene which was in turn crashed into by a (would have been) passing drunk driver. Happy New Year. I was in bed, didn't see a thing. (Statistics from various radio and web reports.)

Birders, please report your first bird of 2012 here. And speaking of new year, what is the history of new year anyway? Here's one take on it.

As you know, I rather enjoy having some food in my bugs, but sometimes it is nice to have some bugs in my food too.

And finally, check out this Skeptics Guide to New Year's Resolutions.

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"...gave birth to twins. Two of them."

that's 4 kids...

By starskeptic (not verified) on 01 Jan 2012 #permalink

Won't the "twins born in different years" have a weird effect on their tax return for 2011? As in, they'd get to claim one dependent born during the year but not the other.