Meteorologist Exposed as Scientific Fraud (And a really cool graphic)

Brad Johnson at Think Progress has written a piece on Meteorologist Mark Johnson, of ABC's WEWS-TV in Cleveland Ohio. Johnson has apparently purposefully misrepresented data that was previously pre-misrepresented by the Daily Mail to make the statement that the earth has been cooling since 1998.

The earth has actually been warming since the 1990s, and the first decade of the present century is the warmest on record, but will almost certainly be exceeded in global temperature by the present decade, I write from my home in Minneapolis where temperatures on this fine January day stayed well above 40 until just moments ago when they plunged to a chilly 39 degrees F.

Brad makes his case here: AMS Certified Meteorologist Mark Johnson Claims 'Earth Hasn't Warmed In 15 Years'. In his post, he shows a great graphic which I've stolen, here (It's a moving GIF so stare at it for a moment):


I believe the graph is originally from Skeptical Science.

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