Sharon Sund and International Women's DAy

Tonight, in Minneapolis; bring your ideas and some money and we'll make things happen! I've already put my One Good Shirt in the laundry and hope to have it dry in time. See you there?

Key women leaders celebrate Sharon Sund on International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, a large group of prominent women leaders in government, business and the community are co-hosting a fundraising event for Sharon Sund, candidate for congress in Minnesota's Third District.

"I am honored that so many respected, talented, courageous women are standing up for me on a day when we need to stand up for all women," said Sund. "International Women's Day is a time for us to celebrate the achievements women have made--and are making--worldwide."

The celebration taking place today in conjunction with International Women's Day is being held at the home of former State Representative Betty Folliard. It is co-hosted by a large group of prominent and influential women who are supporting Sund. They include: State Senators Chris Eaton and Ann Rest, along with State Representatives Denise Dittrich, Rena Moran, Sandra Peterson and Linda Slocum.

Other prominent women activists co-hosting the event include: former State Representative Luanne Koskinen and long-time community activists: Dottie Gilkeson, Laurie Pryor, Rosemary Rocco, Ruth Usem and Deborah Watts.

Edina City Council Member Joni Bennett, one of the co-hosts of the event, talked about the need for women to be engaged in the political process. "It's important for women to be involved at all levels of government," said Bennett. "At a time when much of our discussion is about finding solutions to environmental problems, Sharon Sund's training and work in science make her a strong candidate for congress."

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