"Your Inner Neandertal"

Keynote talk by multimedia artist Lynn Fellman for Minneapolis DNA Days

Do you know why some people are 1 to 4% Neandertal? Lynn Fellman explains how your Uncle Ned and maybe you have an "Inner Neander" during her art and science talk on April 28th. The presentation is one of many talks at Twin City libraries to celebrate National DNA Days.


"Your Inner Neandertal" is a 30 minute presentation showing how art can uniquely express science concepts and why some of us may find a little "Neander" in our genes. With examples from "At the Crossroads" video and DNA Portrait traveling show, Fellman explains how some genes may be a surprising and generous gift from our ancient and now extinct cousins.

Saturday, April 28th at 11 am
Minneapolis Downtown Hennepin Library
This keynote talk for Minneapolis DNA Days is free and open to the public. Please register (go here).
For more information, parking and directions (go here).

More DNA Days events at area libraries will cover topics like genetic testing and screening, capturing family health history and tools for collecting the information.

Illuminating Human Gene Stories through art, design and narrative
Lynn Fellman multimedia artist FellmanStudio.com

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