An Evolutionary Tale about Genes and Art: "Waking Sleeping Beauty"

Join artist Lynn Fellman and Professor Perry Hackett for a science and art presentation at Hennes Art Gallery in Minneapolis. It's an evolutionary tale about an ancient fossil gene discovered by Hackett's Lab at the University of Minnesota. The lab awakened the gene from an evolutionary sleep and named it "Sleeping Beauty". Intrigued by the science and the metaphor behind a 14 million year old gene, Lynn created a dimensional art titled "Waking Sleeping Beauty"


In a lively exchange, the artist and scientist tell the bench-to-bedside story how the gene was developed as a valuable biomedical tool. Lynn will show the creative process from sketches to science poster to the dimensional art. The art is on display along with Lynn's DNA Portraits and other work currently handled by Greg Hennes at Hennes Art Company. Read more about "Waking Sleeping Beauty" here.

Who: Lynn Fellman, artist and Professor Perry Hackett, geneticist
What: Presentation and conversation about evolution, genes, and art
When: Thursday, March 31st, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Presentation begins at 7 pm.
Where: Hennes Art Company, 1607 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN, 55403
RSVP: Reserve by Tuesday, March 29th. Click here to email

Lynn Fellman
is a visual artist who also speaks and writes about the intersection of art and science. See her work at

Dr. Perry Hackett, professor of genetics, cell biology and development at the University of Minnesota, has practiced genetic engineering in animals for the past three decades with the motto "no organism is too insignificant".

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Will they perform Frog Prince next? Or rather PiggyBac?