What Would Darwin Say to Today's Creationists?

A talk by Genie Scott of the NCSE:


Photo of Darwin Statute by KevinZim

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In this video, Genie Scott dissects the claims, the tactics, and the methods being used to confuse the public about what is science and what isn’t: __________________ photo of Darwin by kevinzim
A talk by Genie Scott of the NCSE. Do reason and creationism ever intersect? What reasons do creationists cite in explaining their beliefs? Genie Scott examines how "reason" is misunderstood and misused by creationists. When: 4/15/2012. Where: Global Atheist Convention, Melbourne, Australia
Genie Scott of the NCSE gives a talk on Creationism. Executive director Genie Scott talks about the history of creationist legislation, including bills that allow teachers to "critically analyze" evolution or present the "full range of scientific views of origins". Strategies, tactics, and more.…
This just in: Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the NCSE, has won the California Academy of Sciences Fellows Medal. This is somewhere between an Oscar and a Nobel. Congratulations Genie!!! Details... DARWIN DEFENDER TAKES TOP PRIZE California Academy of Sciences honors Dr. Eugenie C. Scott…

He would say: "I never knew that cells were significantly more complex than any manufacturing/distribution facility every constructed by man."

You missed something out, Joe.

"And yet even such apparently complex organisms are made of extremely simple chemicals that can be created with little more than the abundant gasses of the universe and lightning, the most easily achievable concentrated energy source it is possible for nature to get".

PS an analogue watch is far more complex than DNA. DNA just consitutes four bases and they can't even be connected except two ways.

Why does an astronaut's watch need to be waterproof to 100m???


reminds me too of the Futurama episode when the ship is being dragged deep underwater:

Professor, what pressure can the hull withstand?

Well, since it's a spaceship, anywhere between 0 and 1.