Hug the new WTF, I mean, WTI

WTF stands for ... Women Thinking Free. It was an organization born in the Skepchick Crucible, and it did things like the "Hug Me I'm Vaccinated" campaign which really truly probably saved liVes or at least reduced misery. It also spawned (though I'm probably oversimplifying here) the MTM (More than Men) project, which reminds me, it is time to repost my MTM project for you.

Anyway, when WTF started out it was cute. The name, that its. You'd say "WTF" and somebody would say "Huh? What" and then you'd say "Women Thinking Free, what did you think I meant?" and so on. But WTF grew beyond its own clever eponymish name and the value of getting the WTF reaction to WTF has waned relative to the need for a serious organization to be taken seriously. So, as the child growing into adulthood sheds its nickname (and Peanut becomes Pat or Goofyface becomes Chris) WTF shall now be WT inc, or WTI, for Women Thinking, Inc.

I hope they start a blog called "Women Thinking Ink."

Click here to visit Elyse's write up of the transition. There is a donation button there. Press it.

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We'll actually be calling it "WT inc" so it doesn't sound like a really awful bladder infection.

By Elyse Anders (not verified) on 03 Jul 2012 #permalink

Which is even worse.

By Elyse Anders (not verified) on 03 Jul 2012 #permalink

"which really truly probably saved lies"

Lives, I think you mean. It's the Creationists, fishermen and golfers who try to save lies.

By lordshipmayhem (not verified) on 04 Jul 2012 #permalink


By Derpfish The Third (not verified) on 05 Jul 2012 #permalink