Storms of my Grandchildren: Free Chapter

Storms of My Grandchildren is a book by James Hansen that outlines the science behind increasing storminess associated with global warming, and covers key events in the recent history of the politics of climate change science denialism. It is a good book. The National Center for Science Education is now giving away a preview exerpt of the book, in a PDF file, which you can have by clicking here and it will be magically delivered to your computer. So there you go!

When you're done with that and you have this feeling that you want to keep reading, go ahead and check out this novella!

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“.....the essence of this human-driven tragedy: to know that a given course of action will lead to disaster but to pursue it nevertheless.”

By Steven Earl Salmony (not verified) on 31 Oct 2012 #permalink

James Hansen is a man who I initially distrusted because he seemed to be grandstanding, but after reading his work and words I believe that if anyone is to be listened to it is him: renewables, nuclear - anything but carbon!

If we keep on doing what we are doing now and repeating past mistakes by continuing not only to recklessly overconsume, relentlessly overproduce and righteously overpopulate in our planetary home but also to deny science, little that is new and sustainable will occur in a timely way.Without an acknowledgement of ALL the root causes of what is ailing humanity, how are we to move forward meaningfully to raise awareness of the global predicament humankind appears to be induced?Once awareness is raised among a critical mass of people, it becomes possible to organize for the purpose of formulating policies for humane and sustainable collective action.
The willful denial of science has kept us and continues to keep us from gaining momentum needed to reasonably address and sensibly overcome the human-driven challenges that threaten future human wellbeing and environmental health.The tasks at hand for scientists are to freely acknowledge, skillfully examine and carefully interpret evidence as well as to encourage that all evidence regarding the population dynamics of the human species be thoroughly reviewed.It is irresponsible and harmful for professionals with appropriate expertise to remain silent rather than speak out for necessary change, change that is fair and humane in the development of population policy and programs of action.

By Steven Earl Salmony (not verified) on 01 Nov 2012 #permalink