Create a Wildlife Conservation Stamp for Habitat Acquisition and the Conservation of Wildlife.

The Bird Bloggers, led by Corey Finger at 10,000 birds, where I blog monthly, are asking you to sign this petition and pass it on to others:

We propose a Wildlife Conservation Stamp, comparable to the well-known Duck Stamp, to support the acquisition of habitat and the conservation of all wildlife in the National Wildlife Refuge system with an emphasis on non-game species. A Wildlife Conservation Stamp would allow birders, photographers, hikers, and other people who enjoy wildlife in a non-consumptive way to financially show their support of the National Wildlife Refuge system.


Bird watchers are numerous. Duck hunters are required to buy duck stamps before they hunt ducks, but lots of people, including birders and such, buy the stamps because they are pretty and they support habitat conservation. But more birds and conservation oriented people would buy something like a duck stamp but not a duck stamp if it was offered, thus more funds for conservation.

I imagine that the art on a Wildlife conservation Stamp would also be interesting. There would be loons. Trees. Frogs. Other non-duck things. Break the hegemony of the duck! So if you are a wildlife artist you should really want this.

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Now there's a rallying cry, "break the hegemony of the duck!" This I gotta share ;-)

By KnightBiologist (not verified) on 16 Nov 2012 #permalink

Damned ducks and their hegemony...

Thanks for the link and the push to get folks to sign on, Greg.

Hi, Greg,

Larry Jordan posted the full text of a detailed proposal which includes our idea for a Wildlife Conservation Stamp photo contest -- one that, similar to the Duck Stamp competition, would bring in registration revenue in addition to the stamp fee. We created a sample mock-up graphic which you can also see in the post at Larry's blog:

Lets all encourage the passion in protecting wild plant and animal species and their habitats to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness lands to humans and other species alike. Thanks a lot for sharing.

By joseph muita (not verified) on 04 Jun 2015 #permalink