Huge Eruption on Sun

I have 3D Sun on my iPad, and every now and then it beeps at me and tells me that something important is happening. Earlier today it beeped at me to tell me that an ENORMOUS solar eruption happened.

Notice that the update just prior to the Huge Eruption is an update daying "NOAA forecasters estimate a 25% chance of M-flares...." Is that funny?

Anyway, when I clicked on the current notice ("Huge Eruption") I got this:

The movie mentioned in that text is HERE:

We won't be getting any effects of this on Earth because it was pointing the wrong way.


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Welcome to the World ... of Tomorrow!

Seriously, getting notifications on my pad about probable rain fronts and exoplanets!! (Exoplanet for iOS)
34 years old and I quite remember that being scifi dreams.

...must be all that CO2 finally hitting the sun?

Giza pyramid is not death star, it is visual science its original creation it was reflective thus Mirror of Heaven... Super volcanic looking reflectivity is ONLY ONE thing...The reflective vapor made in stratosphere by super volcanoes,,, reflects the sun back to heaven,,, cools earth....coincidentally it is also the ONLY thing that will stop 2012 solar flare! Not maybe death ray with no reason, to kill enemies long dead....Rather a message how to save a planet in the future from predicted the sphinx riddle...if we get the right answer we live!

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