13 Oil Spills in 30 Days

They always say they won't spill the oil. Then they spill the oil. And we seem to not mind. We should mind

From here, this:


This was a slow month for oil spills, compared to those moments when a tanker hits the rocks or a retreating army opens the spigots.

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I think it's better to put these spill figures in gallons, not barrels. Most people don't know how much a "barrel" is (42 gallons). But everyone knows what a gallon looks like.

By John Amos (not verified) on 12 Apr 2013 #permalink

Well, it is nice to have barrels as well because that is the standard unit for oil, but I agree that people know what gallons are. Note that the amount is also given in term of Olympic Size Swimming pools. That is an often used amount that I'm not sure if easily related to by people. I've often thought salads would be a good measure. Imagine a bowl of salad you'd put out with a nice dinner for six. The salad dressing is oil based. How many salads could you produce with the spilled oil (assuming it was all converted to edible vegetable oil). Then, given that number, how many ears of annual global salad eating would be covered by a particular month's worth of spills. Use an eight cup for the oil in a given salad bowl.

the oil companies are obligated to maintenance and supervision of their pipelines but that would cut into profits. it must be more cost effective to pipe then pay for damages once they occur than to prevent them in the first place.

The cutbank spill was not included because it was from 2011. The Chevron spill was one of an unknown (to me) number of diesel spills. The graphic is meant to give information on shipping crude oil and stuff, not gas, diesel, etc.

So the meme's accuracy survives so far to this point!

it would help if there were hyperlinks in the data so we could view sources.