Genie Scott: Denialism of Climate Change and Evolution

Here is a presentation by Genie Scott of the National Center for Science Education.

Far more people are climate change deniers than evolution deniers, but both camps use similar strategies to promote their views. Genie Scott explores the connections, the similarities, and the divergent ideologies. Where: New York. When: 10/23/2011. Hosted by the New York City Skeptics.

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I don't understand why she's so against using denialist as a term. It's simply descriptive of their methods. If they don't want to be called denialists, they simply have to stop alleging conspiracies, cherry picking data, citing fake experts like Monckton or Behe, moving the goalposts and using logical fallacies.

Yes, it's insulting. But it's the behavior that carries the negative implication. No matter what you want to call pseudoscientific bullshit, you're never going to find a name that adequately sugar-coats it, because it's simply bad behavior.