Will God Allow Us To Ruin Our Planet?

It is being debated in the US Senate! (Unofficially.) Here's Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on the issue:

See also: Sen. Whitehouse destroys colleague who said God won’t allow climate change

And this:

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Hey, guess what? It turns out that if 90% of the people want something, and it is the only right thing to do, and not doing it not only "not the right thing" but it is also an abysmally horrid, insensitive, immoral, and boneheaded thing to do, that YOU LOSE. Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New…
I think the primary political framework for climate change denialism is Libertarianism, with a lot of overlap with Tea Partiers, who are essentially Libertarians Without Brains. Libertarians can't live with the fact that their philosophy guarantees the misery and horrors of climate change so most…

OK is one of the prayingest states in USA and he will protect us from global warming just as good as S/He/IT protects the OKins from tornadoes.

"just as good as S/He/IT protects the OKins from tornadoes."

only the true believers are protected, duh

By Something else (not verified) on 17 May 2013 #permalink

Senator Whitehouse's approach is actually very smart considering the context in which he's working. What he's done is shifted the religious discussion over to something similar to Deism, with its deep roots among the Founders. This makes it particularly hard for his opponents to challenge, without seeming to show disrespect for our own history.

Yes, the very idea that we have to do this in the century that, we were promised, would already have seen live missions to Jupiter, borders between alarming and obscene. None the less, when dealing with drunks who wish to drive, you do whatever's necessary to take the keys.

To which I'll add my own contribution:

"For those of you who believe in the Second Coming, is that what you want God to see? That you've trashed His creation? Tell me, when your parents went out for dinner and left you alone at home, did you trash your house and expect them to clean it up? Is that what you expect of Jesus Christ? To come back with a broom and shovel to clean up after you? That's not a Christian attitude. That's a spoiled-brat attitude. Now grow up and act like responsible adults!"