CNBC stands for Could Not Be Correct?

... or Climate Noobs Bork Climate-science?

... or Can't News Be Correct?

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The thing is, CNBC, which is supposed to be a news station, is fueling public misunderstanding of climate science. This is bad journalism, and virtually criminal given the importance of climate change and the need for good science based policy related to climate change. We are long past the point where we can tolerate false balance, astro-turfing, and rating mongering. We need to have a good public understanding of climate science, we need it now, and we need "news" organizations like CNBC to stop doing what they are doing.

CNBC has Joe Kernand, who according to Media Matters

was the most vocal CNBC figure on climate change in 2013, frequently pointing to cold weather to suggest that global warming is not occurring. Kernen has long pushed climate science misinformation. In a 2007 segment, he cited the "The Great Global Warming Swindle," a movie that promoted discredited claims, to criticize singer Sheryl Crow and "An Inconvenient Truth" producer Laurie David for speaking to college students about climate change. In 2011, Kernen co-authored a book titled Your Teacher Said What?!: Trying To Raise a Fifth Grade Capitalist in Obama's America that compared climate scientists to "high priests" whose work should not be trusted

CNBC has Larry Kudlow, of The Kudlow Report, who

... campaigned against cap-and-trade in 2009, by denying climate change ("a lot of scientists are now saying ... this whole thing is just kind of a scam analysis") and citing The Heritage Foundation's exaggerated cost estimates for the proposed cap-and-trade program.

CNBC has Rick Santelli who a regular CNBC contributor who some claim fomented the Tea Party movement with a well-publicized rant against government assistance for homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages. Santelli denies climate change, including saying in 2013, "when it comes to macroeconomics or climate change, I think trying to say that the scientific method is alive and well is a real stretch."

Meanwhile, from Forecast the Facts:

Climate change is "just kind of a scam analysis" by "high priests," according to the cable business channel CNBC. The majority of its coverage of climate change casts doubt on the science behind it, a Media Matters analysis found.

Several CNBC figures, including host Larry Kudlow, co-anchor Joe Kernen, and contributors Rick Santelli and Dennis Gartman deny manmade climate change — even arguing with their guests from the business world who talk about the risks climate change pose to the economy.

The only scientist that CNBC hosted on climate change in the first half of 2013 was William Happer, a physicist who has not published any peer-reviewed climate research, and who is the chairman of the fossil-funded George C. Marshall Institute.

Forecast the Facts has a petition you can sign, which reads:

Tell CNBC Chief Executive Officer and President Mark Hoffman:

Tell your on-air personalities to stop promoting global warming denial and start reporting the facts on the economic risks of fossil-fueled climate change.


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