Obama's National Plan To Address Climate Change

On Tuesday, just after 1:30 PM Eastern Time, at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama will announce a vision for future steps to address and prepare for ongoing and future climate change. Below is a video teaser for the address, but first, this is what is likely to be in the plan:

  • New EPA rules on emissions from power plants
  • Increased use of public lands to develop renewable energy
  • New efficiency standards.
  • Climate disaster related preparedness.
  • He'll probably review recent administration actions as well.
  • Regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline, the president is not expected to say anything at all, or at least, not anything substantive, because that project (which he should reject) is still under review.

I'm mostly guessing here, and extrapolating from the video and the brief statement that came out with the video.

Here is 350.org's Bill McKibben's statement on the upcoming talk:

"It's awfully good to see the president starting to move forward on climate action--after the hottest year in American history, it's appropriate that the White House would move to act. And the solutions agenda they've begun to advance moves the country in a sane direction.

“Today's announcement also makes me think it's more likely the White House will reject the Keystone Pipeline, which is the biggest environmental battle in a generation--the president is a logical man, and taking two steps forward only to take two back would make no sense.

“The world desperately needs climate leadership, and today Barack Obama showed he might turn out to be the guy who provided it."

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