Whatever you thought about sea level rise, it's worse than you were thinking.

I've noted this before. Here is Peter Sinclair's video on the topic:

The most sobering evidence of the planet's response to greenhouse gases comes from the fossil record. New evidence scientists are collecting suggests that ice sheets may be more vulnerable than previously believed, which has huge implications for sea level rise.

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Narrowly speaking, the following link is off topic — though it’s certainly germane to your wider coverage of anthropogenic environmental concerns. Indeed, it’s to my mind the SINGLE most alarming bit of news — buried in the back of The Boston Globe several weeks ago [I don’t know how much other, general media coverage there’s been]. To appreciate why this is so ominous, one has to have been exposed to the modicum of ecology (however attained) that our citizenry by and large lacks. And that part is what makes this “small” story a likely prognosticator of our (at the very least mammals, sauropsids, and amphibians) imminent demise.
See: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/11/20/zooplankton-decline-reporte…

By Joseph A. Marcus (not verified) on 06 Dec 2013 #permalink