Can we please get rid of the R******s name?

From WaPo:

When sports fans tuned into the NBA finals Tuesday night to see the San Antonio Spurs take on the Miami Heat, they got a look into another fierce standoff.

A California tribe paid for the anti-Redskins advertisement “Proud to Be” to run in seven major cities during halftime. The airing marked the first time the ad, which initially appeared online in time for the Super Bowl, had run before such a wide television audience.

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As a kid growing up I watched a lot of western movies. My recollection of the term redskins from those is that there was usually an adjective preceding it. The ones that stuck with me were "dirty" and "filthy". I would love to see someone find clips from such movies and make an ad using them.

Fitting with the article's title, one of the best suggestions I've heard for a new name is the Washington [Redacted].

We shall not see the end of this preposterpous PC massacree until the last Redskin has been strangled with the bowels of the last ticket scalper .

Can't help pondering sports, American regressive world views, Sterling, and "owning" the Clippers.

Presumably there is a segment of our society that would would perfectly happy with team names like the "Y****w P***ls" or the "B***k S***os".

And lest we forget, words have both power and broader implications.

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