Recycling Carlin (no, not that carlin) #ClimateChange #Denial

Another Great Video from Greenman Peter Sinclair:

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For those in need a splashy video rebuttal to typical climate denial talking points, there's a great little feature on YouTube called Climate Denial Crock of the Week by one Peter Sinclair. Here's a recent one:
Have a look at this new video from Peter Sinclair: Peter has an interview with Jeff Goodell, contributing editor of Rolling Stone, which you will want to see. They talk about the political aspect of sea level rise in Florida. More about sea level rise here.
I've noted this before. Here is Peter Sinclair's video on the topic: The most sobering evidence of the planet's response to greenhouse gases comes from the fossil record. New evidence scientists are collecting suggests that ice sheets may be more vulnerable than previously believed, which has huge…
Time to start watching the Arctic Sea Ice breakup. This happens every year, but as you know, the total amount of ice left each summer has been reducing, and the "old ice" which forms a basis for the arctic ice refreeze is disappearing. The result of this change in arctic ice patterns has been a…