State Of The Union Address: The Climate Change Part

... with graphics, provided by the White House:

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It is a huge relief to hear a USA president give the State of the Union Address and not lie: I had thought the era of honesty would persist forever.

By Desertphile (not verified) on 21 Jan 2015 #permalink

I think the question that is more important to "ax" is why there are so many (even the lower bound of 1 is too many) stupid people who believe the crap in that video.

Ron @ #2 you're on the wrong site. Alex Jones' site is over at infowars dot com

By Doug Alder (not verified) on 23 Jan 2015 #permalink

Judiths conspiracy theory:

"Naive scientist that I am, it didn’t occur to me until last night that a narrative the NASA/NOAA press releaseof ‘warmest year’ was needed to provide the President with a sound bite to motivate his climate agenda. A scientifically sound press release like that issued by Berkeley Earth just wouldn’t fit the bill. (JC note: I am deleting the following text ‘the timing of the NASA/NOAA press release on warmest year was motivated by the timing of the President’s SOTU address’)"

“Criticising Obama for identifying climate change rather than Islamic State terrorists as the country’s most serious threat in his State of the Union address last week, Huckabee said: 'Mr President, I would think that a beheading is a far greater threat to an American than a sunburn'.”…

HotWhopper has a good article on Curry's latest descent into denialism:

By cosmicomics (not verified) on 24 Jan 2015 #permalink

Aww, ron #2; It's because of AGW, don'tcha know?:

In a new study, a team led by Stanford climate scientist Noah Diffenbaugh used a novel** combination of computer simulations and statistical techniques to show that a persistent region of high atmospheric pressure hovering over the Pacific Ocean that diverted storms away from California was much more likely to form in the presence of modern greenhouse gas concentrations.…

It seems a little amplified, but spit jets and Rex blocks are not that uncommon; I seem to remember first hearing of them during brutal cold here ~1985-86. So far, it is not that extreme as I remember then -- I had done a C4 R&R on a day when the high was something like 2 below in the southeast.…

**fantastically 'fudged', I'm guessing. I'm probably wrong, but I assumed a warmer, kinder, gentler planet would not have such large amplitudes or speeds in upper level winds due to less difference in temperature between the poles/equator. But, oh noes! My idea of Eden might halt the thermohaline conveyor causing sharks to eat the Brody family.

Tim, perhaps so, and to think, we had only been belching fossil carbon into the air for only a century at that point!