Three pictures of cats

Since it is Caturday, and I don' think I've posted these before.

A King Cheetah (a rather large form of cat) in South Africa:

King Cheetah King Cheetah (cat)
King Cheetah (cat) Closer in on the King Cheetah, South Africa

Picture Of Cat On Top Photo Credit: Gatto Mimmo via Compfight cc

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I wonder if big cats respond the same way house cats do to the same kind of petting? I would suspect they do.

By Richard Chapman (not verified) on 24 Jan 2015 #permalink

I have a Egyptian mau in my lap right now. Best of the domestic cats and probably the first.
They act more like a small dog than like a house cat.

Mine made sounds unlike those a cat normally makes.
I looked up a site with the phonetic interpretation (if thats the right term) of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
The sounds he was making corresponded to symbols for insects, birds, feathers and flight and a few more that suggested to me that either the Mau had a racial memory for Egyptian or the Egyptians had picked up something from listening to their cats.
As he has grown older he is not so talkative.

Thank you for posting these or posting critters generally. I loved the photo of the moggie at the top.

My cats, now for several years, are rescues, most of whom will never be adopted. I'm merely a sponsor and get to go visit and sit with them. It has been an annual gift and I'm appreciative of that thoughtfulness. The saddest one, was Ray Charles. What a stunner but I never saw him; it was one thing after another, each one more downhill until his death. I was glad to be part of his life, though.

I'd never heard of the "King Cheetah" and immediately went to the litter-a-cher, the journal of Wikipedia. This is what the entry has to say.

"Some cheetahs have a rare fur pattern mutation of larger, blotchy, merged spots. Known as "king cheetahs," they were once thought to constitute a separate subspecies but are in fact African cheetahs; their unusual fur pattern is the result of a single recessive gene."

I hope that entry is right. When you were in Africa did you ever see wild dogs? They are beautiful creatures.

By Edward Hessler (not verified) on 25 Jan 2015 #permalink

"When you were in Africa did you ever see wild dogs?"
I've seen those at a zoo. They are striking in appearance, but nasty critters in any setting.

Yes, I've seen wild dogs, and unfortunately, on more than one occasion, they saw me!

But seriously, yes, I have.