Crowd Sourced Award Winning Wines Support Prostate Cancer Research

A guest post by Robet Hollander, Winemaker


2redWinery, makers of the award-winning Ziniphany© Zinfandel and #2red is 38% towards goal on Indiegogo with all proceeds supporting prostate cancer research through the Robert and Susan Hollander Foundation, an IRS approved 501c3 organization. Campaign supporters, in exchange for their tax-deductible support, can secure wine from the 2015 vintage or from the award-winning wine library of 2redWinery.

Robert Hollander, the winemaker and principle of 2redWinery, started small-volume winemaking in 2007 to indulge a long-standing passion. Passion changed to purpose in 2010 after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at an incurable stage. Dr. Hollander, a highly-regarded clinician/teacher at the Gainesville VA Medical Center, affiliated with the University of Florida, then created the Robert and Susan Hollander Foundation to fund prostate cancer research. “After that, it just made sense to fund the Foundation with my winemaking. It gave my wine a dual purpose, not just to make a great wine I was proud of, but a wine that served a special purpose,” Hollander observed. In the two years the Foundation has been operational, unrestricted grants have been provided to researchers at MD Anderson Center and the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Hollander’s campaign goal is $35000 with all proceeds above production costs supporting prostate cancer research through the Foundation. Contributions to the campaign are processed by FirstGiving and are tax deductible. Rewards for campaign supporters include wine from the upcoming 2015 vintage or wines from the award-winning library of 2redWinery. “It’s a win-win-win-wine,” according to Hollander.

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Robert Hollander Winemaker, 2redWinery
President, Robert and Susan Hollander Foundation


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