Sunday: Climate Change, Good Bye and Brunch

This Sunday, August 30th, at 9:00 AM, I'll be on the radio with John Abraham, climate scientist. This will be an edition of Minnesota Atheist Talk Radio hosted by Mike Haubrich.

The discussion of climate change will be interesting and important and you should listen live or listen to the podcast.

But this is a special week for another reason. Mike Haubrich, host of this Sunday's show (and many other shows on Minnesota Atheist Talk) will be leaving the Twin Cities in just a few days, to live in a different part of the country. It is up to him to tell you his story if he wants to. I'll just say that Mike is a good friend and I'll miss his presence, as will many others.

It is often the case that those doing the show gather at Q. Cumbers restaurant at around 10:30. This will be a week we will do that. Details are here. Please join us!

I don't know at this time if John is going, but Mike and I surely are, and this is a good chance to catch up with Mike and get that five dollars he owes you before he gets out of town. And to say so long, of course.

Also, I pretty much only do science interviews with Mike as the host. Lynn Fellman and Mike Haubrich started this tradition years ago, and brought me into the picture some time after that. There have been a couple of other hosts who have done science interviews on Atheist Talk Radio, and I'm sure there will be more science, but since I was mostly working with Mike my interviewing days at that station are probably over or at least will be rare.

Both Mike and I have in the past mused about setting up a science podcast of some kind. Maybe this is the time to do it! Assuming they have The Internet where Mike is going, we could do that...

Anyway, see you Sunday!

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I really do like doing science shows with you, and I hope we do setup the podcast and keep it running. i can think of several people who would be great guests; both returning and new.

And, I consider you a good friend, too.

No more mush, though.

By Mike Haubrich (not verified) on 25 Aug 2015 #permalink

Big love to the q. cumbers bunch! I am sorry that I am unable to attend. My school starts on that Saturday this year. I hope to see you both in Honolulu soon! ;-) Best wishes to Mike!!!

Another bloody Sunday School -
It's getting to be as bad as Chataqua.