Climate Change, The Republican Party, Congress, The Data, The Lies.

Do you have 11 minutes? No? Move along.

Yes? Watch.

Elections matter. This year, more than ever.

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That is a great video. It is interesting to see politicians change their positions over time due, no doubt, to pressure from fossil fuel interests.

Coming back fromh the grocery store today, I saw some low life with a great diesel truck towing a humongously large leisure boat through town, rolling coal. If you don't know what rolling coal is, it is a form of behavior whereby people of low intelligence communicate their displeasure with the more intelligent members of the species and their environmental regulations by purposefully emitting heavy clouds of black diesel smoke. This is typically done by disabling anti-pollution controls and is essentially illegal. However, what can you do? Call a cop? Get their license plate? In our addle brained society, there is little that you can do, because this sort of behavior ( thumbing one's nose at environmental regulations ) is condoned by the loud and powerful conservative media in this country. Additionally, you are more likely than not to find that these nuts are armed and dangerous. So what do we do?

Our problem is, essentially, that we are not organized. We somehow have not been able to link up together and wrest political power away from the pathologically stupid monkeys who currently are messing up our world. One thing is for certain, the GOP and conservatives are currently working tirelessly in the US to fight progress against global warming. We really need to beat them in the November elections if we want to make any progress towards rectifying our totally effed up world. Electing Hillary Clinton is critically important to make progress against the totally stupid and totally pathological cretins who have taken far more than their rightful share of political power in our world. You don't have to like her. You have to elect her.

Steve, if you live in California, there IS something you can do about these human turds: 1-800-CUT-SMOG and report their sorry asses. Yes! Smog cops.

I've done this multiple times (sometimes while sitting behind them in traffic as they turn the air blue or black in front of me).

They'll get a notice from the DMV that they need to bring their vehicles in for a smog check.

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 28 Aug 2016 #permalink

Do you really think intelligent laymen can stare at that screen for 11 minutes without noticing the 20th century average temperature offset fudge?

More candor, please.

We have a Prius. We get coal rolled now and then.

Russel, what are you talking about.

Thanks Brainstorms. It is good to know that there is someone else out there who recognizes this problem. I'm on the East Coast and have been looking at the website of the state Environmental Protection agency to see what they are doing about this. I am also going to contact my state representatives to see what they can do. I understand that there is a $5,000 fine in New Jersey for this type of willful stupidity. I'm thinking that it should be considered a form of assault. To a kid with asthma or an elder with COPD, this is tantamount to assault with intent to kill.

But in the big picture, this diesel smoke issue is only a small part of a much larger crime problem aggravated by the abject pathological stupidity of conservatives and conservatism, and a system that promotes scientific simpletons to positions of power within our society. In the simplistic, guns, God and gravy mentality of many of our citizens, the ability to read a graph or make a statistical correlation is of no importance. What is of importance is loyalty to a criminal bloodline of pathological liars, killers, and thieves (the slavers, the Confederates, and the supremacists ) and to their hypocritical religions.

Conservatism has become a threat to civilization. I think that William F. Buckley Jr. realized this towards the end of his life. I heard Buckley say in the 1970's that he was worried that the young might push to outlaw science and technology, but in actuality, it was the right that has been working hardest to do the bloody dead. The arrogant father of the modern conservative movement was a great defender of wealth, class and privilege. Unfortunately, his conservative baby has now become little more than a powerful anti-science cave cult, and threatens to destroy everything tasteful and civil that he so cherished.

I wish a pox upon Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Roger Ailes, Donald Trump, Lamar Smith, James Inhofe, Ann Coulter, the Kocho bros., Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Jeffrey Lord, Glenn Beck, Steve Bannon, Marc Morano, Dr. Ben Carson, and all the other conservative psychopaths who have managed to gain undeserved power in our world by championing stupidity. Our nation is not going to be made great by anti-science conservative psychopaths. In fact, they are likely to bring us to destruction.

The mythology says that Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Perhaps any humans left 1,000 years from now will say the same about us.

By Desertphile (not verified) on 29 Aug 2016 #permalink