A little humor to lighten your day, but in a presidential way

April 2016, white house correspondents dinner:


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Don't have time to get pulled into this but will watch later.

As I watch the Republicans work to dismantle the engines of progress, I am reminded that they are simply doing to us what we have done to them. We have very incaustiously and callously imposed our liberal "enlightened" world view on them, taking a sledge hammer to things in their culture that they treasure, like their Bronze Age values of intolerance and their medieval 19th century brand of feudalism. Now they are going to do the same to our hallowed institutions of science.

So the battle has begun. Have you USA peeps contacted your members of Congress yet to voice your complaints? I have. I plan to do it every day until they shut me down.

" We have very incaustiously and callously imposed our liberal “enlightened” world view on them"

But can't be arsed to feel sorry for them.

Their conservative view USED to be worthwhile, holding back the foolish optimisim of progressiveness and looking at how things could go wrong.

But for 30-40 years or even more in the USA, they've dropped the ball and it became nothing but knee-jerk contrarianism and partisanship.

Just look at how strong the denier crowd are in the right wing. There's a reason why they use the tactics they do, rather than accepting the facts then working out what shouldn't be changed unless more thought is put in it, is because they've had nearly two generations of the same bullshit contrarianism normalised.

And the left are beginning to react to this by ending the "outreach" and realising that they're not going to compromise even if you adopt their every single demand, they'll just demand more. Because if you take their EXACT SAME position, that position now MUST be bad, because YOU are there!

Well, the conservatives are conserving their way back to the neolithic , and I'm not sure how long it is going to take to recover from it. Worst case, we never recover. Worst case, the roaches who follow us will have to come up with their OWN name for what is happening. Best case, Donny gets bored and moves on quickly, or maybe manages to piss off enough of his team for them to grow nuts and throw him out of office. I'm not optimistic. We really need a mechanism to get him declared mentally unfit to serve and then have him led away to the nice warm padded cell somewhere. Not sure there is any mechanism to do that though in the current stone age though.

Thus far we have women, scientists, and the media working to overthrow the son of a bitch. This shouldn't be an impossibility. Government workers, including the CIA and the State Department are not in his camp. Psychologists are not in his camp. The young don't trust him. There is a very good chance that the internets will help bring him down. He is a hollow, vengeful, delusional relic of another era. May his reign be short. Like his fingers. Very very short.