Is Rex Tillerson Going To Save Vladimir Kara-Murza's Life?

The State Department has been in the state of chaos over several days, between the Trump Transition Team failing to staff up the Executive Branch, high level officers leaving on their own accord, and so on.

And a mere hours ago, Oil Man Rex Tillerson has been officially sworn in as Security of State.

Given Tillerson's alleged and real links to Russia and Putin, his inexperience in matters of government and international affairs, his newness, and the state of the State Department, we are moved to ask the following question:

Is anyone in the United States, in the State Department, going to do anything to save Vladimir Kara-Murza's life?

Who is Vladimir Kara-Murza, you ask?

The Body of Boris Nemtsov, in the bag, at the location of his assassination. The Kremlin is in the background.  One wonders if anyone in particular was watching out a window to see it happen. The Body of Boris Nemtsov, in the bag, at the location of his assassination. The Kremlin is in the background. One wonders if anyone in particular was watching out a window to see it happen.

Boris Nemtsov was a strong and widely respected leader of the opposition against Vladimir Putin. In February, 2015, as he was crossing the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, a short distance away from the Kremlin, a handful of gunmen jumped out of a car and gunned him down.

Vladimir Kara-Murza was Nemtsov's long time colleague and advisor, and to a large extent, Kara-Murza was Nemtsov's heir apparent.

In May 2015, not long after the assassination of Nemtsov, Kara-Murza was poisoned. He nearly died, and his recovery was long and arduous. During his sickest days, while in a Russian hospital, British and American movers and shakers, mainly in the foreign service (so, for the US, that meant the State Department) acted aggressively to get Kara-Murza out of Russia and to the US. He had been living in the US, where he had a green card, and his family lives in Virginia. This worked. Kara-Murza ended up in the US where he has been recovering from his near death.

Meanwhile, a documentary has been made about the Nemtsov, and Kara-Murza decided to go back to Russia to partake in the showing of that documentary. People tried to talk him out of it, but he decided he needed to go to carry out his political activities.

This morning, Kara Murza lies again in intensive care, this time at least as sick as before, in Russia, poisoned.

So, here's my question.

Is anyone in the United States, in the State Department, going to do anything to save Vladimir Kara-Murza's life?

Is Rex Tillerson, who in 2013 received the Russian Order of Friendship award, and who now heads a State Department in the state of chaos, going to order immediate action to intervene as needed to save Kara-Murza's life again? Are state department people already doing this on their own? If so, will Tillerson encourage and support that? Or order it stopped? Or what?

Just asking. I hope they can save his life.

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Were either of these guys involved in the apartment bombings?

The ones that brought Putin to power in 1999. Were these guys involved in saying Putin was behind the attacks?

The question, MikeN, is not whether Nemtsov or Kara-Murza were involved in the apartment attack, but to what extent Putin was.

But of course you don't want to focus on that, because the trail od association will inevitably lead back to your (a)moral/(un)ethical homeboy Trump.

By Bernard J. (not verified) on 03 Feb 2017 #permalink

I thought this was a place for science.. Well I guess anyone can place anything on the wire these days and call it anything they want it to be. I find political theater though not to be science, science deals in actuality not.

Ihop is hiring, I bet you actors would be better dealing in tips that is if you could actual do something other than stealing others people hard earned tax money.

Please for the sake of anything go back and request your money back on every class taken in the Liberal arts; for it has sure forsaken you with faulty actions on all things poetical..

I still love you though, just if you were hanging off a cliff in any sense of the word, I would not help out anymore..

Freedom dies on deaf tears of worms stuck in the dirt.. No more early birds to help out you sad, mad, bad, people... Living in a bubble wrapped is always wrapped in packages of frail words.

Bernard, my first was poorly worded. I do not suspect them of being involved in the attack, but rather being involved in trying to determine/declare publicly Putin's role in the bombings.

Interesting article in the Guardian. 'It will be called Americanism': the US writers who imagined a fascist future."…

Writing in Harpers in 1941, Dorothy Thompson proposed a parlor game for spotting fascists. "the only born Nazi in the room..'Young D is the spoiled only son of a doting mother. He has never been crossed in his life. He spends his time at the game of seeing what he can get away with. " The excerpt goes on to describe someone very much like our down DT. Maybe she was talking about Trumps father. She then goes on to talk about an immigrant at the party who is, basically, more American than any of the other party goers.

So we have looped back in time, politically, about 75 or more years, and a fascist government is now taking over the US. Fight people. Fight back. We have to fight the Plutocrats and their lap dogs. Time to send emails to my congressman and my senators. We have to keep reminding them that we have their backs. They have to stand up to Trump and take him down. Trump doesn't realize that Americans are not going to roll over for him like the Russian people did for Putin. This is already starting to irritate the poor little man. Fucking loser.