Republican Leadership Tries To End Probe Into Trump

Were you thinking that the Republicans in Congress want to get to the bottom of the Russians stealing our election? That was never true, you were always wrong, it is time to stop pretending.

The document below can be found in PDF form here.

Here is Rachel Maddow's take on it:

This is what dictators have their minions do.

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The worthless protofascist GOPs are willing to sell out our democracy to the Russians in order to keep their sleazy oligarch agenda. Why not? Putin is their idol, a man of neither compassion nor scruples. They are filth.

By Bruce Jensen (not verified) on 29 Jun 2017 #permalink

Bruce, you do realize that your comment is based on zero evidence, correct?

Just wanted to keep you from falling off the deep end like Wow..

You're welcome.

Don't blame them! I would not want to probe into trump either!

The special counsel law is based on a criminal investigation. Russia is a counterintelligence investigation. Deputy AG never identified the crime or criminal investigation for which Mueller was being appointed to serve as special counsel.

Emoluments is a criminal matter, "mike".

Greg - "Were you thinking that the Republicans in Congress want to get to the bottom of the Russians stealing our election?"

What are you basing "stealing the election" on? Do you know something that nobody else knows? I think it's important that you tell what you know to the authorities....why would you hold such information without sharing it?

I'm beginning to think you may have ties to the Russians Greg....

And just in case:
[WARNING: Watch Greg's Language]

The Deputy AG did not mention emoluments as part of Mueller's remit. Any criminal investigation has to be authorized by AG as part of Mueller's operation. So far, I can't see anything that Rosenstein has specified. What crime is Mueller investigating, and from where does he get the authority to investigate it?

And so what? You always hear "We cannot comment about an ongoing investigation" from police when the news reporters ask for information.

Oh, that's right, you don't care what reality is if you want to pretend differently, don't you and your ilk, "mike".

Special counsel law calls for a specific crime to be declared for which the special counsel's services are needed.