Faking explosive evidence to discredit the legit press to protect Trump

Part of the active effort to defend Trump and his administration and campaign against accusations that they directly engaged with the Russians to alter the outcome of the 2016 presidential election appears to be the faking of explosive documents, sent to news agencies. When these fake documents are then used, and subsequently discredited, the news agency, the reporters, the specific story at hand, and the entire investigation against Trump and his people all lose credibility.

Here, Rachel Maddow reports on a document sent to "Send it to Rachel."

Who is behind this attack? I assume someone who would lose if actual involvement between Trump and Putin's people became known. This might even strengthen the argument that such involvement happened, otherwise why go through all this trouble to throw the American press off the scent? Also, as you'll see from Rachel Maddow's reporting of this, the individual, individuals, or organization involved in this probably has some limitations on their understanding of certain aspects of security. The job they've done in the two known instances is good but not that good.

We have no way of knowing at the moment if similar attacks have happened against Congress or the Special Council's office.

It seems to really be a thing, and in some ways this is not really unexpected. This is a fascinating story.

Also, printers are not anonymous.

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It has been suggested that President Elect Trump has been compromised by Vladimir Putin and/or the Russian Intelligence agency. This allegation suggests that Putin and/or the FSB have information, including video of unsavory sexual activities of some sort (loosely defined) and documentation of…
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From the Washington Post: The special counsel investigating Russian election meddling has requested extensive records and email correspondence from the White House, covering everything from the president’s private discussions about firing his FBI director to his White House’s handling of a warning…
There has been a lot of talk about Trump and Russia and Putin. I think most people watching this see some sort of connections. Some go so far as to say that Trump is literally a Russian agent. Here is an interesting perspective from intelligence expert Malcolm Nance, author of The Plot to Hack…

"It was I who allowed the Alliance to know the location of the shield generator..."

“It is an honor to be with you” said Palpatane's subordinate, Our Dear Leader, Little Hand the Gubmint Wrecker.

The fake NSA document supposedly sent to Rachel Maddow is really chilling, because , if it is what it looks like, it is evidence of a concerted, conspiratorial effort to destroy our free press. And who would want that?

These are perilous times.

Highly informative. Watch it. Keep your heads up, folks.
Laren NH, Friday July 7th. 2017, 18.59 PM DT.

By Gerrit Bogaers (not verified) on 07 Jul 2017 #permalink

Too bad that The Intercept already gutted the story - and raised some pretty interesting questions about Maddow's standards:


Anon, you are not paying attention. What exactly do you think the role of "The Intercept" is in this affair? Go back and watch the Maddow clip again, but this time listen and watch, and learn. Maddow is not explicit, she is being careful. But clearly, the recently developed "Intercept" is playing us.

But of course, you know that, because you are them, right?

By the way, I do encourage readers to go through to The Intercept and see what Anon is talking about. Both Anon and The Intercept (and I suspect Anon is a cleansing agent for the latter) are breathlessly making the claim that "Rachel Maddow said this thing and do you know what? That thing is the thing she said just like she said it HOW DARE SHE!!!"

Which suggests very strongly to my mind, though clearly not proof in a court of law or anything, that The Intercept is a fake news entity set up to discredit investigations against trump. That is why all the incredulity is followed by their own "scoop" that they can later prove. I suspect The Intercept is the source of BOTH documents, but of course, that is merely a guess based on what we see in front of us at the moment.

Tangentially related, South Africa is dealing with its own fake news scandal.
Google "Bell Pottinger" (the P.R. Firm involved), "white monopoly capital" (the slogan used) and "BLF" (a militant organisation that was today interdicted from harassing journalists and picketing their homes).

By Julian Frost (not verified) on 07 Jul 2017 #permalink

Another faked controversy was one where a school playground was vandalised by "the leftie bernie bros" with "Death To Trump" and "Bernie 2020".

However, turned out there was CCTV and the footage showed a man and having realised he was on candid camera he turned himself in.

Turns out he was a big Trump supporter and only did it because of the "lawnessness" and "disrespect of the government" the lefties have.

And in an unrelated incident, the 10 commandments outside a city hall were vandalised. Everyone thought it atheists and tut tutted. Turned out it was a fundamentalist christian who nevertheless believes in the separation of church and state.

#9, these days anytime there is vandalism like that, I assume it is by the same team just trying to get attention.

>Who is behind this attack? I assume someone who would lose

I assume someone who is annoyed by Rachel's high ratings and wants to bring her down. Although the tax return that revealed nothing pushed her ratings way up.

"I assume it is by the same team just trying to get attention."

Well THAT was certainly meaningless, "mike". Got any more pointless posts and claims to make for us to wonder at your stupidity over?

Oh, yes, in the very next post.

More fake news. Will Greg blame Team Trump for that too?

Dictators hate a free press.
Putin hates the free press.
Trump hates the free press.
Trump supporters saw millions on the mall at the inauguration, millions that weren't there.
FUD is a common product of the misinformation services of dictatorships.

"More fake news"

And another meaningless phrase from you, "mike".

What does it even mean?

Nothing. It's an unformed nonexistent accusation that merely tries to make it appear that you have made a counter claim.

>if actual involvement between Trump and Putin’s people

If there was such involvement, then why did Kushner need to arrange a backchannel in December?

To Trump's ............. supporters, he can do now wrong. He can talk like a sexual predator, incite violence against the press, ban the US press but let in the Russian press into the White House, run the US Government into the ground, cozy up to the Russian, fail to reveal his sources of income, staff his administration with racists, ideologues, and anti-science freaks and nutcases, and Trump supporters will still defend Team Trump. Only this isn't a damn ball game, and Our Dear Leader is making us the laughing stock of the world.

Trump has tickled every box on the Bingo card known as "fascist traits", but that is ok to his supporters, because most of them almost certainly wouldn't know a fascist trait if it bit them on the ass, and up until they got bit, they probably won't care about it..

So where do we go from here? ODL is showing serious signs of aging. Maybe Nature and Nature's God will escort him into retirement early, but then we have to deal with science dead Mike Pence and then Ayn Rand lover Paul Ryan.

It is uncomfortable times for people who think that fascism is a terrible form of government, but a great time for Trump lovers.

I guess the bright side of all this is that even if the flawed Democrat had won the electoral college vote, she would have been ham strung by a Republican congress and their email witch hunt mob. So actually, I think those of us who value intellect over idiotic ideology are just going to have to pop up some pop corn and watch the Republicans mess things up royally for the next two to four years..

Trumps personal electoral platform was the support of
torture. This was known before the election therefore its
part of package Trump voters voted for.
To all you Trump voters, fuck you you despicable inhuman pieces of shit. It dosnt matter what nutcase you vote in, as
long as they aint a torture supporter.

"If there was such involvement"

I there were, and all the evidence and statements from those who know more about it points to it being such involvement, then your question is moot "mike".

Funny how you took the "evidence", weak and partial thought it was, to heart that Mann IS a fraud, yet here you are meek and even resistant to the idea.

None of us know why that would be :rolleyes:

"but that is ok to his supporters, because most of them almost certainly wouldn’t know a fascist trait if it bit them on the ass"

Oh, no, they'd notice them if they happened with the "opposing team", even if they had to make it up, they'd notice it.

Party loyalty.


Contrary to some surprising reports my wife did shake hands with Mrs. and Mr. Trump @POTUS after a great visit. Let's FIGHT FAKE NEWS.
— Andrzej Duda (@AndrzejDuda) July 6, 2017

What do Trump supporters see in Trump? Why do they find him appealing, instead of appalling? Any Trump supporters out there care to defend their support of this unpopular man? Tell us, if you will , what you see as some of his valuable traits.

10:15 AM Eastern US Time. Still waiting for a reply to the question .. What are some of Trump's valuable traits?

MikeN, the surprise want that she didn't shake hands, the surprise was that she went to the First Lady before President Trump. That is why the video made news that world over.

I guess the Trump supporters are having a hard time listing some of his valuable traits. Still waiting.

It would be a very short list anyway steveP. The only one that matters to them is "he's not black or a woman".

Waiting for a Trump supporter to support Trump. 12:29 PM. By way of explanation, it is not obvious to those of us who are not Trump supporters just why Trump supporters support Trump. As a means of opening up dialogue on this subject, I am asking a straight forward question; What traits or trait of Trump do you value? It seems like a straight forward enough question. Do you like his strong handshake? The strong male authoritarian figure he cuts? Just what is it that appeals to you about Trump? The fact that he says things that people feel, without regard for anything else?

Just wondering.


While we're waiting for an astute analysis from the inarticulate and socially unaware Trumpies, I'll toss in 2 cents worth of my own.

For starters, every used car salesman knows that if you want to bring in the suckers, plant a frantically waving inflatable tube man in your front lot.

As for what's going on with people, start with over the top advertising, add some pro wrestling. And maybe throw in one of Rush Limbaugh's favorite films, "The 300" -- which says nothing about the real Trump, but which has submerged in the dreams of the wingnut fever swamp.

BTW, if you've forgotten about that movie, a review is here:

(For reference, a transcript of the PBS series "The Spartans" seems to be archived here:
http://goblues.org/faculty/rogersb/files/2014/10/PBS-The-Spartans-Betta… )

By Obstreperous A… (not verified) on 08 Jul 2017 #permalink

#22,so what? Want everyone to do the work for you and figure out what you're talking for?

"What do Trump supporters see in Trump?"

A way to get back at the lefties for daring to win power. Remember, the rightwingers see the leftwing as evil and anything that stops them is good in their eyes.

"That is why the video made news that world over."

Actually, protocol is that the first lady of one country shakes the hand of the first lady of the other country. That's the protocol. Which dumbass Drumpf neither knew nor cared about.

The reason why it gets news is not because of that (everyone knows how big a dumbass Drumpf is) but his pouty face at not being the only person there.

Remember, as far as Drumpf is concerned, there is no Melania. She's a non-person.

Which, oddly enough, is what many diehard supporters of Drumpf the anchor baby see in him as laudable: putting women "back in their place".

Note to self: Check on cost of renting 300 tube man.