Salmon Make a Comeback in Salmon River

I know it sounds a bit like the Onion headline "New Starbucks Opens In Rest Room Of Existing Starbucks" but it's true: after more than a century of absence, scientists recently discovered wild young Atlantic salmon in New York's Salmon River. The Salmon River, as its name implies, once hosted an abundance of Salmo salar but by the late 1800's, Atlantic salmon disappeared due to usual set of anthropogenic culprits: damming of tributaries, overfishing, deforestation, and pollution. Of course, this wild fish is the spawn of a repatriation project using hatchery-reared yearlings, but it's still hopeful (and we need that wherever we can get it). Read more here.

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This morning, I see that you're 4 of 5 featured headlines. Soon, you shall rule ScienceBlogs!

Today, I was notified by the journal "Search" that they are ceasing publication. This is a terrible loss to those, like me, who function on the interface between science and religion. But it also means that Jennifer J.'s beautifully written review of Oliver Morton's "Eating the Sun" (about the portion of terrestrial life that subsists on sunlight) will move into the vault of "words spoken in a temple that no longer exists." Nevertheless, the words _do_ still exist. Heed them.