Voices from the Spill

In a humble effort at citizen journalism, we went around New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf asking people what they thought of the BP oil spill. Most of victims don't have voices, but here is what a few of the humans thought (they wrote down their opinions or, on occasion, dictated it to us). For the collection, see the Flickr set. If you would like to add your photo and thought to the fray, please email me at guiltyplanet at gmail dot com.

Josiah & Kejeaun, Jennings, LA

Don Houghton, New Orleans, LA

Joshua Carter, Clayton, TX

John Smith, New Orleans, LA

Zack Vincent, Brent Smith, & Robby Khader, New Orleans, LA


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Zack, Brent & Robby say:

"You guys are a bunch of irresponsible stubborn mules who should pay for what you did!"

I thought a transcription of that last sign would be helpful.

By Chris Winter (not verified) on 29 Jul 2010 #permalink

BP is the one to be blamed
and also the one to be collaborated.

By jiangjiangZhang (not verified) on 29 Jul 2010 #permalink

The reality is we donât get much tax money out of the oil industry any more and most of the drilling is more than three miles offshore, thus in federal waters, so any royalties go to the fed.

This whole oil spill is a cherry compared to what has happened in Nigeria because of oil. We should use this spill to point to other places in the world that oil is destroying while we have peoples attention.