Guilty Planet Heads to the Gulf

President Obama called it "the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced." So I thought I should face it and head to the Gulf. With me is Jessie Lozier, who I have known all of her 18 years (here we are in 1998 and today at our hotel in the French Quarter). As a future biologist and possible veterinarian/science journalist, I thought this would also be good for her to see. We'll be blogging from our trip regularly over the next ten days. I am also now on Twitter. More soon...


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I want to hear this, from the unbiased perspective of Jessie especially. in the end i guess i really want to hear there is real hope for reclaiming our gulf environment, it's the only thing that can get me passed my anger and desire for someone to pay significant retribution

Thank you! Thank you! I'm dismayed that MSNBC has moved away from reporting on the Gulf spill (today anyway). The BP-Homeland security collusion on covering up the extent of the spill is nothing but traitorous, giving a lie to word, "security". This should be the most documented, researched, put-our-best-minds to it, problem that needs solving (second only to global climate instability) NOW. And yet...
I'm curious to know how the volunteers and clean-up workers are faring under the onslaught. What about burn-out? What about being overwhelmed with the enormity of it all?
I'll be following your reports and sharing them with my students. Let us know how we can help.

By KnightBiologist (not verified) on 08 Jul 2010 #permalink

Erratum- MSNBC does have coverage today; I missed the "fish sniffers" column to the right.

By KnightBiologist (not verified) on 08 Jul 2010 #permalink

I am one of the "old ladies" from Lake Hope who also knew Jessie Lozier--and her mother--since she was a little girl. I talked to her dad tonight and he told me about the work you're doing, and the blog. Your interest and effort and dedication to the work you're doing is nothing but noble (I'm guessin' you don't think about it that way, but it IS noble) and what a terrific opportunity for Jessie to be part of it. I'm happy to be able to follow it now on your blog. I grew up in Ohio near Granville, and went to Lake Hope with my family and Jess' family for forty-five years. By the way, in addition to MSNBC, CNN is providing regular coverage. If the world is savable, the young people are going to do it--my faith is in you. Thank you.

By mimi russell (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

Thanks Jennifer and Jessica! Greetings from the Santa Cruz, California. On my early morning walks I'll look out over our cherished ocean bay sanctuary and think of your important work. I'm glad you are sharing with us and I look forward to reading this blog. Gratefully, ~j.