Roger shows paleontologists are no better than climatologists

So last week I asked "how low", Things Break provided an answer, and Roger continued his love-to-hate realtionship with Real Climate folks. The sopa opera continues, spilling out into Real Life, as Gavin seems to want some formal retraction. Being called a thief is no small matter, and like most of Rogers conclusions, this is just not born out by the evidence. He is once again finding the smallest bit of wiggle room and prying it open until it is wide enough for his ego to fit through!

(And BTW, none of this matters if you are interested in what is actually going on in Antarctica.)

But here is the big news, the point of posting: while that tempest was overflowing its teapot, Roger has turned his sites to the field of paleontolgy and uncovers shocking evidence of Dr Ross Geller using the same underhanded logic as Gavin to claim credit for his friend Joey's plan!

See the evidence for yourself here:

Shocking! Is Roger the only one in this arena with any ethics?

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