Tim Lambert debates Lord Monckton

Anyone going to be in Sydney with a video camera?

I happen to be in Australia now, but Sydney is a far cry from Ulverstone...

I can't tell from the debate description if there will be any rebuttal time. If not it will be one of those kinds of debates that even Sarah Palin can look good in.

Regardless, Go Tim! : )

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Hi coby

Are you really in Ulverstone? My parents used to own the motel just next to the bridge across the river from town. Not sure if it's still there - there was talk of pulling it down and building apartments. Anyway - degrees of separation and all that. It's a small world.

Heh! Funny coincidence..

I don't think there is a motel on either end of the bridge now, for sure not on the downtown side. I'll have a look next time I drive by.

That bridge is not long for this world either, the company I do the software for just won the contract to build a replacement.