Lambert vs Monckton

While on the subject of great work by Tim Lambert, his recent debate with Christopher Monkton is available for viewing here.

It is 113 minutes long and I am pressed for time, so I am posting it before watching it. Feel free to point out favorite parts in the comments. Thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald for putting it on.

I have no doubt it will be educational and entertaining, can't wait to see it!

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A little bit disappointing that you don't get to see the slides (and videos), but nevertheless quite entertaining.

Regards, Simon

The segment with the "moderator" and the audience asking stupid questions was mostly un-entertaining, though.

That debate format is perfect for anti-science types. They can make all sorts of wild claims, and you just don't have the resources to rebutt them. I prefer written debates with no time limits, where you can double-check any claims and come back.

Monckton's snowball earth assertions are case in point.

I turned it off after Monkton put up a slide of CO2 concentrations vs life span or somesuch (arguing for a posiitive effect!) after he tried to blame mass starvations on environmentalism.

The man's ideas are preposterous. It looks like his native IQ level would be at issue?

I wanted to skip ahead but the player was acting very wonky - I'll try again to hear Tim.

By Gingerbaker (not verified) on 04 Mar 2010 #permalink

More like Lambert vs Monckton & Monckton & Monckton.

I realise it's well meant but I wish people would not debate characters such as Monckton. He's a glib speaker and is saying what most of the audience wants to hear. This kind of discussion serves no purpose.

pisces @5 I disagree. I forwarded this debate video to my sceptical father, who has seen one of the Monckton roadshow presentations in person. Although I know Monckton will invariably come across well in this kind of setting, these kinds of videos serve to form part of the historical record of our time. I would love to have a copy of this debate to show my kids in ten years' time as an example of how people thought and acted in the bad years between when the warnings started and when they were heeded.

Is there a way to download this video? Or anyone willing to hold and host it for future generations? I have a feeling it won't last long on the SMH site.

I think that Tim will manage to get it on YouTube in a version that includes at least his slides. He said SMH is sending him a DVD of the event.

No idea when that would happen, I will be sure to post about it.

I see that Monckton falsely reasserted (at about 11.30) that he was a member of the House of Lords when he said that he had put a question down in the Lords about accelerated warming. Only members of the house of Lords can put down questions. Monckton is not a member.

If he is so vain that he needs to over-inflate his importance by telling untruths about himself, how can anyone trust anything he says about anything?