Climate Science Skepticism: 5 Controversial Claims

Last week I was interviewed by Ki Mae Heussner for an article on That article can be viewed here.

Anyone coming here from there via the "How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic" link, it was incomplete, click here.

I think that in the broader scheme of "science says sky is blue, Republicans disagree" journalistic balance, the article does well enough. It is a big topic to cover well as a one off assignment, which this may have been. I did not find any previous work of Ki Mae's in this area.

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Wow! Have you read the comments at ABC lately? I posted two to try to educate the deniers but they insist on bringing up the same tired memes: CO2 lags T, 31,000 scientists don't agree, consensus isn't science, etc. I wish people would actually do some basic research before they begin spouting off on news sites and blogs.

I just hope that the lurkers observe the way the deniers write and how they support their arguments vs. how we do so.

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Yeah, good job, Coby.

But its funny that when you get brought into the public eye you get time for about 30 seconds of commentary.

The veterans and sophomores (like me) of this blog have of course heard it all before so its always a dumb down to see how the media covers it. I get interviewed about 2-3 times a year because of my research (which has nothing to do with climate) and its the same thing. You've got a minute to make a point that really needs at least 30 to be given even rudimentary justice.

But keep fighting the good fight, Coby.