Civil Investigation Demand to Mann - full text

This really must be read to be believed. IANAL, but surely this is over the top, to use the legal jargon. It is a clearly an impossible demand.


Anyone have a link to an unembedded document?

[UPDATE: never mind, it is here[PDF]]

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If the emails only go the AG office, they will be able to pick a few that, out of context, might sound suspicious (the use of the word âtrickâ, for example). The University would be better off just to make all the emails public, along, of course, with those of Fred Singer and Patrick Michaels. In the interest of fair play, I'm sure those two would agree!

Oh sure, go ahead and find another link while I'm waiting for the Fox site to download again so I can grab the URL. You're all in on the conspiracy to make me look bad!

I for one am fully in favor of this investigation. Mann must be stopped. He turned me into a newt!

It's pretty common for nasty civil litigation, or antitrust cases.

Lawyers generally know a bit about the topic then. I'm thinking that this CID tends to indicate the Virginia AG has no great clue about how research works at a university, the levels of approval that it must go through, and how unlikely it is that anyone could get away with any serious wrongdoing.

One of the projects was conducted with NOAA, another with NSF. Cuccinelli is poaching on their territory, and frankly, they have bigger sticks with their IGs and the U.S. Justice Department backing them, and felony penalties under federal law.

Witch hunt, indeed.