Another Week of GW News, December 11, 2011

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

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December 11, 2011

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    No matter how dark things seem, there are always bad jokes:

  1. 2011/12/04: TI:CF: (cartoon - Roberts) f....f....f....fade away
  2. 2011/12/04: TI:CF: (cartoon - Roberts) Occupying Only Planet
  3. 2011/12/07: uComics: (cartoon - Toles) Why we haven't been contacted...

    And for those who enjoy challenging Poe's Law:

  4. 2011/12/05: Onion: Report: Global Warming May Be Irreversible By 2006
  5. 2011/12/03: Onion: Rumors Of Extramarital Affair End Campaign Of Presidential Candidate Who Didn't Know China Has Nuclear Weapons

    Looking ahead to COP18 and future international climate negotiations:

  6. 2011/12/06: DemNow: Labor Leaders Call for Review of Decision to Host 2012 U.N. Climate Talks in Qatar

    I haven't seen the text yet, but there is a Durban Accord:

  7. 2011/12/11: NatureNB: Climate negotiators huddle for a dramatic deal in Durban
    Despite universal acknowledgements that the deal does nothing to reduce emissions or increase funding beyond existing commitments...
  8. 2011/12/10: ERabett: Sometimes you take what you can get
    Durban kicked the can down the road, the key points being that the Kyoto process survived and that the developing countries (India and China) accepted some responsibility for limiting emissions.
  9. 2011/12/11: HotTopic: A MAD deal in Durban
    Let's revisit that cold war phrase: mutually assured destruction. Fifty years ago, MAD meant that in the event of conflict the USA and USSR could and would ensure the total annihilation of the other, thus ensuring what Wikipedia rather tamely describes as "a tense but stable global peace". Having lived through those years, the tension was notable, and in some cases inspirational. The madness on display in Durban is of another kind, and of a different character. The destruction on offer will be (we can only hope) slower, but it is likely to be just as total -- and is certainly being mutually assured. The governments of the world, by kicking the can down the road aways, have just ensured that the task of reducing emissions will be harder than it need be, and that the ultimate damage will be greater than it might have been.
  10. 2011/12/11: UN: Ban welcomes climate change deal reached at UN conference in Durban
  11. 2011/12/11: CAT: Durban Agreements a step towards a global agreement, but risk of exceeding 3°C-warming remains - scientists.
  12. 2011/12/11: Guardian(UK): Climate deal: A guarantee our children will be worse off than us
    Getting a deal was a success, but a pitiful one. The world's climate debt is soaring and postponing action threatens an environmental austerity far greater than today's economic woes
  13. 2011/12/11: Guardian(UK): Durban climate deal struck after tense all-night session
    Talks came close to collapse when India insisted on concessions for developing countries, forcing 3am 'huddle to save the planet'
  14. 2011/12/11: CCP: Gareth Renowden: A MAD deal in Durban
  15. 2011/12/11: ABC(Au): Combet says climate pact validates carbon tax
    Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says the Federal Government has been validated in legislating for a carbon tax after the outcome of international climate talks in Durban. It is the first time all 190 UN member countries, including the United States and China, have agreed to negotiate such a deal.
  16. 2011/12/11: ABC(Au): UN climate talks: key points
  17. 2011/12/11: ABC(Au): Climate deal clears major hurdle
    UN climate change talks have agreed on a pact that for the first time would force all the biggest polluters to take action to slow the pace of global warming.
  18. 2011/12/11: NYT: U.N. Climate Talks End With Deal for New Emissions Treaty
  19. 2011/12/11: AllAfrica:UNFCCC: Durban Conference Delivers Breakthrough in International Community's Response to Climate Change
  20. 2011/12/11: AllAfrica:EU: Durban Conference Delivers Breakthrough for Climate
  21. 2011/12/10: USAToday: Climate conference approves landmark deal
  22. 2011/12/11: Reuters: U.N. climate talks agree legal pact on global warming
    U.N. climate change talks agreed a pact on Sunday that for the first time would force all the biggest polluters to take action to slow the pace of global changing
  23. 2011/12/11: MySinchew: World's nations set course for 2015 global climate pact
  24. 2011/12/11: Star(My): U.N. climate talks reach modest deal
  25. 2011/12/11: BBC: Reaction to UN climate deal
    Reaction to the deal reached by negotiators at UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa, that for the first time would bring all major emitters into international efforts to limit global warming, but which environmentalists say did not go far enough.
  26. 2011/12/11: G&M: New U.N. climate deal struck, critics say gains modest
    Climate negotiators agreed a pact on Sunday that would for the first time force all the biggest polluters to take action on greenhouse gas emissions, but critics said the action plan was not aggressive enough to slow the pace of global warming. The package of accords extended the Kyoto Protocol, the only global pact that enforces carbon cuts, agreed the format of a fund to help poor countries tackle climate change and mapped out a path to a legally binding agreement on emissions reductions. But many small island states and developing nations at risk of being swamped by rising sea levels and extreme weather said the deal marked the lowest common denominator possible and lacked the ambition needed to ensure their survival. Agreement on the package, reached in the early hours of Sunday, avoided a collapse of the talks and spared the blushes of host South Africa, whose stewardship of the two weeks of often fractious negotiations came under fire from rich and poor nations.
  27. 2011/12/10: al Jazeera: UN climate conference approves landmark deal
    New accord will put all countries under the same legal requirements to control greenhouse gases by 2020 at the latest.
  28. 2011/12/10: CBC: Deal reached at UN climate talks -- Kyoto Protocol provisions extended for 5 years

    Durban (pre-Accord) Text:

  29. 2011/12/10: AllAfrica:IPS: Draft Climate Deal Dubbed a 'Death Sentence for Africa'
  30. 2011/12/09: PWCCC: New negotiation text is out: a secure climate regime is falling apart
  31. 2011/12/09: PWCCC: New Durban negotiation text: second try of the day
  32. 2011/12/09: CJN: "Various Approaches" text to go to ministers
  33. 2011/12/09: CBC: 7 key negotiations at Durban climate talks -- UN conference not all about new binding carbon emissions regime
  34. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): COP17 climate talks: Durban text follows EU roadmap for new global deal
  35. 2011/12/06: PWCCC: New negotiation text in Durban full of dangers - Part 1: mitigation again disregarded
  36. 2011/12/07: PWCCC: New Negotiation text in Durban full of dangers - Part 2: Carbon markets
  37. 2011/12/08: PWCCC: New Negotiation text in Durban full of dangers - Part 3: Legal issues may screw up the future
  38. 2011/12/05: IndiaTimes: Durban climate talks: India gives guarded response to draft negotiating text
    A 73-page draft negotiating text was issued at the end of the first week of climate talks in the South African city of Durban. The text, issued by the chair of the Bali track of the negotiations, is an "amalgamation" of draft texts and will provide the basis for the final document that will be considered by the Conference of Parties or the general assembly of the 193 countries and the European Union.
  39. Durban Reports:

  40. COP17/CMP7 - Durban
  41. UNFCCC: The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, COP 17 / CMP 7, 28 November - 9 December 2011
  42. UNFCCC: Durban Climate Change Conference - November 2011
  43. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Durban climate change conference in [22] pictures: week two
  44. 2011/12/05: IISD: Durban Climate Change Conference - Coverage on Monday, 5 December 2011
  45. 2011/12/06: IISD: Durban Climate Change Conference - Coverage on Tuesday, 6 December 2011
  46. 2011/12/07: IISD: Durban Climate Change Conference - Coverage on Wednesday, 7 December 2011
  47. 2011/12/08: IISD: Durban Climate Change Conference - Coverage on Thursday, 8 December 2011
  48. 2011/12/09: IISD: Durban Climate Change Conference - Coverage on Friday, 9 December 2011

    Durban Kyoto:

  49. 2011/12/09: PWCCC: Climate Change: Kyoto Protocol converted into a Zombi
  50. 2011/12/04: MLynas: COP17: Why the 'Kyoto or bust' positions must change
  51. 2011/12/10: PWCCC: A second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol: a victory or a deception?
  52. 2011/12/08: Guardian(UK): Kyoto was built to fail. It is time the world abandoned it
  53. 2011/12/08: ABC(Au): Combet casts doubt on Kyoto extension
    Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has threatened Australia will not be part of the next round of the Kyoto Protocol unless it is part of a wider agreement covering major polluters.
  54. 2011/12/07: Grist: Durban dispatch: Fear of Kyoto commitment
  55. 2011/12/08: AllAfrica:RDNA: Nations Fumes Over Flailing Kyoto Rescue Bid
    Africa is furious over the collapse of negotiations to save the troubled Kyoto Protocol without an appropriate replacement to the 'legally' binding document that could lift the continent from its quagmire following reproach by developed countries. The 54-member African Group of negotiators said its minimum expectation from the shaky COP 17 climate change talks was a second commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol as well as the establishment of the Green Climate Fund. The group, which put forward five key demands late on Wednesday, whittled them down to two when it became apparent that the United States, Japan, Canada, the European Union and Russia's embedded positions would not change.
  56. 2011/12/08: AsiaNewsNet: Big emerging nations call for Kyoto extension
    As the world's heads of state arrive in Durban, South Africa, to begin the high-level segment of the United Nations climate negotiations, the largest emerging economies said they were united in wanting a legal agreement on the Kyoto Protocol. In their first joint press conference of this instalment of the climate talks, Brazil, South Africa, India and China said on Tuesday they wanted a second commitment period to the 14-year-old Kyoto Protocol.
  57. 2011/12/08: AsiaNewsNet: Kyoto pact likely to be extended -- Japan, Canada and Russia are opposed to the extension
  58. 2011/12/05: CCurrents: COP17: Why The 'Kyoto or Bust' Positions Much Change [Lynas]
  59. 2011/12/05: PostMedia: Ditching Kyoto called bad for Canada's reputation -- Canadian environmental and industry players question move
  60. 2011/12/05: CBC: China's climate concession won't move Canada on Kyoto
  61. 2011/12/05: Guardian(UK): China favours EU plans for Kyoto replacement -- but with conditions
    UN climate talks back on track after China and Brazil say they will consider the 'right' legally-binding treaty on emission cuts
  62. 2011/12/05: BBerg: China, EU Seek to Avoid Blame for Expiring Kyoto Pact

    Durban GCF:

  63. 2011/12/08: EurActiv: EU's climate aid pledge under the microscope
    As negotiators haggle over a climate deal in Durban, the European Commission has adopted proposals to ring-fence one-fifth of its E70 billion external finance budget for climate finance in the 2014-2020 period.
  64. 2011/12/08: UN: Climate funding for poor countries should not add to their debt burden - UN expert
  65. 2011/12/08: TP:JR: Making the Green Climate Fund a Reality in Durban
  66. 2011/12/10: TP:JR: Negotiators Come Closer to Reaching a Deal on the Green Climate Fund
  67. 2011/12/10: CJN: Climate finance should not add to the external debt burdens of poor recipient countries, says UN expert
  68. 2011/12/09: DemNow: Developing Countries Call for Green Climate Fund Independent of Western Control
  69. 2011/12/07: DeutscheWelle: Africans cry foul over climate money pledges
    African nations say promises of billions of dollars to help them adjust to the impacts of climate change have mostly proved little more than hot air. Germany says its money is good and wants to host a Green Climate Fund.
  70. 2011/12/08: PlanetArk: U.N. Climate Conference Close To Deal On Green Fund
  71. 2011/12/08: Reuters: UN Climate Conference close to deal on Green Fund
    Negotiators are close to agreeing the shape of a Green Climate Fund, which is designed to help poor nations tackle global warming and nudge them towards a new global effort to fight climate change. Rich countries have pledged up to $100 billion a year by 2020 to aid poor states most directly affected by rising global temperatures to adapt their economies and protect themselves from adverse weather. But critics say it could remain a hollow shell unless there is also agreement on where the actual funds come from -- and how the money is spent.
  72. 2011/12/08: M&G: UN chief upbraids dithering nations over climate fund
    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on heads of state to show leadership and resolve any differences they may have on the Green Climate Fund in Durban, so the fund can be launched.
  73. 2011/12/08: al Jazeera: UN edges towards global climate fund
    States represented at climate conference in South Africa are close to establishing a fund to tackle global warming.
  74. 2011/12/06: TP:JR: Climate Finance Is Key to U.S. Climate Credibility and Averting Catastrophic Climate Change

    Durban Protests:

  75. 2011/12/09: AllAfrica:BushRadio: U.S. Youth [Abigail Borah] Ejected From Climate Talks
  76. 2011/12/09: TreeHugger: Hundreds of Activists Protest Inside COP17 Climate Talks In Solidarity With Africa, Small Island Nations
  77. 2011/12/04: CJN: COP17 civil society statement on conflict during the Global Day of Action
  78. 2011/12/09: DemNow: "Get It Done": Urging Climate Justice, Youth Delegate Anjali Appadurai Mic Checks U.N. Summit
  79. 2011/12/09: DemNow: Frustrated by Inaction, Youth Delegates Occupy COP 17 Plenary in Durban
  80. 2011/12/08: DemNow: "I'm Scared for My Future": Student Disrupts Speech by U.S. Climate Envoy Todd Stern in Durban
  81. 2011/12/07: DemNow: Canadian Activists Barred from Durban Summit for Protesting Environment Minister
  82. 2011/12/09: DeSmogBlog: Youth Delegate Anjali Appadurai Speaks Truth to Power at Conclusion of COP17 in Durban [video]
  83. 2011/12/09: DerSpiegel: Young Activists in Durban -- Rebelling Against the Climate Change Dinosaurs
    Climate change will affect young people the most, but they are grossly under-represented at UN climate negotiations in Durban. A group of students from China and the US, however, is trying to challenge this with a shared vision for the future.
  84. 2011/12/05: DeutscheWelle: Greenpeace arrests mark the start of climate talks' second week
  85. 2011/12/09: BBC: Activists protest at the UN climate change talks venue
  86. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Executive director of Greenpeace removed from UN climate conference in Durban - video
  87. 2011/12/08: EnergyBulletin: US college student shames US climate delegation in Durban
  88. 2011/12/08: SSM: Brigette DePape marches on. Shows up at Durban Climate Summit
  89. 2011/12/08: ABC(Au): Lion's head formed calling for climate change
  90. 2011/12/07: 350orBust: Durban: Youth Turn Their Backs In Response To Canadian Government's Disregard For Their Future
  91. 2011/12/08: TreeHugger: US Youth Steal the Show at the UN Climate Talks in Durban
  92. 2011/12/07: Rabble: Canadian youth ejected from #COP17 in Durban for turning backs to Environment Minister
  93. 2011/12/06: DemNow: Indigenous Activists from Canada Protest Tar Sands Oil at Durban Climate Change Summit
  94. 2011/12/05: DemNow: Thousands March at U.N. Climate Summit in Durban to Demand Climate Justice
  95. 2011/12/05: DemNow: South Africa Arrests, Deports Greenpeace Activists After Attempted High Stakes Banner Hang
  96. 2011/12/05: DemNow: Greenpeace Director Kumi Naidoo, from Anti-Apartheid Activist to Leading Voice for Climate Justice
  97. 2011/12/06: Guardian(UK): Kumi Naidoo: 'I hope sanity will prevail with climate change, just as it did with apartheid'
    Greenpeace International's director says the struggle for climate justice is similar to the fight against apartheid
  98. 2011/12/06: AllAfrica:BuaNews: Greenpeace Activists Deported
    Three foreigners are in the process of being deported after they tried to scale the walls of the Protea Edward Hotel on the beachfront during a protest at COP17. The three men - belonging to Greenpeace - were joined by other climate change activists in trying to erect a banner on the hotel reading "Listen to the people, not the polluters". A World Business Council on Sustainable Development conference was taking place at the venue at the time.
  99. Durban Misc:

  100. 2011/12/11: ABC(Au): South Africa urges world to approve climate deal
  101. 2011/12/11: AllAfrica:BuaNews: Nkoana-Mashabane Takes Stock At COP17
  102. 2011/12/10: CCurrents: The Durban Babel
  103. 2011/12/10: CCurrents: Behind The Durban Blame Game
  104. 2011/12/10: Guardian(UK): Durban climate change talks: a deal currently on hold
  105. 2011/12/10: Guardian(UK): Durban climate change talks: false text diverts race to reach deal
    COP17 president issues official denial of fake negotiating text sent to delegates trying to seal last-minute agreement
  106. 2011/12/10: Guardian(UK): Climate summit in disarray as exhausted ministers row -- Delegates clash over an attempt to make an agreement legally binding
  107. 2011/12/09: al Jazeera: Legally binding climate treaty seems unlikely
    Draft text outlines step toward "framework" for carbon emissions cuts as US envoy Todd Stern accused of dragging feet.
  108. 2011/12/09: EurActiv: African nations move closer to EU position at Durban
    Europe's position at the UN climate talks in Durban won support yesterday (8 December) from the chair of the 54 African nations. As the negotiations moved into their final 36 hours, Tosi Mpanu Mpanu, chair of the Africa group, said that its position had moved closer to Europe and those developing countries who have supported the EU's calls for a legally binding agreement covering all nations to begin as soon as possible.
  109. 2011/12/10: AllAfrica:BuaNews: EU Teams Up With Smaller States At COP17
  110. 2011/12/10: AllAfrica:SEACCSF: Stormy Night Ahead for COP 17
  111. 2011/12/08: CCurrents: Pass The Buck And Ignore The Problem
  112. 2011/12/08: CCurrents: Declaration Of The Indigenous Peoples Of The World To COP17
  113. 2011/12/09: CJN: Durban Diary: Climate Reality Check
  114. 2011/12/10: HotTopic: Durban heads into final hours, outcome could go either way
  115. 2011/12/10: TP:JR: Deal or No Deal? Live-Blogging Durban: Final Hours Turn into a Full Day of Extended Negotiation
  116. 2011/12/10: ABC(Au): Australia accused of siding with big polluters
    The Greens say Australia has sided with the big polluters by not backing a legally binding global agreement to tackle climate change.
  117. 2011/12/10: ABC(Au): Last-ditch effort to save climate talks
    Developing states most at risk from global warming have rebelled against a proposed deal at UN climate talks, forcing host South Africa to draw up new draft documents to try to stop the talks collapsing. After 12 days of wrangling, the talks have gone into extra time as big emitters China, the US and India drag their feet on a European bid for a new worldwide pact on greenhouse gases.
  118. 2011/12/09: ABC(Au): Australia 'playing games' at climate talks
  119. 2011/12/08: Grist: Durban dispatch: U.S. takes 'recourse to nonsense'
  120. 2011/12/08: NatureNB: Durban climate talks go down to the wire
  121. 2011/12/09: AllAfrica:PublicAgenda: Cop 17 Diaries, Durban, 2011
  122. 2011/12/09: AllAfrica:SEACCSF: A New Coalition of the Willing at COP 17
    Negotiating blocks, stalemates and impasses have characterized much of COP 17. The US, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and others have been blocking the road to meaningful agreement on almost every turn along the way, and the need for a breakthrough in these final moments is becoming increasingly exigent. Throughout COP 17 the African Group have bandied together and united their voice in order to create a strengthened position with more political clout.
  123. 2011/12/09: AllAfrica:iMaverick: Deconstructing the African Position At COP17
  124. 2011/12/09: AllAfrica: 'How Good is Money When You are Leaving a Devastated World for Your Children?'
  125. 2011/12/09: AllAfrica:RDNA: Stop It - EU Tells U.S., China
    As the UN climate change talk's inches to a close, the European Union (EU) believes the whole world is being held hostage by the uncompromising stands of just a few countries including the United States and China among others.
  126. 2011/12/09: AllAfrica:RDNA: COP 17 - Which Way Forward?
  127. 2011/12/09: PWCCC: Results of exclusive, closed meetings in Durban made public
  128. 2011/12/09: Google:UKPA: UN discusses new climate treaty
  129. 2011/12/09: Reuters: Support grows for Durban climate deal
  130. 2011/12/08: VOANews: EU Says Closer to Deal on Climate Pact 'Road Map' at Durban Conference
  131. 2011/12/10: Reuters: Ministers battle to save U.N. climate talks
    Ministers fought to save U.N. climate talks from collapse on Saturday, searching to narrow differences between rich and poor nations over how quickly to fight global warming.
  132. 2011/12/09: DemNow: U.S. Publicly Shifts Climate Stance in Face of Widespread Criticism -- Then Quietly Backtracks
  133. 2011/12/08: DemNow: Critics: Rich Polluters -- Including U.S. -- Should Face Sanctions for Rejecting Binding Emissions Cuts
  134. 2011/12/08: DemNow: Wanjira Maathai: U.S. Should "Shape Up or Get Out" at U.N. Climate Talks
  135. 2011/12/07: DemNow: Hopes Fade for Binding Climate Deal as Durban Summit Enters Final Stages
  136. 2011/12/07: DemNow: Tuvalu Minister Urges World Leaders to Save Pacific Nations from Rising Seas
  137. 2011/12/07: DemNow: Least Developed Countries, Small Island States Face U.S. Resistance to Binding Climate Deal
  138. 2011/12/10: 350orBust: Dr. Seuss On U.N. Climate Talks: "On Wednesday My Chicken Laid Eggs That Were Fried"
  139. 2011/12/09: DerSpiegel: The Geopolitics of Climate Change -- Will China Become the Green Superpower?
    At the UN climate summit in Durban, China has signalled for the first time that it could sign up to a binding global agreement on CO2 emissions. Indeed, fighting climate change will be impossible without the future superpower on board. Taking a green approach to economic development could bring China massive benefits -- if Beijing decides to go down that road.
  140. 2011/12/09: DerSpiegel: Addressing Climate Change -- 'Humankind Cannot Afford Negotiations Until 2020'
    At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban it is becoming apparent that, instead of making decisions, the global community intends to continue negotiating new climate goals until 2020. In an interview with Spiegel online, Achim Steiner, the head of the United Nations Environment Program, calls the delay "irresponsible."
  141. 2011/12/09: DerSpiegel: Climate Negotiations in Durban -- Usual Suspects Continue to Block Emissions Deal
    Progress has been made on providing aid to poor countries to help them deal with the effects of climate change. Beyond that, however, the summit in South Africa has produced little agreement. Several countries, led by the US, continue to block a binding deal to take over from Kyoto.
  142. 2011/12/08: DeutscheWelle: Tourism industry takes heat at climate talks for protecting aviation
    Critics of the tourism industry say it is hindering efforts to curb its climate impact and is hiding behind false claims of promoting poor countries' development at climate talks in Durban South Africa.
  143. 2011/12/10: DeutscheWelle: Hope fades for meaningful deal at Durban climate talks
    European representatives worry climate talks in Durban could be set to collapse. There's no breakthrough on the horizon and delegates remain deeply divided.
  144. 2011/12/10: BBC: UN climate talks look set for deal, but time presses
    Agreement on new measures to combat global warming appears within reach at the UN climate talks in South Africa. But with talks already into an extra day, there were warnings that ministers may have to leave - or may choose to leave - before signing off the package. Draft documents issued overnight appear to address the concerns of all parties.
  145. 2011/12/09: BBC: UN climate talks heading to deal
    Nations at the UN climate talks appear to be edging their way to agreeing that a process towards a new carbon-cutting deal should start in the New Year.
  146. 2011/12/10: al Jazeera: UN climate talks scramble to reach a deal
    Durban conference extended as 194 nations try to reach a deal on how to deal with global warming over the coming decade.
  147. 2011/12/09: CCP: Brad Johnson: Top Eight Climate Disasters During The Durban Climate Talks
  148. 2011/12/09: BBC: UN climate talks heading to deal
    At the UN climate talks, nations appear to be edging their way to agreeing that a process towards a new carbon-cutting deal should start in the New Year.
  149. 2011/12/09: CBC: UN climate talks struggle to reach deal -- Europe, United States offering differing visions for post-2020 agreement
  150. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Durban COP17: Connie Hedegaard puts pressure on China, US and India
  151. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): An insider's view of the Durban climate change conference
  152. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Durban climate change talks - Friday as it happened
    The UN's COP17 negotiations saw plenty of drama over the timetable and legal status of a global deal on Friday, but the talks ran over into Saturday
  153. 2011/12/10: Guardian(UK): Durban climate conference stalemate pushes talks into extra time
    Old rifts healed at Durban, but new fault lines emerge -- Kyoto agreement under threat without UN deal
  154. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Climate change conference in trouble as China rejects proposals for new treaty
    China's chief negotiator says proposals on final day of Durban talks were unacceptable as they would lead to the end of the Kyoto protocol
  155. 2011/12/09: BBC: UN climate talks 'approaching decision time'
    The UK Climate Change Secretary says UN climate talks are at a crunch point. On the final morning of talks in Durban, Chris Huhne said countries must decide whether they want a treaty that can really curb global warming. The EU has made an ad-hoc alliance with some of the world's poorest nations to push for a strong deal here. Ministerial talks overnight made little concrete progress, with big-emitting countries sticking out for a new deal that would take effect only after 2020. That is too late for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and the Alliance of Small Island States (Aosis), who both say talks must begin in January and conclude at the end of next year. No big new treaty is going to be agreed at this meeting. What the LDCs, Aosis and the EU are seeking is a firm timetable - a mandate - leading to a new treaty.
  156. 2011/12/08: AlterNet: How the US Is Undermining Critical Climate Talks and Putting the World in Jeopardy
  157. 2011/12/08: PWCCC: Leading southern NGOs slam Durban proposal to create new forest carbon market
  158. 2011/12/08: PWCCC: Critics: Rich Polluters -- Including U.S. -- Should Face Sanctions for Rejecting Binding Emissions Cuts
  159. 2011/12/09: PlanetJ: What Should Happen in Durban
  160. 2011/12/08: EnergyBulletin: Declaration of the indigenous peoples of the world to COP17
  161. 2011/12/08: DeSmogBlog: Will Durban Climate Talks Leave Us On the Wrong Side of History?
  162. 2011/12/08: DeSmogBlog: Small Island States Fear "Annihilation" From Failed Climate Negotiations, Protests Mark COP17 Closing Hours
  163. 2011/12/08: BBC: Alliance pushes for climate deal
    The EU and some of the world's poorest nations have launched a joint bid for a strong outcome at the UN climate talks.
  164. 2011/12/08: Guardian(UK): What will it take for Durban climate change conference to end positively?
  165. 2011/12/08: Guardian(UK): African nations move closer to EU position at Durban climate change talks
  166. 2011/12/08: Guardian(UK): Durban climate talks see US back EU proposal
  167. 2011/12/08: Guardian(UK): UN climate change talks: EU plan raises hopes of last-ditch deal
  168. 2011/12/07: TP:JR: REDD Eye: World Leaders Call for a Deforestation Deal in Durban, Progress is Steady but Slow
  169. 2011/12/08: PlanetArk: Debt And Doubt Loom Large Over Durban Climate Talks
    Economic crisis and the top three polluters China, the United States and India, loomed as obstacles to a new global deal at the start of a second make-or-break week of U.N. climate talks in the South African city of Durban. After a first week of preliminary discussion, serious doubt hangs over the future of the Kyoto Protocol, whose first commitment period on tackling climate change expires at the end of next year. The other major issue for debate is how to drum up finance to help poorer nations adapt to a warmer planet, while the developed world wrestles with sovereign debt problems.
  170. 2011/12/08: BBerg: U.S. Delay on Climate-Change Deal Prompts Backlash From Europe to Barbados
  171. 2011/12/07: Grist: U.S. 2020 climate treaty proposal isn't a delay -- it's a death sentence
  172. 2011/12/07: Grist: Which countries fail the most at climate leadership?
  173. 2011/12/07: AllAfrica:FOE: Climate Agenda of South African Energy Giant Sasol Exposed
    Polluting companies and multinational corporations are exerting pressure on government climate policies and seeking to undermine global action on the climate crisis, Friends of the Earth International warned today.
  174. 2011/12/08: AllAfrica:Monitor: We Need a Legally Binding Deal From Durban Climate Conference
  175. 2011/12/08: AllAfrica:FOE: Pro-Zuma Supporters Physically Attack Civil Society At Durban Townhall Meeting On Climate Change
  176. 2011/12/08: AllAfrica:AlertNet: Delayed Climate Deal a Risk to Food Production, AG Specialists Say
  177. 2011/12/08: AllAfrica:RDNA: COP17 Volunteers Beat Zuma Protesters in Rowdy Face Off
  178. 2011/12/08: AllAfrica:FOE: Durban Inaction a Recipe for Climate Catastrophe
    Friends of the Earth International has issued strong warnings against climate inaction at the UN climate talks in Durban, and blamed industrialised countries like the US, Canada, Japan and Europe for seeking to unravel existing agreements under the guise of a "new mandate" for the climate negotiations.
  179. 2011/12/08: IOL(za): COP17: Agreement may not be reached
  180. 2011/12/08: ERabett: Durban
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  183. 2011/12/08: PressEurop: Europe must change its attitude
    As the Durban climate conference draws to a close, the European Union can not continue to address the issue of climate change with a condescending attitude towards emerging countries. Needing these same countries to help it emerge from the financial crisis, the EU risks having the terms of any future agreement being dictated to it.
  184. 2011/12/06: CDreams: Kyoto Protocol on Life Support
  185. 2011/12/08: BBC: Climate talks 'lacking urgency'
    Lack of urgency in the Durban meeting halls and pressing issues elsewhere threaten to block progress as the UN climate summit enters its final days.
  186. 2011/12/07: DeSmogBlog: U.S. 2020 climate treaty proposal isn't a delay -- it's a death sentence
  187. 2011/12/07: CBC: Kent's climate change speech disrupted by protest -- 'Kyoto, for Canada, is in the past,' says environment minister
  188. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Durban COP17 climate talks: day 10 diary
  189. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Accountability is a vital weapon in the battle against climate change
    Giving those affected by climate change a greater say in the selection and monitoring of aid projects would save lives
  190. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Derailing Durban's climate change conference
    With the US dragging its feet at the Durban climate change conference, the influence of a powerful industry lobby is worrying
  191. 2011/12/07: UN: Ban presses for support for UN initiative to combat deforestation
  192. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Barack Obama urges nations to follow lead of Wangari Maathai
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  194. 2011/12/07: AllAfrica:RDNA: COP17 Climate Lords Must Listen to Scientists
  195. 2011/12/07: AllAfrica:RDNA: UN Climate Talks in a Spin, BUT . . .
    UN climate talks became decidedly fractious on Tuesday as the rift between developing countries on one hand and the US and its allies on the other, widened amid calls to extend the Kyoto Protocol. Divisions were also distinctly evident over other issues such as the immediate formation of the Green Climate Fund, fast start finance and the drawing up of a Durban Accord.
  196. 2011/12/07: AllAfrica:RDNA: Zuma Urges Parties to Secure Multi-Lateralism in Climate Talks
    President Jacob Zuma urged negotiating parties to secure an enhanced multilateral, rules-based response to climate change that is equally binding on all. Speaking at the opening of high level segment in Durban on Tuesday...
  197. 2011/12/06: Google:AFP: Ban pleads for Kyoto in warning of climate deadlock
  198. 2011/12/07: TimesLive(za): You must lead world from abyss, urges Ban
    The world is nearing a point of no return and only decision makers at the climate change conference in Durban "can bring us from the edge", United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said.
  199. 2011/12/07: IOL(za): "Act while you still can" - Zuma
  200. 2011/12/07: FTChinese: UN chief fears climate accord is 'beyond reach'
  201. 2011/12/06: Reuters: "Big Three" polluters oppose binding climate deal
    The world's three biggest polluters China, the United States and India refused to move toward a new legal commitment to curb their carbon emissions Tuesday, increasing the risk that climate talks will fail to clinch a meaningful deal this week.
  202. 2011/12/05: NewInt: "There is no planet B"
  203. 2011/12/07: Rabble: Opposing corporate influence on climate negotiations
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  205. 2011/12/06: DemNow: U.S. Focus on China, India Emissions Burdens World's Poor, Skirts Own Responsibility - Praful Bidwai
  206. 2011/12/05: DemNow: The Road to Durban: Tracking Global Warming's Devastating Impact Across the African Continent
  207. 2011/12/06: Guardian(UK): Why south Durban stinks of rotten cabbage, eggs and cat wee
  208. 2011/12/06: Guardian(UK): Durban talks unlikely to result in climate change deal
  209. 2011/12/06: Guardian(UK): India dampens Europe's hopes of a new climate change agreement
    India's environment minister reiterated her challenge to rich countries to ratify second commitment period of Kyoto protocol
  210. 2011/12/06: UN: Ban urges leaders to make real progress at UN climate change talks
  211. 2011/12/06: KSJT: BBC -- When the news in the news room is slow (ie, Durban), get to something else important..
  212. 2011/12/05: TP:JR: [UNFCCC head, Christiana Figueres] Blasts U.S. Climate Policy: Americans Must Realize "This Is Their Future They're Compromising"
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  217. 2011/12/06: AllAfrica:IPS: Growing Calls for Water to Be Prioritised
  218. 2011/12/06: AllAfrica:AlertNet: Family Planning 'Effective' but Unpopular Climate Change Solution
    As the world's population races past 7 billion, curbing population growth is crucial to slowing the climate-changing emissions people cause, scientists say. But getting U.N. climate negotiators to even mention the controversial issue is nearly as difficult as getting them to agree a long-delayed new global climate treaty.
  219. 2011/12/06: AllAfrica:BushRadio: United States Still Not Prepared to Sign a Legally Binding Agreement
  220. 2011/12/06: AllAfrica:RDNA: 'We'll Be Tough With the Big Boys'
    Ghana's Environment and Science Minister, Sherry Ayittey has warned that the 54 African countries at the UN climate change conference in Durban will not be bullied into making concessions to the developed countries at the expense of the African poor.
  221. 2011/12/06: M&G(za): Crunch time at COP17 as high-level negotiations begin
  222. 2011/12/06: NDTV: Climate talks: India dismisses reports of differences with China
  223. 2011/12/05: BizGreen: India and US accused of blocking roadmap for Durban deal
    EU secures support from developing countries [48 Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and the 42-strong Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS)] for new plan that would see parallel treaty run alongside Kyoto
  224. 2011/12/05: TStar: China's climate compromise won't woo Canada back into Kyoto: Kent
  225. 2011/12/06: Xinhuanet: China sets conditions on binding climate change commitment after 2020
    The conditions include: new carbon-cutting pledges by rich nations in the second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol; fast launch of the Green Climate Fund agreed on in Cancun under a supervisory regime; implementing the consensus of adaptation; technology transfer, transparency, capability building and other points agreed upon in the former conferences as well as appraising developed countries' commitment during the first period of the Kyoto Protocol.
  226. 2011/12/05: TreeHugger: The Tragically Repetitive Groundhog Day That Is COP17
  227. 2011/12/06: TreeHugger: COP17 UnMerry-Go-Round: US Delays, Canada Obstructs, China Willing To Act, But India Won't
  228. 2011/12/06: TreeHugger: The Calm Before the Storm at the Durban Climate Talks
  229. 2011/12/06: 350orBust: Durban: "Down With Canada"
  230. 2011/12/06: BBC: UN climate talks 'ambition' call
    The Earth is likely to be about 3.5C warmer in 2100 than it was before human industry and agriculture began putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  231. 2011/12/06: BBC: Climate models yield confidence question
    Grand statements about climate change impacts are all very well for scientists - a global average temperature rise of so many degrees Celsius, a global change in precipitation of such-and-such percent. But no-one lives on the global average. We all have a home - and what might be very useful, be you a farmer or a city-dweller, would be some precise indications of what the future holds for your farm, your street, your village. It's precisely what many people here at the UN climate talks are worrying about.
  232. 2011/12/05: BBC: UN climate talks looking to China
    China is emerging as the key deal-maker or deal-breaker as the UN climate talks head into ministerial discussions.
  233. 2011/12/05: BBC: Durban: Climate summit looks back and forward
  234. 2011/12/05: Guardian(UK): Durban climate talks: we still have a chance to talk about success
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  239. 2011/12/05: PlanetArk: U.S. Sees Little New In China Greenhouse Gas Cut Pledge
  240. 2011/12/05: NatureNB: Updated: Durban deforestation agreement promotes transparency, scientific verification
    Climate negotiators in South Africa struck a preliminary deal on forestry over the weekend, advancing a technical document that lays out what could be the first real 'rules of the road' for initiatives that seek to reduce greenhouse gases by curbing deforestation in tropical countries.
  241. 2011/12/05: AllAfrica:Independent(Ug): COP17 - Africa Must Not Betray Africa in Durban
    Messages about: climate smart agriculture, green economy, renewable energy, establishing a green climate fund as a moral obligation, voices of farmers, the need for binding agreement that will guarantee extension of Kyoto Protocol, etc, compete for attention at the UN climate talks in Durban. Alongside these messages are the groups of demonstrators in designated spaces shouting climate-related missives to whoever may care to listen. Bombarded with this thicket of information, a journalist has to deal with competing press releases and conferences from several interest groups and at the same time follow the several negotiation meetings at Durban's vast conference facility. It's all climate-related business happening here. Just outside the main conference centre is a group of women farmers (with handwritten banners) who travelled all the way from East, Central and Southern Africa to have their voices heard at the high level conference UN Framework on Climate Change meeting -the seventeenth conference of parties (COP17). Unfortunately few or none of these farmers has direct access to the official negotiations in board and conference rooms. Farmers are shouting themselves hoarse to be heard. The technocrats have their heads buried in the computers discussing the text, its comas, paragraphs and legal implications as millions of lives are increasingly put at the mercy of ruthless impact of climate change attributed to activities of industrialists.
  242. 2011/12/05: AllAfrica:RDNA: A Dozen Heads of State to Attend UN Climate Talks
  243. 2011/12/05: AllAfrica:RDNA: Africa Changes Climate Talks Ball Game
    Africa has changed 'the ball game' after a week of vacillation, by demanding an ambitious second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol, effective action under the Bali Action Plan and scaled-up 'start up' finance ahead of the high-level international ministerial segment of the UN climate talks later this week.
  244. 2011/12/05: News24: 'Climate poker' set for Durban
    UN climate talks on Monday enter their second week entangled in a thick mesh of issues with no guarantee that negotiators and their ministers will be able to sort them out.
  245. 2011/12/04: Google:AFP: China lays out conditions for legally binding climate deal
  246. 2011/12/04: WaPo: Chinese climate negotiators raise possibility of global warming pact by 2020
  247. 2011/12/05: BizDay: COP-17: Business takes bull by horns as leaders talk
    It is crunch time for delegates attending the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change under way in Durban -- and the outcome is likely to be difficult, Yvo de Boer, the former head of the process, warned yesterday. However, where governments were failing to act, many businesses were showing the way, Mr de Boer said.
  248. 2011/12/05: TreeHugger: Life and Death Decisions in Durban
  249. 2011/12/05: 350orBust: COP17: Politicians, Get Your Head Out Of The Sands And Lead!
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  252. 2011/12/04: TP:JR: Durban Climate Talks: How Do We Judge Success?
  253. 2011/12/04: Guardian(UK): Durban climate talks 'roadmap' held up by India
    EU plan to preserve Kyoto protocol and establish new parallel treaty finds support among some developing countries A European plan to unblock UN climate talks with a new global treaty is being held up by India and some developing countries who feared it would take too long to negotiate and lead to lweaker pledges by wealthy countries.
  254. 2011/12/04: Guardian(UK): Science Weekly podcast: Durban climate change talks -- deal or no deal?

    The Horn of Africa drought and famine continues to be a major disaster, with amazingly little coverage:

  255. 2011/12/08: Time: Viewpoint: Famine as a Weapon: It's Time to Stop Starvation in Sudan
  256. 2011/12/06: al Jazeera: Horn of Africa Crisis: Drought Zone
    As millions in Kenya suffer from extreme hunger, is the US addressing the causes of the crisis or just its syptoms?
  257. The annual AGU conference went down this week in San Fran:

  258. 2011/12/05: AGU: AGU 2011 Fall Meeting Media Advisory
  259. 2011/12/06: RealClimate: AGU 2011: Day 1
  260. 2011/12/07: RealClimate: AGU 2011: Day 2
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  264. 2011/12/10: JEB: AGU day 4 and 5
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  266. 2011/12/10: SEasterbrook: The Software Architecture of Global Climate Models
  267. 2011/12/09: CCP: James Hansen at 2011 AGU speaks of current CO2 levels already being in the danger zone, must act now [video]
  268. 2011/12/: AMEG: [link to 10.1 meg pdf] Dec 2011 AGU - Arctic Methane Emergency Group
  269. 2011/12/09: CAbyss: Last dispatch from AGU: The new CMIP5 models
  270. 2011/12/07: KSJT: SF Ink: American Geophysical Union Mtg: Tsunami, Climate, Strange Asteroid, and more
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  272. 2011/12/07: SciNow: Lessons from the Mississippi Floods
  273. 2011/12/06: TDC: New perils seen to even modest warming
    Letting global temperatures rise even 2ºC -- as the Copenhagen Climate Accord permitted -- could trigger catastrophic sea-level rise and major social upheaval, scientists say.
  274. 2011/12/06: SEasterbrook: A Hierarchical Systems Approach to Model Validation
  275. 2011/12/05: Wunderground: Climate change education in zoos
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  277. 2011/12/06: Eureka: Tropical sea temperatures influence melting in Antarctica
  278. 2011/12/05: Eureka: PNNL talks climate, wind and carbon at AGU
  279. 2011/12/05: Eureka: Global winds could explain record rains, tornadoes
    Two talks at a scientific conference this week will propose a common root for an enormous deluge in western Tennessee in May 2010, and a historic outbreak of tornadoes centered on Alabama in April 2011. Both events seem to be linked to a relatively rare coupling between the polar and the subtropical jet streams, says Jonathan Martin, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences. But the fascinating part is that the change originates in the western Pacific, about 9,000 miles away from the intense storms in the U.S. midsection, Martin says.
  280. The Huber & Knutti paper kicked off a round of comments:

  281. 2011/12/04: Nature:GeoSci: (ab$) Anthropogenic and natural warming inferred from changes in Earth's energy balance by Markus Huber & Reto Knutti
  282. 2009/09/09: GRL: (ab$) An observationally based energy balance for the Earth since 1950 by D. M. Murphy et al.
  283. 2011/12/06: RealClimate: Global Temperature News
  284. 2011/12/07: SwissInfo: Energy balance sheet gives new climate clues
    Three quarters of climate change is manmade, according to two Swiss scientists who have come up with a radically new way of modelling the climate. The work by Professor Reto Knutti and doctoral student Markus Huber of the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science of the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich is published in the latest edition of the journal Nature Geoscience.
  285. 2011/12/05: TP:JR: It's "Extremely Likely That at Least 74% of Observed Warming Since 1950" Was Manmade; It's Highly Likely All of It Was
  286. 2011/12/05: Grist: New study shows 3/4 of global temperature rise is humans' fault
  287. 2011/12/04: NatureN: Three-quarters of climate change is man-made -- Independent study quantifies human influence on global warming.
  288. 2011/12/04: BBC: Climate research bolsters 'action' call to UN talks
    As ministers begin arriving at the UN climate talks in South Africa, new science is showing the challenges they face in trying to curb global warming. Using a new methodology, a Swiss team has calculated that about three-quarters of the warming seen since 1950 is down to human influences. A second report says glacier loss in parts of the Himalayas is accelerating. And an international research group has confirmed that emissions have soared despite the global financial crisis.
  289. And on the Bottom Line:

  290. 2011/12/09: Wunderground: Twelve U.S. billion-dollar weather disasters in 2011 so far: NOAA
  291. 2011/12/07: TP:JR: NOAA: U.S. Sets Record With a Dozen Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters in One Year

    Subsidies, tax exemptions, loan guarantees & grants weave a difficult to penetrate web:

  292. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Lord Stern: rich nations should stop subsidising fossil fuel industry

    What are the global financial institutions up to?

  293. 2011/12/08: EurActiv: EIB accused of financing fossil fuels with climate cash
    The European Investment Bank has been accused of funding the fossil fuel industry with E16 billion of loans since 2007, more than that stumped up for any other energy source.
  294. 2011/12/08: Guardian(UK): European Investment Bank criticised for 'hypocrisy' of fossil fuel lending
  295. 2011/12/06: Reuters: OECD says committed $23 billion in climate aid in 2010
  296. 2011/12/06: Rabble:TS: OECD on inequality
  297. 2011/12/07: Rabble:AJ: Mind the OECD credibility gap

    Oh Look! Another excuse to ride my Free Sciencehobby horse:

  298. 2011/12/09: SciAm:GB: 1 Percent versus the 99 Percent -- A Case for Open Access
  299. 2011/12/06: NatureN: Global portal throws spotlight on open access movement -- United Nations website tracks international initiatives that provide free access to research

    The 2011 Climate Change Performance Index was released this week:

  300. 2011/12/06: GermanWatch: [link to many pdfs] Climate Change Performance Index 2012

    The world inches toward creating a global legal framework for ecological crime:

  301. 2011/12/10: AllAfrica:RNW: Climate Cases Surge - Time for a Climate Court?
    Pleas to set up an international climate court were frequently voiced at this week's climate talks in Durban. A climate court would enable victims of climate change to call the perpetrators to account. There is little chance of a court like this actually being realised, says Professor of International and European Environmental Law Jonathan Verschuuren, but in future more climate cases will end up in court. An NGO from Bangladesh is the latest in a long list of organisations, lawyers, professors and others to propose setting up a climate court. The reason for these proposals is that international environmental law has proved inadequate. It is nearly impossible to get the whole world to agree on legally binding obligations on global environmental issues such as climate change. No far-reaching agreements will be made in Durban. And a climate court will certainly not materialise. The world's industrialised countries have more sense than that. But this doesn't mean victims of climate change have no one to turn to. Already there are examples of legal proceedings against companies with high CO2 emissions and even against states. Such cases can be taken to two types of organisations: international human rights courts or national courts.
  302. 2011/12/05: Guardian(UK): Climate change is a matter of justice
  303. 2011/12/05: al Jazeera: In need of climate justice
    'The richest countries caused the problem, but it is the world's poorest who are suffering from the effects.'
  304. John Cook and friends continue their point-counterpoint articles:

  305. 2011/12/09: SkeptiSci: Plimer vs Plimer: a one man contradiction
  306. 2011/12/11: SkeptiSci: (Fahrenheit) 451 ppm by Sphaerica
  307. 2011/12/08: SkeptiSci: 2011 AGU Conference Day One by dana1981
  308. 2011/12/07: SkeptiSci: It's Not About The Hockey Stick! [Dr. Richard Alley] by Rob Honeycutt
  309. 2011/12/07: SkeptiSci: The Monckton Maneuver by Rob Honeycutt
  310. 2011/12/06: SkeptiSci: Nils-Axel Mörner is Wrong About Sea Level Rise by dana1981
  311. 2011/12/05: SkeptiSci: Separating signal and noise in climate warming by John Hartz

    Post CRU-Two....boredom:

  312. 2011/12/06: CassandrasLegacy: Climategate 2.0: fool me once.....
  313. 2011/12/08: QuarkSoup: Why the Climategate 2.0 Emails are Devastating
  314. 2011/12/05: ABC(Au): Leaked emails confirm climate change questions
  315. 2011/12/04: IJISH: SwiftHack 2.0: public clue trail goes cold, again

    A note on theFukushima disaster:

    It is evident that the Fukushima disaster is going to persist for some time. TEPCO says 6 to 9 months. The previous Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, said decades. Now the Japanese government is talking about 30 years. We'll see. At any rate this situation is not going to be resolved any time soon and deserves its own section.

    Not much good news coming out of Fukushima:

  316. 2011/12/09: PlanetArk: TEPCO May Dump Decontaminated Water Into Sea
  317. 2011/12/08: ProMedMail: Radiation, baby formula - Japan
  318. 2011/12/09: NSF: Scientists Assess Radioactivity in the Ocean from Japan Nuclear Power Facility -- New study analyzes radioactivity from facility in first months after accident
  319. 2011/12/10: EneNews: Kyodo: Baby food maker ignored info on cesium contamination for weeks -- Initially concluded "further investigation was unnecessary"
  320. 2011/12/10: EneNews: NHK: Plant operators trying to find nuclear cores -- All fuel has melted through, much of it into containment vessel... So where's the rest? (VIDEO)
    * The fuel inside 3 reactors has melted through the bottoms of their furnaces
    * Plant operators try to identify where all the fuel has gone
    * Analysts estimate all of the fuel has melted through the furnace, much of it into the containment vessel
  321. 2011/12/09: EneNews: AP: Nuclear fuel moved as it melted -- Little known about location and condition of reactor cores -- Limited info on spent fuel pools
  322. 2011/12/08: EneNews: New Study: 'Fuel rod materials' may have been released when acid seawater interacted with ruptured fuel rods, carrying radioactive materials into ground -- "Full magnitude of release has not been well documented"
  323. 2011/12/08: EneNews: Groundwater a likely source for continued flow of radiation into ocean -- "Complete melt through" so "not surprising" discharges continue, says study
  324. 2011/12/08: EneNews: Fukushima Worker: Situation is totally out of control -- Nobody can actually measure the temperature of dropped nuclear fuel
  325. 2011/12/09: BBC: Japan's Yukio Edano rebuffs Tepco bailout claim
    Japan's trade minister Yukio Edano has denied reports that troubled nuclear firm Tepco is about to receive a huge government bailout.
  326. 2011/12/06: FukushimaDiary: Actual Fukushima worker talks: water purifying system has never worked
  327. 2011/12/07: ABC(Au): Fukushima secrecy over workers and conditions
  328. 2011/12/06: NYT: Japan Split on Hope for Vast Radiation Cleanup
    Futaba is a modern-day ghost town -- not a boomtown gone bust, not even entirely a victim of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that leveled other parts of Japan's northeast coast. Its traditional wooden homes have begun to sag and collapse since they were abandoned in March by residents fleeing the nuclear plant on the edge of town that began spiraling toward disaster. Roofs possibly damaged by the earth's shaking have let rain seep in, starting the rot that is eating at the houses from the inside. The roadway arch at the entrance to the empty town almost seems a taunt. It reads: "Nuclear energy: a correct understanding brings a prosperous lifestyle."
  329. 2011/12/09: Asia Times: Returnees fear Fukushima's invisible touch
  330. 2011/12/08: EneNews: Report: TEPCO to be "effectively nationalised" -- Shares plunge
  331. 2011/12/08: EneNews: Radiation expert back from Japan: "Clear that the situation in Fukushima is rapidly spinning out of control" -- "Gov't doesn't know how to deal with the massive contamination"
  332. 2011/12/06: NYT: Japan Split on Hope for Vast Radiation Cleanup
  333. 2011/12/06: WHOI: Researchers Assess Radioactivity Released to the Ocean from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Facility
  334. 2011/12/05: CCurrents: Fukushima Plant Leaks Radioactive Water
  335. 2011/12/06: EneNews: AFP: Tepco says water with high levels of strontium leaked into Pacific
  336. 2011/12/06: APR: Process water leakage at Fukushima Daiichi, and power lunch!
  337. 2011/12/07: al Jazeera: Japanese firm recalls tainted baby milk
    Affected formula contains traces of radiation from Fukushima plant, but manufacturer says levels within safety limits.
  338. 2011/12/06: CBC: Radiation traces found in Japanese baby formula
  339. 2011/12/05: EneNews: Radio: Just a matter of time before molten core reaches groundwater at Fukushima, says architect of Reactor No. 3 (video)
  340. 2011/12/06: EneNews: Japan Newspaper: Fukushima "world's largest nuclear disaster"
  341. 2011/12/06: EneNews: Nuclear Expert: Tepco is admitting they are very close to China Syndrome at Fukushima, where melted fuel penetrates earth (video)
  342. 2011/12/06: BBC: Japan's Meiji recalls baby milk after caesium find
    Japanese milk powder maker, Meiji, has recalled its baby formula after discovering radioactive caesium in the product.
  343. 2011/12/05: BBerg: TEPCO Says More Radioactive Water Leaks at Fukushima Plant
  344. 2011/12/05: CNN: Contaminated water found leaking at Japanese nuclear plant
    TEPCO says water in the area has a slightly elevated level of a radioactive material - The company is trying to see how much contaminated water may have reached the ocean - Sandbags are used to stop the leak, the operator says - A 9.0-magnitude earthquake and a subsequent tsunami damaged the plant in March
  345. 2011/12/05: ABC(Au): Fukushima plant leaks radioactive water
    The operator of Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant says at least 45 tonnes of highly radioactive water has leaked from the facility, possibly into the Pacific Ocean. A statement by the operator TEPCO said workers noticed a leak in a purification device, with radioactive water escaping through a crack in a catchment wall. The leaking water contained about 1 million times as much strontium as the maximum safe level.
  346. 2011/12/04: EneNews: German Radiation Expert: No way to stop nuclear fuel that's melted-through -- Can only pray it does not touch underground water vein (video)
  347. 2011/12/05: EneNews: WSJ: New Leak Detected at Fukushima Plant -- Asahi: Strontium at 1,000,000 times gov't limit?

    Post Fukushima, nuclear policies are in flux around the world:

  348. 2011/12/10: CleanBreak: Nuclear power at a crossroads
  349. 2011/12/07: ChinaDaily: Nuclear power to become 'foundation' of country's electrical system

    The Arctic melt continues to garner a lot of attention:

  350. 2011/12/09: OSU: 2010 Spike in Greenland ice loss lifted bedrock, GPS reveals
  351. 2011/12/08: CBC: Sea ice shrank throughout Canada's Arctic waters
  352. 2011/12/07: CCP: Global Warming Has Pushed the Arctic into a "New Normal," Report Says
  353. 2011/12/10: CCP: Retreat of Greenland's Helheim Glacier
  354. 2011/12/06: AFTIC: Upside down hockey stick
  355. 2011/12/05: ASI: Arctic Report Card 2011

    As for the charismatic megafauna:

  356. 2011/12/09: TreeHugger: More Polar Bears Turn to Cannibalism to Avoid Starvation
  357. 2011/12/08: Grist: Polar bears may be driven to cannibalism by climate change
  358. 2011/12/08: SciNow: Polar Bear Cannibalism on the Sea Ice
  359. 2011/12/08: BBC: Polar bear 'cannibalism' pictured

    That Damoclean sword still hangs overhead:

  360. 2011/12/10: GEB: Arctic Methane Alert

    As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  361. 2011/12/06: CBC: Soviets familiar with Canada's Arctic waters

    While in Antarctica:

  362. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Frozen Planet: On Thin Ice -- in [12] pictures
  363. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Frozen Planet: capturing the Wilkins ice shelf in full collapse
  364. 2011/12/05: BBC: Antarctic's hidden world revealed -- Ever wondered what Antarctica would look like without all that ice?

    The food crisis is ongoing:

  365. 2011/12/04: WFP: 7 Facts About Climate Change And Hunger
  366. 2011/12/08: BPA: The Report on 2011 Input Costs for Farming from the USDA
  367. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Land of the free, home of the hungry
    Nowhere is the chasm between America's political class and its working poor more vast than in the demand to cut food stamps
  368. 2011/12/09: AllAfrica: SW Radio: Zimbabwe: MDC Members Denied Government Inputs By Soldiers and Chiefs
    Seeds and fertilizer that are meant for all Zimbabweans under a presidential scheme are being distributed to ZANU PF members only, by soldiers and traditional chiefs campaigning for Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF in parts of Manicaland. Reporting from Chimanimani, SW Radio Africa's contact Peter explained that ZANU PF may feel they are fooling some villagers, but they are not, because the villagers are well informed. They know the inputs are supposed to be distributed to everyone, regardless of what party they support.
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  373. 2011/12/06: CBC: Mom shoots kids when denied food stamps
    A Texas woman unable to qualify for food stamps for months walked into a state welfare office with a gun, then shot her two children and killed herself during a seven-hour standoff, officials said Tuesday.
  374. 2011/12/06: CBC: Wheat, canola crops hit record high -- Corn, soybean harvests declined
  375. 2011/12/06: CBC: Overfishing dramatically depleting ocean stocks -- B.C. study says supply in northern waters down 90% since 1950s
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    Food Prices are still problematic:

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  380. 2011/12/08: FAO: Food prices almost unchanged -- Record cereal harvest forecast
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    So, are these land grabs Colonialism V2.0?

  382. 2011/12/05: TheEcologist: Biomass is the next biofuel 'land grab' on tropical forests, warn campaigners
    Just as biofuels have gobbled up farmland that should have been growing food so the push on biomass by Monsanto, Cargill and others will see an 'unprecedented' grab on land, plants and biodiverse-rich forests
  383. 2011/12/07: EnergyBulletin: GRAIN calls for end to land grabbing at Swedish Parliament [Right Livelihood Award]

    Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  384. 2011/12/06: Grist: Hungary destroys 1,000 acres of Monsanto maize

    And how are we going to feed 9 billion, 10 billion, 15 billion?

  385. 2011/12/07: AlterNet: Bugs and Krill, the Other White Meats: Time to Start Eating at the Bottom of the Food Chain
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  390. 2011/12/07: NatureNB: Agricultural time travel: adapting through 'climate analogues'
  391. 2011/12/07: CSM: A success story in parched India
    In India, the tiny village of Wankute agreed to manage its watershed and since then everything from crops to jobs and income have flourished.
  392. 2011/12/05: DerSpiegel: Urban Agriculture -- Industrial-Sized Rooftop Farm Planned for Berlin
    It is hardly a logical spot for a farm, but three Berliners have earmarked a massive former factory roof for an unusual urban agriculture venture. The sustainable set-up will produce both vegetables and fish for local residents and could be a model for future city farms as the world continues to urbanize.
  393. 2011/12/06: AlterNet: Occupy Your Food Supply: Radical Farmer's March Aims to Bridge Urban-Rural Divide, Focus in on "Food Justice"
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    Cyclone Alenga spun up in the Southern Indian Ocean, otherwise it has been quiet:

  396. 2011/12/08: Eureka: NASA sees Alenga become a cyclone in the Southern Indian Ocean
  397. 2011/12/07: Eureka: NASA sees Tropical Storm Alenga intensifying
  398. 2011/12/06: NASA: NASA's TRMM Satellite Sees the Power in Tropical Storm Alenga [was TS01S]
  399. 2011/12/05: NASA: NASA Sees Birth of First Southern Indian Ocean Season Tropical Storm
    The Southern Indian Ocean cyclone season is off and running and NASA's Aqua satellite saw the birth of Tropical Cyclone 01S.
  400. While elsewhere in the hurricane wars:

  401. 2011/12/07: Wunderground: CSU and TSR predict above average 2012 Atlantic hurricane season

    As for GHGs:

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    Canada's fossil fuel-powered generating plants average higher greenhouse gas emissions for the same amount of electricity than American or Mexican stations, an international report has found. The figures, compiled by the commission that oversees the environmental portions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), found that Canadian plants release an average of 0.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent for every megawatt-hour generated. That compares with 0.8 tonnes for U.S. plants and less than 0.7 tonnes for those in Mexico.
  409. 2011/12/06: Guardian(UK): Poorer countries overtake rich world's consumption carbon footprint
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    Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have soared in the last 20 years, giving the world much less chance of avoiding dangerous climate change, new data show.
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    Global carbon dioxide emissions increased by a record 5.9 per cent in 2010 following the dampening effect of the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis (GFC), according to scientists working with the Global Carbon Project.
  412. 2011/12/05: ORNL: Carbon dioxide emissions rebound quickly after global financial crisis
  413. 2011/12/06: CBC: Deeper carbon emissions cuts called essential by UN -- 'We are losing time,' [UNEP] chief [Achim Steiner] says
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    Latest research on carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels shows they have increased by half in the last 20 years
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  417. 2011/12/04: ITracker: 5.9%
  418. 2011/12/05: ABC(Au): Study finds industry CO2 output rising
    On the rise Global carbon dioxide emissions from industry rose about three per cent despite a weak global economy, a new [GCP] study shows.
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  423. 2011/12/04: Eureka: Global carbon emissions reach record 10 billion tons -- threatening 2 degree target
  424. 2011/12/05: OilChange: Record CO2 Emissions and a Deal by ... 2020
  425. 2011/12/04: NBF: Global carbon emissions reach record 10 billion tonnes/ Over 36.7 billion tons of CO2 - threatening two degree target

    And the temperature record:

  426. 2011/12/07: NOAANews: NOAA: Autumn and November both warmer than average in the United States -- U.S. sets record with a dozen billion-dollar weather disasters in one year
  427. 2011/12/06: ERW: Rate of global warming 'remarkably steady' since 1979
    Removing short-term natural temperature changes from five data sets of global temperatures has revealed that underlying global warming rates have been "remarkably steady" from 1979 to 2010. The different data collections showed consistent warming trends of from 0.014 to 0.018 K per year, and no sign of any acceleration or deceleration in the rate of warming.
  428. 2011/12/05: al Jazeera: Another hot year -- 2011 is one of the warmest on record

    While in the paleoclimate:

  429. 2011/12/08: NASA: Paleoclimate Record Points Toward Potential Rapid Climate Changes
  430. 2011/12/07: SciNow: Hide and Seek in the Cambrian
  431. 2011/12/01: NSF: Path to Oxygen in Earth's Atmosphere: Long Series of Starts and Stops -- Rock cores from Northwest Russia provide new insights
  432. 2011/12/05: Eureka: Early Earth may have been prone to deep freezes, says CU-Boulder study
  433. 2011/12/05: BBC: Sediments drilled from beneath the Dead Sea reveal that this most remarkable of water bodies all but disappeared 120,000 years ago

    On the ENSO front:

  434. 2011/12/08: NOAA:NCEP: El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Discussion
    Synopsis: La Niña is expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2011-12.
  435. 2011/12/08: al Jazeera: La Nina expected to strengthen
    After little break from last season's La Nina event, countries prepare for more flooding while others drought
  436. Regarding Climate Sensitivity:

  437. 2011/12/06: USouthampton: Global sea surface temperature data provides new measure of climate sensitivity over the last half million years

    And the State of the Oceans:

  438. 2011/12/09: TP:JR: Blue Carbon: The Role of Oceans in Climate Change
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  440. 2011/12/07: NatureN: Ocean conservation: Uncertain sanctuary
    Nations are racing to establish marine protected areas, but it's not clear whether many are living up to the name.
  441. Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

  442. 2011/12/07: NASA: Satellite Data Shows that Kirtland's Warblers Prefer Forests After Fire
  443. 2011/12/08: BBC: UK to build atmospheric sentinel
    British industry has been contracted to build a major European satellite to monitor atmospheric composition. Known as Sentinel 5 Precursor (S5P), the spacecraft will track a range of chemical species, from protective gases such stratospheric ozone to damaging pollutants like sulphur dioxide. S5P is part of a series of Earth observation satellites being launched by the European Union this decade. The spacecraft is expected to go into orbit in early 2015.
  444. 2011/12/06: NOAANews: NOAA activates GOES-15 satellite; deactivates GOES-11 after nearly 12 years in orbit
  445. 2011/12/04: NBF: NASA satellites show 40% decline in SO2 values over the largest US coal power plants between 2005-2007 and 2008-2010

    More GW impacts are being seen:

  446. 2011/12/09: QuarkSoup: Research study shows link between earthquakes and tropical cyclones
  447. 2011/12/09: ABC(Au): Study links tropical cyclones to earthquakes
    Double disaster US researchers say they have found evidence that tropical cyclones in Haiti and Taiwan were followed by earthquakes, suggesting that heavy rains and landslides may unleash temblors.
  448. 2011/12/08: NASA: Study Shows More Shrubbery in a Warming World
    Scientists have used satellite data from NASA-built Landsat missions to confirm that more than 20 years of warming temperatures in northern Quebec, Canada, have resulted in an increase in the amount and extent of shrubs and grasses.
  449. 2011/12/10: Wunderground: Watch out for the bugs
  450. 2011/11/17: Stanford: A squid mystery in Mexican waters is unraveled by a Stanford biologist and a class of biology students
    Stanford marine biologist William Gilly is studying Humboldt squid in Mexico's Sea of Cortez, where the creatures have been spawning at a much younger age and a far smaller size than normal. El Niño is apparently to blame.
  451. 2011/12/09: P3: A Year for the Record Books
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  455. 2011/12/07: ABC(Au): Report details climate change in Pacific
    A new report shows for the first time detailed projections of the effects of climate change on the Pacific's 15 small island states. The three-year study by Australia's CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology predicts increased air and sea temperatures, more extreme rainfall days, a more acidic ocean and rising sea levels
  456. 2011/12/07: BBC: Butterflies: 72% of UK species in decline
  457. 2011/12/05: Grist: The brutal logic of climate change
  458. 2011/12/06: UNC: Is climate change altering humans' vacation plans?
    Plants' and animals' seasonal cycles, such as flowering dates and migration patterns, have shifted in recent decades due to climate change. Now a new study seems to indicate that some human weather-related behavior also is being influenced by global warming.
  459. 2011/12/05: Eureka: Dust storms affect subsequent emergency hospital admissions
  460. 2011/12/05: UN: UN study reveals impact of climate change in livelihoods in Sahel and West Africa
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  467. 2011/12/04: Eureka: Global warming changes balance between parasite and host in fish -- new study
    Worms infecting fish grow 4 times faster at higher temperatures and manipulate the behavior of fish
  468. 2011/12/05: BBC: Threatened species need farmland
    Several threatened species in the developing world are completely dependent on human agriculture for their survival, say scientists.
  469. And then there are the world's forests:

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  471. 2011/12/09: UN: Loss of mountain forests would unleash serious socio-economic effects - UN
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  476. 2011/12/07: BBC: Forest change risks climate goal
    Brazil's new Forest Code means it will struggle to meet its targets on curbing greenhouse emissions, according to a former environment minister.
  477. 2011/12/06: PostMedia: 'It looks like Armageddon': The destruction of B.C. pine forests
  478. 2011/12/07: BBC: Brazilian Senate eases Amazon protection rules
    The Brazilian Senate has approved controversial legislation that reforms rules on the amount of land farmers must preserve as forest. The bill, which now returns to the lower house, also eases fines for some previous illegal clearance if farmers commit to a reforestation programme. Supporters say Brazil needs land for food production, but environmentalists warn of increased Amazon destruction.
  479. 2011/12/06: BBC: Brazil Amazon deforestation 'at lowest level in years' [only 6,238 square km disappeared between August 2010 and July 2011]
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  484. 2011/12/04: Guardian(UK): Britain spends £10m to fight deforestation in Brazil

    Yes we have no wacky weather, except:

  485. 2011/12/10: BBC: Storm-hit North Sea oil vessels now 'safe'
    One of the vessels lost five of its ten anchors as the storm swept across the North Sea Two linked oil vessels which suffered anchor damage in severe storms have been reported to be "stable and safe" by their operators.
  486. 2011/12/09: BBC: Scotland storm: Engineers battling to restore power
    Engineers are working into the night to reconnect thousands of homes left without electricity by severe storms in Scotland.
  487. 2011/12/09: CBC: Howling winds, snow batter Newfoundland and Labrador -- Parts of Labrador blanketed by 40 centimetres of snow
  488. 2011/12/08: BBC: Scotland storm: Work to restore power to homes
    Efforts are continuing to restore power to almost 60,000 homes in Scotland amid warnings of further severe weather. Gusting winds on Thursday reached up to 165mph, bringing down trees, closing roads and knocking out power lines.
  489. 2011/12/07: BBC: Scottish government calls for school closures as gales threaten
    Scotland is preparing for severe winds, with gusts of up to 90mph being forecast.
  490. 2011/12/07: BBC: Windy weather warning for Scotland and parts of England
    The UK is likely to be hit by strong winds across much of the country, the BBC Weather Centre has warned.
  491. 2011/12/05: PlanetArk: High Winds Leave Thousands Without Power In California

    This week in the New Normal -- extreme weather:

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    Corals are a bellwether of the ocean's health:

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    Glaciers are melting:

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    Glaciers in the French Alps have lost a quarter of their area in the past 40 years, according to new research. In the late 1960s/early 1970s, the ice fields slipping down Mont Blanc and the surrounding mountains of the European range covered some 375 sq km. By the late 2000s, this area had fallen to about 275 sq km.
  499. 2011/12/05: TreeHugger: Himalayan Climate Change Impact Given "New Baseline" By New Reports
  500. 2011/12/05: AdelaideNow: Scientists say Himalayan glaciers melting
    Glaciers in the Himalayas have shrunk by as much as a fifth in just 30 years and scientists say climate change is to blame.
  501. Sea levels are rising:

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  503. 2011/12/10: ITracker: Sea Level

    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

  504. 2011/12/08: CNN: Peru finds new solution to an old problem
    Communities use "fog traps" in an arid land - The region is under heavy fog eight months a year - Nets trap the fog, condense it, and produce water right away
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    Ships stranded, crops in jeopardy, power shortages as drought hits eastern Europe
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    Elsewhere on the mitigation front:

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    While in the endless quest for zero energy, sustainable buildings and practical codes:

  514. 2011/12/05: BNT: Ballard couple unveils Seattle's first zero-energy home

    As for carbon sequestration:

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    Large scale geo-engineering keeps popping up:

  520. 2011/12/05: GEP: New Spending in US and Australia
  521. 2011/12/05: Guardian(UK): The clique that is trying to frame the global geoengineering debate
    Suspicious of the UN, resistant to regulation and leading inquiries -- how has this group become the 'go-to scientists'?
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    As for miscellaneous science:

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  572. 2011/12/05: ScienceInsider: European Commission Confirms New Chief Science Adviser
    Two years after announcing that he will be appointing the European Union's first chief science adviser, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has confirmed today that Scottish microbiologist Anne Glover will be taking up the job in January. (Science Insider reported Glover's pending appointment last week.) She will act as an independent adviser to Barroso on scientific issues and controversies.
  573. 2011/12/04: EnergyBulletin: Recognizing good science when you see it: climate change seen by depletion scientists

    More DIY science:

  574. 2011/12/08: moyhu: Nov temps displayed with HTML 5
  575. 2011/12/05: moyhu: A Javascript Gallery

    What's new in models?

  576. 2011/12/05: USNews: New Approach to Climate Modeling -- Center factors in variability of clouds
  577. 2011/12/06: BBC: Urban ecology model 'needs to change'
    The way researchers assess urban ecology needs to change in order to take into account the way modern cities are developing, a study suggests.
  578. 2011/12/06: BBC: Climate models yield confidence question
    Grand statements about climate change impacts are all very well for scientists - a global average temperature rise of so many degrees Celsius, a global change in precipitation of such-and-such percent. But no-one lives on the global average. We all have a home - and what might be very useful, be you a farmer or a city-dweller, would be some precise indications of what the future holds for your farm, your street, your village. It's precisely what many people here at the UN climate talks are worrying about.
  579. 2011/12/05: Eureka: People matter in climate change models

    Regarding Hansen:

  580. 2011/12/08: Independent(UK): Father of climate change: 2C limit is not enough
    Talks to limit global temperature rises to 2C will not prevent the possibility of dangerous climate change, warns the scientist who first raised the alarm over global warming. James Hansen, director of Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, said there was a widespread misconception among international climate negotiators meeting in Durban, South Africa, that the 2C "safe" target would stop extreme changes.
  581. Regarding Mann:

  582. 2011/12/05: CCP: Michael Mann, WSJ: Climate Contrarians Ignore Overwhelming Evidence
  583. 2011/12/05: PSinclair: Perfect Timing! New "Hockey Stick" Video/Mike Mann in WSJ

    Regarding Curry:

  584. 2011/12/07: ITracker: Why the decision to ignore Judith Curry isn't simple

    Meanwhile at the UN:

  585. 2011/12/06: WMO: Renewable energy contributes to the Global Framework for Climate Services
    The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly implement activities related to the assessment of renewable energy potentials.
  586. 2011/12/09: WMO: WMO and South African Weather Service sign agreement for regional training centre
  587. 2011/12/09: WMO: Norway and WMO sign an agreement to strengthen climate services in Africa
  588. 2011/12/07: NBF: UN Recommended Actions against Soot, Methane and Ozone could save 2.5 million lives per year

    And on the carbon trading front:

  589. 2011/12/08: Forbes: California Becoming World's Second Largest Carbon Market

    The Robin Hood tax, aka the Tobin tax, aka the Bank tax, aka the Financial Transaction tax keeps coming up:

  590. 2011/12/07: WiC: The Robin Hood tax

    As the deadline for applying the EU-ETS to airlines draws near, we will see who is serious about reducing carbon emissions:

  591. 2011/12/07: EurActiv: Ruling on airline carbon limits expected soon
    The European Union's highest court is expected to give its final ruling on Dec. 21 on a European law that would force all airlines to pay for their carbon emissions, an EU source said yesterday (6 December). The ruling was previously expected in early 2012. "It will be on December 21 at 1100 CET," an EU diplomatic source said at United Nations'
  592. 2011/12/07: PlanetArk: EU Court To Rule On Airline CO2 Cap On December 21
    The European Union's highest court is expected to give its final ruling on December 21 on a European law that would force all airlines to pay for their carbon emissions, an EU source said on Tuesday. The ruling was previously expected early next year.
  593. While in the solar panel trade war between China and the USA:

  594. 2011/12/05: PlanetArk: China Says U.S. Solar Ruling Smacks Of Protectionism
  595. 2011/12/04: BBerg: China Rejects U.S. Solar Imports Ruling
    China rejected a preliminary ruling by a U.S. trade panel that imports of Chinese solar panels are harming the domestic industry, saying the decision shows the country's "inclination to trade protectionism." The U.S. International Trade Commission on Dec. 2 took the first step toward imposing added tariffs on Chinese solar imports, voting unanimously in Washington on a petition by Bonn- based SolarWorld AG (SWV) that called for antidumping and countervailing duties. The commission will now hold a full investigation.
  596. The issue of the law and activism is playing out around the world:

  597. 2011/12/06: BBC: Failings over Mark Kennedy undercover officer case
    A prosecutor is to face disciplinary action for alleged failings over undercover police officer Mark Kennedy. But a report has cleared the Crown Prosecution Service of deliberately withholding information from climate activists who were on trial. Earlier this year, 20 people were cleared on appeal of trying to shut down the massive Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station in Nottinghamshire. A linked case collapsed when Mr Kennedy's existence emerged. Mr Kennedy was an undercover police officer who had spent seven years underground, infiltrating green groups.
  598. What are the activists up to?

  599. 2011/12/04: DeSmogBlog: The twisted logic, and ethics, of nature's opponents by David Suzuki

    Polls! We have polls!

  600. 2011/12/09: TP:JR: Poll: Majority of Americans Understand Global Warming Worsens Extreme Weather and Want Nation to Act
  601. 2011/12/09: ARBell: Britain, a nation of climate sceptics? Really?
  602. 2011/12/09: TreeHugger: Most Americans Think We Can Afford to Fight Global Warming, Despite Crappy Economy
  603. 2011/12/07: UMD: U.S. Believers Favor International Action on Climate Change, Nuclear Risk: UMD Poll
  604. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Public support for tackling climate change declines dramatically [in UK]
    Survey shows 17% fall in number of people who would pay 'much higher prices' for 'sake of the environment'
  605. Regarding Water Politics and Business:

  606. 2011/12/09: ABC(Au): Laos Mekong superdam put on hold
  607. 2011/12/08: JFleck: A change in the Vegas business model
  608. 2011/12/05: ERW: Insight: Korean water system faces major overhaul to withstand typhoons
  609. 2011/12/07: CSW: Colorado Basin Institutions
  610. 2011/12/08: BBC: Laos' Mekong Xayaburi dam plan delayed again
    A decision on a controversial plan to build a hydro-power dam on the Mekong River has been postponed pending further environmental studies. The project at Xayaburi in Laos would be the first to be built on the mainstream of the lower Mekong. Laos wants to sell most of the electricity to neighbouring Thailand. But Cambodia and Vietnam say the dam will hit fish stocks and threaten the livelihoods of millions of people downstream who depend on the river.
  611. 2011/12/07: PlanetArk: Desalination Plant Could Make Israel Water Exporter [post 2013]
  612. 2011/12/07: PlanetArk: Pennsylvania Village Fights Cut In Water Supply
    Residents of Dimock, a small village in northern Pennsylvania, are set for a legal battle to restore their water supply after an oil and gas company blamed for polluting wells stopped trucking in fresh water last week.
  613. Among the world's religions:

  614. 2011/12/07: CCP: A climatologist in West Texas, Katharine Hayhoe, takes on skeptics with scientific data -- and her own faith as an evangelical Christian

    Ethics? You want to talk about ethics?

  615. 2011/12/09: CCurrents: Is Terminating The Industrial Economy A Moral Act?

    And on the American political front:

  616. 2011/12/09: PlanetArk: California Proposes Rules To Spur Clean Car Growth
  617. 2011/12/09: Grist: Bonneville Power unfairly favored hydro over wind, rules FERC
  618. 2011/12/09: LA Times: Ignoring a global warning -- Those in the U.S. who deny climate change have nothing on Nero
  619. 2011/12/07: UCSUSA: California Releases Comprehensive Plan for Clean Car Future
  620. 2011/12/07: Oregonian: Regulators tell Bonneville Power Administration to stop pulling the plug on wind farms
  621. 2011/12/07: EnergyBulletin: 'Net Energy' ignorance reigns on Capitol Hill
  622. 2011/12/10: ERabett:BDS: Glenn Greenwald is primarily responsible for the failure of progressive legislation since 2008
  623. 2011/12/07: CBC: U.S. Arctic drilling target of TV ads
  624. 2011/12/06: Grist: Sow seeds, not greed: Farmers gather on Wall Street
  625. 2011/12/06: P3: The "contrived phony mess that is falling apart" that won't go away
  626. 2011/12/06: TP:JR: What Are the Near-Term Climate Pearl Harbors? What Will Take Us from Procrastination to Action?
  627. 2011/12/05: CSW: "Smog Rules"

    The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  628. 2011/12/09: Grist: Sea change: Asian Americans and seafood in the gulf [Part 1]
  629. 2011/12/08: NatureNB: Gulf of Mexico gets $50 million to improve water quality
  630. 2011/12/06: Guardian(UK): BP accuses Halliburton over Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  631. 2011/12/05: CNN: BP says Halliburton 'intentionally destroyed evidence' after Gulf oil spill
    Halliburton was a contractor for BP at the ill-fated Deepwater Horizon oil drilling operation - BP and its contractors have been locked in legal battles since last year - An explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon killed 11 and injured 16 - The explosion led to more than 200 million gallons of oil being released into the Gulf of Mexico
  632. 2011/12/06: DeSmogBlog: BP Accuses Halliburton Of Destroying Evidence In Gulf Deepwater Horizon Disaster
  633. 2011/12/06: Grist: White House goals for cleaning the Gulf: Fix stuff
  634. 2011/12/06: Grist: Bad guys bicker over Gulf oil spill
  635. 2011/12/06: NOAANews: Challenges to assuring the health of the Gulf of Mexico
    State of the Gulf Summit 2011 - Houston, TX -- Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D., Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans & Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator
  636. 2011/12/05: Reuters: BP says Halliburton destroyed Gulf spill evidence
    BP Plc accused Halliburton Co of destroying evidence that the oilfield services company did inadequate cement work on the Gulf of Mexico oil well that blew out last year, and asked a federal judge to punish Halliburton.
  637. 2011/12/06: al Jazeera: BP accuses Halliburton of hiding evidence
    Oil giant accuses Halliburton of destroying evidence showing sub-standard cement work led to Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
  638. 2011/12/06: CSM: BP says Halliburton destroyed evidence behind Gulf oil spill
  639. 2011/12/06: BBC: Halliburton 'destroyed' Gulf of Mexico spill evidence
    Oil giant BP has accused oilfields services firm Halliburton of destroying damaging evidence relating to last year's oil well blast in the Gulf of Mexico in which 11 people were killed.
  640. 2011/12/05: WpgFP: BP: Halliburton 'intentionally destroyed' damaging evidence about work on well before spill

    On the 2012 campaign trail:

  641. 2011/12/08: ABC(Au):TDU: 2016 holds hope for Republicans
  642. 2011/12/11: JQuiggin: The show just goes on, and on
  643. 2011/12/07: TWTB: Moving slowly and avoiding whiplash: John Huntsman and Climate Edition
  644. 2011/12/07: TP:JR: Call Jon Huntsman "Crazy": He Flips on Climate Science (and Earns an F in Geography). UPDATE: Huntsman Mostly Flops Back
  645. 2011/12/06: TreeHugger: The Last Climate Science-Respecting GOP Candidate Turns to Denial
  646. 2011/12/06: PSinclair: One Flew Back to the Cuckoo's Nest -- Huntsman Lobotomizes Self
  647. 2011/12/05: TP:JR: Newt Gingrich Wins Rare Upside Down Pinocchio for Fibbing on his Cap-and-Trade Flip-Flop
  648. 2011/12/02: SST: The GOP Menagerie

    The Keystone XL pipeline is back because the Republicans are trying to tie it to the Payroll Tax Cut:

  649. 2011/12/09: TP:JR: House GOP Hold Tax Cut Hostage to Keystone XL Pipeline, Based on Discredited Job Numbers
  650. 2011/12/09: PlanetArk: Republicans Tie Keystone Pipe To Tax Cut Bill
  651. 2011/12/09: PostMedia: Republicans try to force Obama's hand on Keystone -- GOP bill would force decision in one month
  652. 2011/12/07: TP:JR: Obama: "Any Effort to Tie Keystone to the Payroll Tax Cut, I Will Reject"
  653. 2011/12/07: PlanetArk: Keep Pipeline Out Of Tax Cuts, Senators Tell Reid
    Five U.S. senators urged Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to reject Republican efforts to make approval of the Keystone XL pipeline part of a payroll tax cut bill expected to pass through Congress in the next two weeks. Last week Republicans in the House of Representatives said they would include a measure in the payroll tax cut bill that would give the power to approve the $7 billion Canada-to-Texas pipeline to an energy regulator, taking the decision out of the hands of the administration of Democratic President Barack Obama.
  654. 2011/12/05: CBC: Keystone XL could make comeback

    The EPA announced the results of a Wyoming fracking study this week:

  655. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Shale gas drilling's dirty secret is out
    The EPA's findings about fracking's contamination of ground water have sent a shockwave through a gas industry in denial
  656. 2011/12/08: EPA: EPA Releases Draft Findings of Pavillion, Wyoming Ground Water Investigation for Public Comment and Independent Scientific Review
  657. 2011/12/09: PlanetArk: EPA Says Fracking Likely Polluted Wyoming Aquifer
  658. 2011/12/10: TreeHugger: Shocking Revelation: EPA Declares 'Fracking May Be To Blame For Causing Groundwater Pollution'
  659. 2011/12/08: NYT: E.P.A. Links Tainted Water in Wyoming to Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas
  660. 2011/12/09: Tyee: US Study Casts Pall over BC's Shale Gas Biz
    Despite industry safety assurances, EPA finds hydraulic fracturing fluids in drinking water.
  661. 2011/12/08: TP:JR: EPA Implicates Fracking in Groundwater Pollution at Wyoming Gas Field
  662. 2011/12/08: DeSmogBlog: EPA Connects Dots Between Groundwater Contamination and Fracking in Wyoming
  663. 2011/12/08: CBC: Fracking likely linked to groundwater pollution in U.S.

    Katherine Sebilius vetoed a freely available "Plan B" morning-after pill:

  664. 2011/12/08: ScienceInsider: Plan B Ruling Ignores Solid Science, Says FDA Head
  665. 2011/12/08: UCSUSA: UCS Questions Whether Plan B Decision Was Based on Data or Politics
  666. 2011/12/07: Slate: Sebelius Overrules FDA on Plan B
  667. 2011/12/08: AlterNet: Obama's Cowardly Capitulation to Religious Right-Wingers Scared of Sex
  668. 2011/12/08: LFR: Morning after madness. Kansasanine Katherine Sebilius vetoes FDA-recommended morning-after pill
  669. 2011/12/08: KSJT: HHS Sec overrules FDA: Who's right, and where's the evidence?
  670. 2011/12/07: NatureNB: US denies young teens easy access to morning after pill
  671. 2011/12/08: CBC: No morning-after pill sales without script in U.S.
    In a surprise move, the U.S. health secretary stopped the Plan B morning-after pill from moving onto drugstore shelves next to the condoms. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was preparing to lift a controversial age limit and make Plan B One-Step the nation's first over-the-counter emergency contraceptive, available for purchase by people of any age without a prescription. The U.S. health secretary said she doesn't believe there is enough data to support making Plan B One-Step available over-the-counter for all girls of reproductive age.The U.S. health secretary said she doesn't believe there is enough data to support making Plan B One-Step available over-the-counter for all girls of reproductive age. Seth Perlman/Associated Press But Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius intervened at the eleventh hour on Wednesday and overruled her own experts. Plan B instead will remain behind the pharmacy counter, as it is sold today -- available without a prescription only for those 17 and older who show an ID proving their age.
  672. The Obama chatter is nonstop:

  673. 2011/12/08: DeSmogBlog: Climate Denier Marc Morano Praises "George W. Obama" at COP17
  674. 2011/12/09: DemNow: Obama Admin Denounced for "Startling Level of Obstructionism and Defeatism" on U.N. Climate Deal
  675. 2011/12/08: DemNow: "His Nickname Is George W. Obama": Leading Climate Change Denier Embraces U.S. Stance at U.N. Talks
  676. 2011/12/07: DemNow: Nobel-Winning IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri Urges Obama to "Listen to Science" on Global Warming

    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  677. 2011/12/08: GreenGrok: EPA Chief Lisa Jackson's Not Done Yet
  678. 2011/12/08: ScienceInsider: ARPA-E's [Arun] Majumdar Takes First Step Toward No. 3 Post at Energy
  679. 2011/12/09: NBF: NRC battle Jaczko vs. fellow commissioners
  680. 2011/12/10: EneNews: NRC Chairman says commission 'not as protective of public health and safety as I believe is necessary' -- Commissioners claim his behavior is increasingly 'erratic', causing 'serious damage'
  681. 2011/12/08: WaPo: After complaint, he landed in basement
    Walt Tamosaitis thought he was doing the right thing when he blew the whistle on problems with an Energy Department project. He was banished to the basement for his trouble. The Richland, Wash., engineer was working as a federal contractor on the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) project, which he described as "our nation's most contaminated facility, containing two-thirds of the nation's high level nuclear waste." It's an Energy Department program, run by Bechtel Corp. and URS Corp. as the prime subcontractors. Tamosaitis said the objective "is to put 56 million gallons of hazardous nuclear waste into a stable waste form to eliminate an environmental and safety threat." Tamosaitis fully supports that objective, but he wants it done right. So in June 2010, he submitted a long list of technical issues that needed attention. "I am opposed to efforts to cut corners in order to meet artificial deadlines in order to earn fees," he said in congressional testimony Tuesday. His efforts apparently were not appreciated. "I was suddenly terminated from the WTP job and escorted off the premises after I continued to raise valid safety and technical concerns," he said.
  682. 2011/12/08: NatureNB: US oceans and atmosphere agency releases scientific integrity policy
  683. 2011/12/07: NOAANews: NOAA issues scientific integrity policy
  684. 2011/12/07: CCP: Michael Bromwich says his oil industry savvy 'could fit in a thimble' when he was named offshore drilling regulator
  685. 2011/12/07: CCP: Offshore drilling safety chief, Michael Bromwich, leaving Obama administration
  686. 2011/12/07: TP:JR: Obama Gets Efficient: $4 Billion For Energy Efficient Building Upgrades
  687. 2011/12/07: UCSUSA: NOAA Boosts Scientific Integrity with New Policy -- White House Leadership Needed to Tackle Greater Issues
  688. 2011/12/06: DeSmogBlog: Bowing to Republican Pressure, EPA Eases Boiler Emission Standards, Threatening U.S. Economy and Health

    As for what is going on in Congress:

  689. 2011/12/08: TreeHugger: RIP, American High Speed Rail
    Obama's $8 billion effort to kickstart high speed rail development across the nation, beloved by cleantech and transit enthusiasts everywhere, has more or less collapsed. Two weeks ago, Congress voted to strip most of that funding from the budget, leaving only a few projects to continue.
  690. 2011/12/09: DeSmogBlog: Congressmembers Implicated in Insider Stock Trading on TransCanada, Keystone XL Pipeline
  691. 2011/12/09: DeSmogBlog: House Republicans Working On Huge Polluter Giveaways
  692. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Land of the free, home of the hungry
    Nowhere is the chasm between America's political class and its working poor more vast than in the demand to cut food stamps
  693. 2011/12/07: ScienceInsider: Gulf Restoration Bill Gets House Hearing, But Obstacles Remain
  694. 2011/12/07: OilChange: "Liability" Don Young Faces Ethics Probe [congress]
  695. 2011/12/05: BPA: The 2012 Farm Bill: Another Can Kicked Down the Road
  696. 2011/12/04: FoodPolitics: Farm bill needs a major overhaul

    What are the lobbyists pushing?

  697. 2011/12/08: TP:JR: Koch-Fueled Americans for Prosperity Takes Credit for Bullying GOP Lawmakers into Climate Denial
  698. 2011/12/07: CCP: BP, ConocoPhillips renew calls for Alaska oil tax cut

    While in the UK:

  699. 2011/12/08: Guardian(UK): Scottish plan to cut CO2 emissions could cost £11bn, warns watchdog
  700. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): UK government climate advisers call for biomass push
  701. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): MPs demand clarity on carbon capture funding
    Energy and climate change committee chair Tim Yeo tells of shock at decision to shift £1bn CCS funding to infrastructure budget
  702. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): [Letters] Sellafield and the selling of nuclear 'solutions'
  703. 2011/12/05: Guardian(UK): UK government shared intelligence with nuclear industry, documents show
  704. 2011/12/05: Guardian(UK): Met Office warns of UK climate risks
  705. 2011/12/05: Guardian(UK): Energy companies have lent more than 50 staff to government departments
    Oil and nuclear industries' presence throughout Whitehall exposed by Green MP, who warns of undue influence on policy
  706. 2011/12/05: NatureN: Why has Britain done a U-turn on plutonium?
    Is there any logic behind the decision to convert Britain's stockpile of plutonium into fuel for future reactors?
  707. And in Europe:

  708. 2011/12/08: EurActiv: Energy efficiency faces storm of ideas, funding remains taboo
    The proposed Energy Efficiency Directive, the focus of the upcoming Danish EU presidency, is lacking key details in its current form, one of which is funding.
  709. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): The EU's climate evangelism has got us nowhere
  710. 2011/12/08: TreeHugger: Controversial German [Stuttgart 21] Rail Project Approved Over Green Party Opposition
  711. 2011/12/07: EurActiv: Canada's tar sands lobbying gets murky
  712. 2011/12/05: EurActiv: Switzerland warned over energy isolation
    Switzerland is at risk of energy isolation in Europe because of its position outside the EU, according to Jean Arnold Vinois, the acting director of the EU's internal energy market directorate.
  713. 2011/12/05: ScienceInsider: European Commission Confirms New Chief Science Adviser

    Meanwhile in Australia:

  714. 2011/12/11: ABC(Au): Nuns join campaign against CSG mine
    A group of reclusive nuns in New South Wales has unexpectedly joined activists protesting against the coal seam gas industry. Miner AGL plans to build six gas wells adjacent to the Carmelite nuns' convent in south-west Sydney. Sister Jocelyn Kramer told a New South Wales Upper House inquiry at Mittagong in the Southern Highlands that the wells will dramatically reduce their quality of life.
  715. 2011/12/09: ABC(Au): One million trees plan for Geraldton
  716. 2011/12/09: ABC(Au): Fracking sparks fears for aquifers
  717. 2011/12/08: TP:JR: Australian Green Party Leader: U.S. Climate Denial Machine "Being Directed Straight into Australia" Via Murdoch's News Corp
  718. 2011/12/08: ABC(Au): CSG mine leaking dangerous levels of chemicals: green group
    Environmentalists say a coal seam gas site in north-central New South Wales is discharging water with high levels of ammonia into the Murray-Darling river system.
  719. 2011/12/08: ABC(Au): Fewer turbines for wind farm near Barossa
    The company behind a planned wind farm at Keyneton, west of Sedan in South Australia, says that project will now have 15 fewer turbines.
  720. 2011/12/07: ABC(Au): Gloucester CSG blockade continues
    A group of Gloucester landowners blockading a coal seam gas (CSG) mining project says it is determined to continue its action. The residents are trying to prevent AGL moving drilling equipment onto a property where it has development approval for a 110-well gas field. A Gloucester vineyard owner, Robyn Dugas, says the group spent another night blocking access to the property. She says it is expected police will try and break up the blockade today.
  721. 2011/12/06: PeakEnergy: Chart of Australian Oil Consumption and Production
  722. 2011/12/06: al Jazeera: Australia downplays arms control ruminations
    NAJ Taylor follows up on his two-part essay on the concerns of Australia selling uranium to India.
  723. 2011/12/05: ABC(Au): Council makes bid for $5m seawalls revamp
    The Torres Strait Island Regional Council says it has started work on a project to upgrade seawalls, despite no commitment from the Federal Government to fund the project.
  724. 2011/12/05: ABC(Au): Mixed reaction to CSG moratorium
    Gloucester Basin opponents of coal seam gas (CSG) mining are not reassured by the New South Wales Government CSG moratorium. The State Government has extended a moratorium on CSG activity from the end of December 2011 until April 2012 and will also review fracking, a gas extraction method.
  725. 2011/12/05: ABC(Au): SA leaders argue about climate for uranium sales
    South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says Australia should promote nuclear power in developing countries as a way of tackling climate change.
  726. The carbon bill has passed the House and the Senate. Now comes the implementation:

  727. 2011/12/08: ABC(Au):TDU: Double dipping on the carbon tax

    After a 10 year drought and recent massive flooding, water usage planning is controversial and difficult:

  728. 2011/12/09: ABC(Au): Cracks spark call for coal mining halt
  729. 2011/12/09: ABC(Au): Murray flow more than double entitlement
  730. 2011/12/08: ABC(Au): Murray group says basin plan better without figures
  731. 2011/12/06: ABC(Au): Narrandera dam still being investigated
    The New South Wales Primary Industries Minister has joined the Water Commissioner in calling for local water saving ideas, to help ease the impact of the Murray-Darling Basin plan.
  732. 2011/12/06: ABC(Au): [South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill] leads talks on Murray water plan
  733. 2011/12/05: ABC(Au): Basin plan 'not good enough'
    A meeting of about 400 members of the Griffith community has overwhelmingly rejected the draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan.
  734. While in the Indian subcontinent:

  735. 2011/12/05: CCurrents: The Slap That Failed To Shake The Nation
  736. 2011/12/05: CCurrents: When Media Is Nuked!

    And in China:

  737. 2011/12/09: TP:JR: Reading China's Climate Change Tea Leaves
  738. 2011/12/05: CER:RRapier: China to Embrace Fracking In an Effort to Ramp up Energy Production
  739. 2011/12/07: ChinaDaily: Nuclear power to become 'foundation' of country's electrical system
    China will make nuclear energy the foundation of its power-generation system in the next 10 to 20 years, said a senior official on Tuesday. The country will increase generation capacity by 2 billion kilowatts (kW) during that period, with as much as 300 million kW coming from nuclear power, said Shi Lishan, deputy director of the National Energy Administration's new-energy and renewable energy department, at the 21st Century Low-Carbon Chinese Development Summit held in Beijing on Tuesday. He said renewable energy will account for a greater proportion of the energy consumed during the 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015) period. China now has 40 million kW of nuclear capacity, and an industry insider said it will have to add another 26 million kW each year to reach its goal. Achieving that will force the country to spend about 800 billion yuan ($125 billion) annually in the next 10 to 20 years.
  740. 2011/12/08: al Jazeera: Travellers wait out the smog
    Beijing airports cancel hundreds of flights due to dense smog across the region.
  741. 2011/12/07: TP:JR: While International Negotiators Deal with China's Carbon, Chinese Citizens Deal With Impacts Closer to Home [China pol]
  742. 2011/12/06: NatureN: China pushes to rule the waves -- Launch of huge Kexue research vessel could put country at forefront of ocean science

    While elsewhere in Asia:

  743. 2011/12/09: DVoice: Pakistani Editorial Says Nuclear War with India "Inevitable" as Water Dispute Continues

    In the Middle East:

  744. 2011/12/09: ScienceInsider: Controversial Turkish Internet Censorship Program Targets Evolution Sites
  745. 2011/12/08: CCurrents: Iran: Possible Implications Of An Oil Embargo
  746. 2011/12/06: CCurrents: Saudi Arabia - Headed For A Downfall?

    In Canada, neocon PM Harper, continues his do-nothing policy:

  747. 2011/12/06: NUPGE: Parliamentary review of Canadian Environmental Assessment Act abruptly terminated
    Environmental groups are expressing shock over the abrupt termination of the Parliamentary review of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). Committee hearings scheduled for Nov. 29 were cancelled without warning, and written submissions are no longer being accepted. "The House of Commons Environment and Sustainable Development Committee has apparently been told to abandon half-way the job that it is legally required to do," said MiningWatch Canada's Jamie Kneen. "It seems the government has now given its MPs -- and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency -- marching orders to implement its agenda of eliminating federal environmental assessment requirements. We can only conclude that the hatchets are being sharpened behind closed doors to dismember this key federal law."
  748. 2011/12/07: HillTimes: Tory government using 'authoritarian tactics' to push through Wheat Board, long-gun registry bills, says Mendes
    The Conservative government is using "authoritarian tactics" by overriding existing laws to deliver on longstanding promises to the Conservative Party's base in Western Canada, a leading expert in constitutional law says. A Federal Court ruling Wednesday found the government's rush to end the Canadian Wheat Board's powers without consulting grain growers, as required by the existing Wheat Board Act, is an "affront to the rule of law."
  749. 2011/12/07: iPolitics: Transport officials reveal $170M
    Nearly 20 per cent of the federal government's Green Infrastructure Fund has been quietly diverted to such things as oil and gas exploration, a natural gas pipeline and grants to forestry companies, top officials revealed Wednesday. Testifying before members of the transport committee, Deputy Transport Minister Yaprak Baltacioglu said $617 million of the $1 billion fund has been committed to 17 projects, but $170 million of the fund has been used for things unrelated to green infrastructure.
  750. 2011/12/05: TRPS: Dude, Where's Our Climate Policy?

    The G20 controversy lingers:

  751. 2011/12/09: TStar: [Ontario] Liberals set to replace G20 'secret law'
    Ontario is moving forward with legislation to replace the controversial "G20 secret law" in the New Year, the Star has learned. Community Safety Minister Madeleine Meilleur said Thursday the bill is a top priority and she is hopeful the minority Liberals can gain support from the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats when it is introduced in the parliamentary session that begins Feb. 21. "Because of the impact that the G20 incident had on everyone, it's important to make sure that we consult everyone and we have it right," Meilleur said in an interview. The obscure 1939 Public Works Protection Act, enacted to secure against Nazi saboteurs early in World War II, was used to quietly pass a regulation giving police broad powers of arrest during the June 2010 G20 summit of world leaders in Toronto.
  752. 2011/12/08: LinchPin: Ryan Rainville's Statement to the Courts
  753. 2011/12/02: MediaCoop: The G20 Papers: Links to articles based on summit security Documents

    Canada at Durban:

  754. 2011/12/02: BBerg: Canada May Miss $6.7 Billion Carbon Offset Bill by Exiting Kyoto Protocol
  755. 2011/12/10: G&M: Kent defends himself against India's scorn at marathon climate talks
    With exhausted negotiators still unable to reach agreement at the Durban climate talks, Canadian environment minister Peter Kent is defending himself against a scathing attack from an Indian minister who was angered by Canada's criticism of the major developing nations.
    According to a report in the Times of India, Ms. Natarajan said she was "astonished and disturbed" that the Canadian government had signed the Kyoto climate treaty and then "junked" the treaty "in a cavalier manner...without even a polite goodbye."
  756. 2011/12/10: LFR: Just what Canada needs at Durban - another Conservative asshole
  757. 2011/12/10: CBC: Canadian environment minister rebukes India remark -- Indian minister gets standing ovation for Durban speech
  758. 2011/12/06: PI:B: Canada's performance and positions in Durban
  759. 2011/12/09: THW: Peter Kent: Let's do Nothing!
  760. 2011/12/07: EmbassyMag: Diplomats decry Canada's Kyoto wavering -- Brazil, India, and Germany all favour Kyoto over withdrawal
  761. 2011/12/09: G&M: Will Canada be left behind on climate change?
  762. 2011/12/08: CBC: Kent supports broader climate deal by 2015
    Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says climate talks 'easier if Canada is not in the room"
  763. 2011/12/08: DeSmogBlog: Will Durban Climate Talks Leave Us On the Wrong Side of History?
  764. 2011/12/08: OilChange: "Time to Leave 'Fossil' Canada Behind"
  765. 2011/12/08: NorRe: Canada At Durban
  766. 2011/12/08: 350orBust: Canadian Government Reminded To Stop Their "Fuelish" Ways
  767. 2011/12/07: BBC: Canada wins few friends on climate
  768. 2011/12/07: CBC: Kent's climate change speech disrupted by protest -- 'Kyoto, for Canada, is in the past,' says environment minister
  769. 2011/12/05: PostMedia: Ditching Kyoto bad for Canada's reputation
    Canada risks irreparably damaging its global reputation by walking away from the Kyoto Protocol, said environmental and industry representatives. Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent confirmed Monday that Canada would not support the second phase of the international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, focusing instead on the Copenhagen and Cancun agreements.
  770. 2011/12/06: TStar: Score one for Harper's climate-change wrecking crew
    The Kyoto accord on climate change is flawed. Many of its signatories, including Canada, have not lived up to its goals. The United States has refused to ratify it. But it exists. This is its virtue. It remains the only international pact on global warming that virtually all countries of the world have agreed on. That is why it is so depressing to see Canada's Conservative government doing its utmost at this week's climate-change conference in Durban, South Africa, to deep-six Kyoto.
  771. 2011/12/06: CBC: Kyoto pull-out won't come this week, Canada vows
  772. 2011/12/05: TStar: China's climate compromise won't woo Canada back into Kyoto: Kent
    Canada won't be shifted off its anti-Kyoto stance even with a new concession that could see the world's largest emitter, China, pledge to cut its greenhouse gases. The Conservative government's long-standing goal in global climate negotiations has been to replace the Kyoto Protocol with a signed deal that binds all countries with large greenhouse gas outputs to lower their emissions. China took a huge step toward that eventual deal, on the condition that developed countries take on new commitments after 2012 under the Kyoto Protocol. In response, Canada scoffed.
  773. 2011/12/06: 350orBust: Durban: "Down With Canada"
  774. 2011/12/05: PostMedia: Ditching Kyoto called bad for Canada's reputation -- Canadian environmental and industry players question move
    Canada risks irreparably damaging its global reputation by walking away from the Kyoto Protocol, said environmental and industry representatives. Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent confirmed Monday that Canada would not support the second phase of the international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, focusing instead the Copenhagen and Cancun agreements.
  775. 2011/12/05: CBC: China's climate concession won't move Canada on Kyoto
  776. 2011/12/05: Impolitical: Opposition MP part of official delegation in Durban
    Yep, Green Party MP Elizabeth May is an official delegate for Papua New Guinea.
  777. 2011/12/05: YDM: Canada denies "arm-twisting" in UN climate talks
  778. 2011/12/04: CBC: Canada slammed at Durban climate talks

    The battle over the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines rages on:

  779. 2011/12/06: PI:B: Raising the bar on the Gateway pipeline
  780. 2011/12/08: PlanetArk: Enbridge Pipeline Deal With Native Group Fraying
  781. 2011/12/07: TreeHugger: Canada's Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline Decision Delayed Until 2013
  782. 2011/12/06: PostMedia: Protests won't stop Northern Gateway pipeline, minister says
    The oil industry's "nation-building" attempt to link Canada's vast oilsands resources to Asian markets can't be stopped by protesters using civil disobedience, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said Tuesday. He said he will respect the regulatory process that Enbridge Inc. must go through to get approval for its $5.5-billion Northern Gateway pipeline, but said the project, if approved by the National Energy Board, shouldn't be held hostage by aboriginal and environmental groups threatening to create a human "wall" to prevent construction.
  783. 2011/12/07: PostMedia: Northern Gateway pipeline process pushed back by a year -- Hearings to begin Jan. 10 in Kitimat
    The joint review panel hearing submissions on the controversial Northern Gateway oil pipeline to the B.C. coast will take a year longer than expected to deliver its final report. In a projected schedule made public late Tuesday, the three-member panel said it "would anticipate releasing the environmental assessment report in the fall of 2013 and its final decision on the project around the end of 2013." That's a year later than expected, confirmed Annie Roy, a spokeswoman for the panel.
  784. 2011/12/06: PostMedia: Northern Gateway pipeline decision will be delayed until late 2013: panel
    The joint review panel hearing submissions on the controversial Northern Gateway oil pipeline to the B.C. coast will take a year longer than expected to deliver its final report. In a projected schedule released late Tuesday, the three-member panel said it "would anticipate releasing the environmental assessment report in the fall of 2013 and its final decision on the project around the end of 2013." That's a year later than expected, confirmed Annie Roy, panel spokeswoman.
  785. 2011/12/06: DeSmogBlog: Northern Gateway Pipeline Decision Delayed Until Late 2013
  786. 2011/12/06: SSM: update to Truth in Journalism
  787. 2011/12/05: TheCanadian: Embattled Gitxsan Treaty Rep, Enbridge Deal-Maker Elmer Derrick Has Long Ties to BC Liberals
  788. 2011/12/04: SSM: Truth in Journalism
  789. 2011/12/04: TheCanadian: Why First Nations Are Undeniably United Against Pipelines, Tankers...and The Sun is Full of Crap

    The NDP leadership race is beginning to warm up:

  790. 2011/12/09: PostMedia: NDP candidate would keep, but change, oilsands
    New Democratic Party MP Thomas Mulcair said Thursday he has no plans if he becomes prime minister to shut down Canada's oilsands industry, as he announced Thursday an aggressive environmental strategy that won an endorsement from one of Canada's top climate scientists.
  791. 2011/12/09: Tyee: Harper Team 'Lousy' Managers of Canada: Mulcair
    NDP leadership candidate Thomas Mulcair on his 'cap and trade' climate plan, economic 'realism,' playing to win, and more.
  792. 2011/12/08: PostMedia: Victoria climate scientist endorses NDP leadership candidate
    Prominent Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver endorsed federal NDP leadership candidate Montreal MP Thomas Mulcair in Vancouver today. Candidates are swooping into B.C. this weekend to attend the B.C. NDP's 50th anniversary convention. Calling B.C. a deal maker in the race, many of the candidates are using their time here to shake hands and announce endorsements.
  793. This article is behind a paywall, but the stat is worth noting:

  794. 2011/12/07: EmbassyMag: Foreign ownership of oil sands assets steadily rising
    35.3 per cent of the oil and gas extraction and support industry in Canada was foreign controlled in 2009.
  795. Meanwhile in the CWB saga:

  796. 2011/12/07: CoC: Federal Court rules attempt to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board illegal
  797. 2011/12/09: GRC: The Destruction of Canada's Family Farm -- Open Letter To Environmental Groups from an Alberta grain farmer by Arthur W. Macklin
  798. 2011/12/09: Impolitical: Wheat Board update
  799. 2011/12/09: iPolitics: Banana republic tactics topple wheat board
    So here's the deal. The Federal Court has ruled in no uncertain terms that the Conservative government broke the law in introducing a bill to strip the Canadian Wheat Board of its powers.
    In response, the Conservatives are moving to pass the bill anyway.
    Question. How do you pass legislation that the courts have ruled to be illegal?
    I asked around legal circles and, though there could well be one, no one seemed to be able to find a precedent for this. In a banana republic maybe, but not in a modern democracy.
  800. 2011/12/09: LFR: Conservatives: to hell with the courts. Where's the outrage?
  801. 2011/12/08: G&M: Conservatives to invoke closure on Wheat Board bill in Senate
  802. 2011/12/09: BarrieExaminer: Tories can't cherry pick which laws they'll follow
  803. 2011/12/08: BuckDog: Conservative Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz - Above The Law!
  804. 2011/12/08: CBC: Wheat board ruling sparks appeals to Speakers -- Liberal MP and senators want to stop debate
  805. 2011/12/07: TStar: Ritz broke law by tabling bill to dismantle Wheat Board: judge
  806. 2011/12/08: BuckDog: Gerry Ritz's Discount Grain Sale (or) Farmers Dump Wheat In Front Of Saskatchewan Conservative MP's Offices
  807. 2011/12/08: ScottsDiatribe: Cutting legal corners to fit your ideology isn't correct -- Federal Court Judge on CWB
  808. 2011/12/07: CBC: Tories to reform wheat board despite court ruling
    A Federal Court judge in Winnipeg ruled Wednesday that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz breached the Canadian Wheat Board Act by making changes without holding a plebiscite for producers.
  809. 2011/12/07: Impolitical: Judge says Ritz breached Wheat Board Act
  810. 2011/12/07: BuckDog: Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Urges Harper Government To Continue Breaking The Law Concerning The Canadian Wheat Board
  811. 2011/12/07: PostMedia: Federal court judge will rule Wednesday on wheat board case
  812. 2011/12/06: CBC: Wheat board fight hits federal court in Winnipeg
    Lawyers for the Canadian Wheat Board have told a federal court that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz broke the law when he decided to allow western wheat and barley farmers to bypass the marketing agency.
  813. 2011/12/05: CBC: Grain dumped at Regina MPs' offices
    Two Regina Conservative MPs have been targeted in an apparent protest over the federal government's plans to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board's marketing monopoly. Someone dumped piles of grain in front of the riding offices of Tom Lukiwski (Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre) and House Speaker Andrew Scheer (Regina-Qu'Appelle) on Monday. Some farmers in Saskatchewan have opposed the Conservative government's move to end the wheat board's monopoly over the marketing of western wheat and barley.
  814. The ISA virus in BC waters is potentially disastrous:

  815. 2011/12/07: AlexandraMorton: What we know about ISA virus in British Columbia
  816. 2011/12/08: AlexandraMorton: Tribute to the movement to protect wild salmon from farm salmon [video]
  817. 2011/12/09: AlexandraMorton: Open Letter to Minister Ashfield

    In BC, the stage is set. Now what will Clark and Dix do?

  818. 2011/12/04: G&M: Builders revise plans as higher sea levels predicted
    City engineers and developers are beginning to revise building plans to allow for new projections for higher sea-level rises on the B.C. coast. In Vancouver, the company building a significant development along the Fraser River in the southeast part of the city is planning to raise its land about two-thirds of a metre. Dikes along the river in Richmond are also being planned to go higher.
  819. 2011/12/05: Tyee: Why the Pacific Carbon Trust Draws Political Heat -- Making hospitals and schools transfer tight dollars to corporations is no easy climate policy to sell

    Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  820. 2011/12/09: PlanetArk: Total's Alberta Oil Sands Project Gets Approved
  821. 2011/12/05: CanBiz: Shell accused of lowballing environmental impact of oilsands expansion
  822. 2011/12/06: PI:B: Shell's "too good to be true" environmental assessment leaves decision-makers relying on faulty data
  823. 2011/12/09: PostMedia: No 'credible information' to support claims oilsands are green, says Environment Canada
    Canada lacks "credible scientific information" to support its claims that oilsands development is environmentally responsible, putting the industry's economic future in jeopardy, says newly-released briefing material prepared for Environment Minister Peter Kent and senior management in his department. The background notes, emailed to Environment Canada's top bureaucrat, Paul Boothe, cast doubt on the integrity of environmental assessments on new projects exploiting Alberta's natural bitumen deposits, also known as the oilsands. They also noted that the regulatory shortcomings have left the industry ill-prepared to defend itself from foreign environmental policies, such as proposed climate legislation in Europe to reduce pollution from transportation fuels, as well as criticism on the international stage at events such as the global warming summit in this coastal resort town.
  824. 2011/12/08: CBC: $9B Joslyn oil sands project gets green light
  825. 2011/12/08: CBC: Canadian Oil Sands to spend $1.46B on Syncrude
    Calgary-based Canadian Oil Sands Ltd. plans to spend $1.46 billion on increasing production from the Syncrude oilsands project in 2012. Canadian Oil Sands, which owns a 37 per cent stake in the mine north of Fort McMurray, Alta., said Thursday the consortium behind the project is aiming for production of between106 million to 117 million barrels next year.
  826. 2011/12/07: TiaW: The Brits Are Not Amused: A Tale of Fibs & Desperation
  827. 2011/12/07: EurActiv: Canada's tar sands lobbying gets murky
    A row has broken out over a Canadian lobbying mission to the British Foreign Office that opposes the EU's proposed Fuel Quality Directive. The dispute involves apparently inaccurate information about California's fuel quality regulations and threats of legal action. In an internal UK Foreign Office e-mail reporting the meeting and seen by EurActiv, Canada's trade commissioner in the UK, Sushma Gera, reportedly told British officials that "lawyers were looking at a potential WTO case" against the EU. She said Canada had support from Spain, Estonia and Poland in its opposition to the EU's proposed default fuel values for the oil sands -- also known as 'tar sands' -- and that the Dutch would propose an alternative option.
  828. Ontario is wrestling with its energy policy:

  829. 2011/12/07: CBC: Ontario doesn't know if 'smart meters' are working
    Ontario's environmental watchdog says the province has no idea if its hydro 'smart meters' are having any effect on electricity conservation. The report is likely to cause controversy given the Ontario government's plan to install the meters at every home and apartment in the province. The meters are supposed to allow utilities to charge consumers different prices for electricity at different times of day: high prices during peak times, lower prices at off-peak times.
  830. 2011/12/05: TStar: Paying a political price for going green in a hurry
  831. 2011/12/05: TRR: Ontario's Auditor General slams McGuinty for 'hasty' green energy investments

    In the Maritimes:

  832. 2011/12/09: CBC: N.B. to break natural gas agreement with Enbridge -- Enbridge says it will continue to work with province
    The New Brunswick government is escalating its fight with Enbridge Gas New Brunswick over high natural gas prices by bringing in legislative reforms that are intended to reduce rates. Energy Minister Craig Leonard said in the legislature on Friday that he will introduce amendments to the Gas Distribution Act that he said will bring in price sustainability for natural gas users.
  833. As for miscellaneous Canadiana:

  834. 2011/12/09: RedTory: Tom Flanagan: Out of the Closet!
  835. 2011/12/09: SSM: Tom Flanagan: Time For Climate Change Deniers to Come Out of The Closet
  836. 2011/12/07: CBC: Canada's fossil-fuel powerplants rapped

    The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  837. 2011/12/05: FuturePundit: Innovation Costs For Maintaining Civilization
  838. 2011/12/08: EnergyBulletin: Economy: Ecological Economics
  839. 2011/12/06: al Jazeera: Is modern capitalism sustainable?
    Is there a viable option besides capitalism for today's world? Or is it possible to adjust the system to make it work?
  840. IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  841. 2011/12/09: CBC: Abortion doesn't raise mental illness risk, U.K. study says
  842. 2011/12/06: AllAfrica:AlertNet: Family Planning 'Effective' but Unpopular Climate Change Solution
    As the world's population races past 7 billion, curbing population growth is crucial to slowing the climate-changing emissions people cause, scientists say. But getting U.N. climate negotiators to even mention the controversial issue is nearly as difficult as getting them to agree a long-delayed new global climate treaty.
  843. 2011/12/05: AlterNet: Who's Winning the War on Abortion, Birth Control, and Sex?
  844. 2011/12/06: al Jazeera: Indian state offers prizes for sterilisation
    Women in Rajasthan offered chance to win food processors and cars in controversial effort to slow baby boom.
  845. How do the media measure up?

  846. 2011/12/08: Nature: [Editorial] The press under pressure
  847. 2011/12/07: CJR: Frozen Planet's Final Episode Will Air in US -- Discovery Channel reverses course following wave of criticism, but what will viewers get?
  848. 2011/12/08: WtD: Miranda Devine's Annus Mirabilis: 2011 the year she overturned climate science in a single article
  849. 2011/12/06: MediaMatters: Media Ignore Report Undermining Their Solyndra Hype
  850. 2011/12/06: CSM: Discovery Channel to air full 'Frozen Planet' series despite controversy
  851. 2011/12/02: MediaMatters: Fox Denigrates The "ENTIRE Solar Industry"
  852. 2011/12/06: Tamino: We must be doing something right

    Here is something for your library:

  853. 2011/12/07: CSW: [Book Review] _Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America_ by Shawn Lawrence Otto
  854. 2011/12/11: SciAm:GP: [Book Review] _Shifting Baselines: The Past and the Future of Ocean Fisheries_ edited by Jeremy B.C. Jackson, Karen Alexander & Enric Sala

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  855. 2011/12/09: TreeHugger: Summer Rayne Oakes and Director Clayton Haskell Encapsulate the Planet's Dilemma in the Strikingly Personal "eXtinction"
  856. 2011/12/08: HotTopic: The scientization of politics
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  860. 2011/12/07: PSinclair: Michael Mann's TED Talk
  861. 2011/12/05: CCurrents: An Interview With Jeremy Leggett

    Meanwhile among the 'Sue the Bastards!' contingent:

  862. 2011/12/08: Grist: The young and the restless: Kids sue government over climate change

    Developing a new energy infrastructure is a fundamental challenge of the current generation:

  863. 2011/12/09: Grist: Tokelau, population 1,500, goes renewables-only
  864. 2011/12/09: SciAm:PI: Energy source transitions over time -- what comes next?
  865. 2011/12/09: BBC: Tokelau plans an all-renewables future
  866. 2011/12/08: Guardian(UK): Pacific micro-state switches entirely to renewable energy
    Tokelau challenged world leaders at the UN climate talks in Durban to follow its lead
  867. 2011/12/08: TreeHugger: First Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Deployed in Atlantic Ocean
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  871. 2011/12/07: PlanetArk: China's Green Revolution To Keep Growing: IEA
    China will install wind and solar power capacity equivalent to 180 nuclear power reactors in the next 10 years to meet its growing energy needs, the International Energy Agency said on Monday, citing its latest estimate.
  872. 2011/12/07: TreeHugger: [US] Renewable Energy in 1970, Renewable Energy Now (Maps)
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  878. 2011/12/05: PeakEnergy: A Geothermal power plant for Malaysia

    Hey! Let's contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It'll be a fracking gas!

  879. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Shale gas drilling's dirty secret is out
    The EPA's findings about fracking's contamination of ground water have sent a shockwave through a gas industry in denial
  880. 2011/12/09: PlanetArk: EPA Says Fracking Likely Polluted Wyoming Aquifer
  881. 2011/12/09: NatureN: Method predicts size of fracking earthquakes -- Scientists develop way to forecast worst-case tremor scenario
  882. 2011/12/10: TreeHugger: Shocking Revelation: EPA Declares 'Fracking May Be To Blame For Causing Groundwater Pollution'
  883. 2011/12/05: CER:RRapier: China to Embrace Fracking In an Effort to Ramp up Energy Production
  884. 2011/12/08: EPA: EPA Releases Draft Findings of Pavillion, Wyoming Ground Water Investigation for Public Comment and Independent Scientific Review
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  886. 2011/12/08: CBC: Fracking likely linked to groundwater pollution in U.S.
  887. 2011/12/08: PeakEnergy: Australia's Gas Pains
  888. 2011/12/07: PlanetArk: Pennsylvania Village Fights Cut In Water Supply
    Residents of Dimock, a small village in northern Pennsylvania, are set for a legal battle to restore their water supply after an oil and gas company blamed for polluting wells stopped trucking in fresh water last week.
  889. On the coal front:

  890. 2011/12/09: TreeHugger: Wyoming Coal-to-Liquids Plant Has A Buyer For Its Double-the-Emissions Gasoline
  891. 2011/12/08: Yale360: As Coal Use Declines in U.S., Coal Companies Focus on China
    With aging coal-fired U.S. power plants shutting down, major American coal companies are exporting ever-larger amounts of coal to China. Now, plans to build two new coal-shipping terminals on the West Coast have set up a battle with environmentalists who want to steer the world away from fossil fuels.
  892. 2011/12/07: TreeHugger: Coal Company Gets Record $200 Million Penalty for Mine Disaster that Left 29 Dead
  893. 2011/12/06: PSinclair: Coal's Death Spiral

    On the gas and oil front:

  894. 2011/12/09: BBerg: Closing oil prices Friday
    OIL (US$/bbl)
    Nymex Crude Future...99.41
    Dated Brent Spot.....108.73
    WTI Cushing Spot.....99.41
  895. 2011/12/09: DeSmogBlog: Another LNG Deal Inked, Fracking Export Bonanza Continues
  896. 2011/12/10: NBF: Rail and Pipeline expansions and project to move more Bakken Oil from North Dakota and Saskatchwan
  897. 2011/12/09: OilDrum: Geologic Resources Supply - Demand Model (GeRS-DeMo)
  898. 2011/12/08: PlanetArk: Chevron Keen For More Brazil Oil, Despite Spill
  899. 2011/12/08: PeakEnergy: [Henry] Blodget: It's Time To Start Freaking Out About Oil Prices
  900. 2011/12/10: CSM: Oil prices rise. US costs, OPEC sales hit records
    American drivers this week broke a record that will bring them no joy. They collectively spent more than $448 billion on gasoline since the beginning of the year, according to the Oil Price Information Service, putting the previous record for gas expenditures -- set in 2008 -- in the rearview mirror with weeks of driving still to go. It's also a huge jump over last year, when U.S. drivers spent more than $100 billion less on gas. The major reason for the record-setting gas spending in 2011 was that oil prices were consistently high all year. And that probably brought joy at the other end of the pipeline. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is on pace to top $1 trillion in net oil exports for the first time, or 29 percent more than last year.
  901. 2011/12/06: OilDrum: Iran - Possible Implications of an Oil Embargo
  902. 2011/12/06: PeakEnergy: Chart of Australian Oil Consumption and Production
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  904. 2011/12/05: PlanetArk: Brazil Probes Petrobras Role In Chevron Spill: Report
  905. 2011/12/05: OilDrum: A Reality Check on U.S. Oil Imports and the Shale Revolution for Mortimer Zuckerman

    Yes we have peak everything:

  906. 2011/12/10: LJWorld: Good news: The Lawrence Peak Oil Plan is Finished!
  907. 2011/12/09: EnergyBulletin: World Petroleum Congress in Doha, Qatar - ExxonMobil: 'Technology to beat Peak Oil' and Total pulls itself into line
  908. 2011/12/08: EnergyBulletin: When oil disruptions lead to crises: Learning from the Arab oil embargoes 1967 and 1973-74
  909. 2011/12/06: TreeHugger: "When The Oil Runs Out" - A Sadly Relevant Punk Rock Classic (Video)

    Biofuel bickering abounds:

  910. 2011/12/05: SciNow: Fuel From Waste?

    The answer my friend...:

  911. 2011/12/08: TreeHugger: Wind Power Produces Just 4-14% Emissions of Fossil Fuels, Even With Manufacturing & Decommissioning

    Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  912. 2011/12/08: TreeHugger: Solar Panels Are Cheaper Than We've Been Told
  913. 2011/12/09: Eureka: Solar power development in US Southwest could threaten wildlife -- Environmental impacts of planned installations largely unknown
  914. 2011/12/09: USGS: Scientific Literature Review Finds Opportunities for More Research on Solar Energy Development and Impacts to Wildlife
  915. 2011/12/09: Guardian(UK): Global warming will boost solar power in Europe but cause losses elsewhere
  916. 2011/12/11: Grist: Group purchase gets residential solar to grid parity in Los Angeles
  917. 2011/12/07: TreeHugger: Warren Buffett's Utility to Buy Massive Californian Solar Farm (550MW) from First Solar
  918. 2011/12/06: TreeHugger: IKEA to Expand US Solar Investment to 75% of Stores
  919. 2011/12/07: QueensU: Solar power much cheaper to produce than most analysts realize, study finds
  920. 2011/12/07: CleanBreak: A Brazilian solar initiative serves as model to better the lives of world's poorest

    The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  921. 2011/12/08: BBC: China and Bill Gates discuss [Terrapower] nuclear reactor plan
  922. 2011/12/07: NBF: Uranium Mining Company Cameco Discusses Possible Uranium Shortfall and Higher Prices
  923. 2011/12/07: NBF: Nuclear power to become foundation of China's Electrical system
  924. 2011/12/07: NBF: Bill Gates in talks with China National Nuclear Corporation for Terrapower nuclear reactor
  925. 2011/12/07: CBC: Bill Gates, China jointly developing nuclear reactor
  926. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): Bill Gates and China in discussions over new nuclear reactor
    The Microsoft co-founder has confirmed plans to jointly develop a new nuclear reactor, which can run on depleted uranium
  927. 2011/12/05: CrossCut: Soaring Hanford costs raise new clean-up questions
    If expenses continually go up, it becomes hard to see how the legal mandates to clean up the most dangerous wastes can ever be met, at least on time.
  928. 2011/12/05: NatureN: Why has Britain done a U-turn on plutonium?
  929. 2011/12/05: al Jazeera: Greenpeace penetrates French nuclear plant
    Activists hang banner on reactor building in what they say was operation to expose weaknesses in national security.
  930. 2011/12/05: BBC: Greenpeace France nuclear action prompts security alert
    Environmental activists have broken into a French nuclear power station, to highlight the "vulnerability" of atomic sites in France. Greenpeace campaigners entered the site at Nogent-sur-Seine, 60 miles (95km) south-east of Paris, before dawn. The activists climbed on top of a reactor building and unfurled a banner, said a Greenpeace spokesman.
  931. Nuclear waste storage requires _very_ long term thinking:

  932. 2011/12/07: Guardian(UK): [Letters] Sellafield and the selling of nuclear 'solutions'
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    Pay-as-you-drive electric car rentals are expected to help cut pollution and reduce traffic in Paris, as the new fleet of fully electric Autiolib' vehicles hits the French capital.
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    Meeting in Brussels on Friday (2 December), car manufacturers failed to agree a common position towards EU proposals that would cap automobile CO2 emissions at 95 grammes per kilometer (g/km) by 2020. On their way in, attendees had to brave a phalanx of Greenpeace protestors dressed as storm troopers from the film Star Wars, calling on them to avoid the "dark side" of increased CO2 emissions. But they did not inspire a common car industry position.
  948. The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

  949. 2011/12/07: Grist: Walmart spends big to help anti-environment candidates

    Who's fielding the FAQs?

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    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

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    Low Key Plug

    My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.



    P.S. Recent postings can be found in the week archive and the ancient postings can be accessed here, which should open to this.

    I notice moyhu has set up a monster index to old AWoGWN on AFTIC.

    "What's holding the climate talks back is one question, and it's the same question whether you're a senator in Illinois or an MP in India or any European country. Fundamentally, it is whether a transition to a low-carbon economy is compatible with continued economic growth; and no-one knows the answer, because no country has made the transition yet." -Greg Barker, UK Climate Minister


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You may remember that crakar once linked to a paper by Axel-Morner which claimed that sea levels in the Maldives had fallen by a meter or so over the past 50 years. It was so laughably wrong that only a complete idiot would give it any credence. It was probably the stupidest denial statement I have ever seen, until this gem in your link:

"....This is not due to melting glaciers: sea levels are affected by a great many factors, such as the speed at which the earth rotates. ...."

The claim that the speed of rotation of the Earth somehow speeds up and slows down - and the resulting centrifugal force causes the oceans to bulge out and fall back down - is pretty close to the most staggeringly stupid thing I have ever read. Maybe I should just throw away my watch, because it obviously will never be accurate if Axel-Morner is correct.

But on second thoughts, maybe I will just keep it after all.

Staggeringly stupid? I'm flabbergasted. You can't even lol at this.

What I wnat to know is how can you get apparently adult people to pay you real, non-Monopoly money for this kind of stuff? It's not like it's a doll or a matchbox toy that real, but not very old, people can actually use.

I don't know why you find this so hilarious, mandas and adelady. The fact that there are small, random variations in the speed of the earth's rotation is elementary science, and has been understood for many years. The changes arise from the fact that the earth, particularly the core, is not a solid body but is elastic. To give one recent example, the earthquake in Japan a year ago is believed to have shortened the earth's period of rotation by about 1.8 microseconds. Other dynamic changes could have the opposite effect.

Naturally, these variations have centrifugal consequences, which inevitably have an impact upon sea levels. None of this is new or controversial. Indeed, I believe the matter is discussed in one of the IPCC assessment reports.

Ahh the snowman returns. I thought you were never going to post ever again. What happened?

"....The fact that there are small, random variations in the speed of the earth's rotation is elementary science, and has been understood for many years...."

As you have said, we have a VERY clear understanding of how the rotational rate of the earth changes. So do you think these 'small random variations' would be enough to affect sea level all of the globe? To what degree? Why?

And did you know that the overall rotation rate of the earth is slowing? What effect do you think this would have on 'centrifugal consequences'? Do you think that less centrifugal force - from a slower rotation rate - would cause the oceans to bulge, or to fall back? Why? Given that the amount of water in the oceans is effectively unchanged, wouldn't a fall at the equator mean a rise at the poles? Wouldn't more water at the poles result in more ice? Why isn't this happening?

Just a couple of questions to get you thinking there snomman - you should try it for once.

Mandas, I am sure we all know that the overall rotation of the earth is slowing, an inevitable consequence of orbital dynamics. But that is not what we are discussing. We are discussing the small random variations caused, as I say, by the earth's elasticity. As to the effect on sea levels, these are, of course, minor. But that does not mean they do not exist.

Mandas, you would earn more respect here if you simply admitted you had been caught out denouncing another contributor without knowing what you were talking about. To pretend now that you knew this all along simply makes us think less of you.

Let me remind you what you said: 'The claim that the speed of rotation of the Earth somehow speeds up and slows down - and the resulting centrifugal force causes the oceans to bulge out and fall back down - is pretty close to the most staggeringly stupid thing I have ever read.'

But the earth does precisely that. And the oceans respond in exactly that way, as indeed they must unless you have suspended centrifugal forces.

So, come on, mandas. Tell the truth and shame the devil. You will find that confession is good for the soul.

"... small, random
... Naturally, these variations have centrifugal consequences, which inevitably have an impact upon sea levels."

An impact? Presumably a "small, random" impact. Generally, I'd expect something small *and* random to be trendless (or not detectable at all, or indistinguishable from other random noise in data). Or am I missing something here.

You're missing that Snowman hasn't a brain in his entire body.

He's a woodwind, only expressing what his player has put into him.

And blows.

Adelady, when you are in a hole, stop digging. Only yesterday you were eager to join in the chorus of jeers at the very suggestion that the speed of the earth's rotation can vary. Now you are saying, well maybe it does vary but not very much. My advice to you is to maintain a dignified silence and hope that this episode soon blows over.

If Skip were here, he would doubtless remind us that this is not the time of year, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Redeemer, to take pleasure in another's humiliation. And so I will say no more about it.

I extend this seasonal generosity even to Wow, and that, as you can imagine, calls for a good deal of self-restraint.

But when you're in a hole, you claim it's a conspiracy to pretend the ground hasn't gone up, snowjob.

The gullibility you've shown despite the obvious questions to ask about this that you've been given by Mandas in #5 is explicit.

You've had to pretend an awful lot of nonexistent text to caricature adelady's post into your current strawman.

I guess I have cried wolf before, but this is definitely my last ever post. I just don't want to be associated with this place any more.. . --Snowman July 3, 2011…

And the very next day--July 4--I thought I'd genuinely won a second independence from the worst of England.

Yet that (most recent) version of your you-can-take-this-blog-and-shove-it posturing proved exactly as truthful as all your other posts. And we all know the real reason you'd left in such a huff: You were taken to pieces on your mindless regurgitation of Anthony Watt's stupidity. I saw to that postmortem:…

Snowman, the notion of the Earth's rotational speed affecting sea level wasn't even the reason I linked from Coby's main list. It was because Nils-Axel Morner is a proven fraud (he believes he has paranormal powers and was publicly humiliated when he couldn't demonstrate them), has been disavowed by the organization he mendaciously claims to represent, and yet the dumbnialsphere takes this freak's word about a conversation that allegedly happened 8 years ago.

No doubt every time you fall face first into a pool of Beefeaters and vomit, you too have an infinitesimal effect on the Earth's rotational speed and thus an analogously minute impact on sea level rise, although I doubt the IPCC's AR4 considered this any more than they did Morner's stupidity.


I have never claimed that the speed of the earth's rotation doesn't vary by miniscule amounts. But if you think that is what I claimed, then I will admit to the error and thank you for correcting me. I think it is important that we all admit to making mistakes, and to thank the person who provided the correct information - after all, that is how we learn.

I would like to suggest that my problem is, and always was, with the suggestion that miniscule changes in rotational speed have an effect on sea level rise in the way that was suggested - centfrigual force. It doesn't. It never has.

You should note that changes in the earth's rotation DO have an effect on sea levels, but it is not because of centrifugal force. But you would have known that from your reading wouldn't you?

But just in case you have forgotten, you should read a couple of papers on the subject like these:…

You will note that, far from changes in rotational velocity causing sea level rise, the most important factor are that axial wobbles can cause changes to ice extent at the poles, and the resulting increase in water volume causes the rotataional velocity to slow, as more mass (ie water) moves away from the poles towards the equator. It is also because elastic variations in the crust cause sea levels to fluctuate - but these fluctuations are random and are imposed on a long term trend. You know, just like climate.

You should also note that - as I previously mentioned - the overall trend in rotational velocity is slowing. This is due to tidal forces and the influence of the moon, which is moving further away from the earth. And as I asked you before, what do you think the influence of a slowing in rotational velocity would have on 'centrifugal force'?

Now, let's move on to two of your other statements shall we:

"....Mandas, you would earn more respect here if you simply admitted you had been caught out denouncing another contributor without knowing what you were talking about. To pretend now that you knew this all along simply makes us think less of you....."

"....So, come on, mandas. Tell the truth and shame the devil. You will find that confession is good for the soul...."

Let's see if you are capable of following your own advice, or whether you are - as I suspect - a hypocrite and totalling lacking in any credibility.

Mandas, your admission that you were wrong is a little grudging, but we should be thankful for small mercies. So I am content to leave it at that. But let me just say that I am puzzled by your persistence in pointing out that the earth's overall rotational velocity is slowing. No one doubts that. It is not in dispute. But it is irrelevant to the issue here. Our topic is random changes in rotational speed, and the extent to which they are a complicating factor in any calculations of sea level.

Anyway, time to move on.

Oh, but Skip: beefeaters and vomit? A little intemperate, don't you think, particularly at the season of goodwill?

your admission that you were wrong is a little grudging, snowman, but we have to take what we can get from a denier, don't we.

I am puzzled how you can manage to say that the rotational speed change of the earth can make sea level changes then claim that the reduction in the speed of rotation of the earth because of the moon's influence has nothing to do with the subject.

If the speed of rotation has nothing to do with sea level changes, then the sea level changes cannot be explained by changes in the speed of rotation.

'If the speed of rotation has nothing to do with sea level changes, then the sea level changes cannot be explained by changes in the speed of rotation.'

Once again, Wow, your imbecility staggers us all, and embarrasses those on your side. Look, if you are incapable of following the discussion, then say nothing.

Unfortunately, I am following the discussion.

You started off here saying that it was right that the changes in the earth's rotation changes sea level.

Then you end off telling mandas that his fact that the earth's rotation is slowing down has nothing to do with changes in sea level.

But slowing down is a change in the earth's rotation.

If you can't understand what "slowing down" means, then don't say anything.

Unbelievable. I wouldn't have thought it possible for someone to be so utterly incapable of understanding the point of the debate. Wow, kindly say no more.

Actually, on second thought, carry on. I can just picture Mandas reading this and muttering through gritted teeth, 'Shut up Wow you half-wit. You are making us look even more ridiculous.'

""....This is not due to melting glaciers: sea levels are affected by a great many factors, such as the speed at which the earth rotates. ...."

Posted by: mandas | December 12, 2011 8:01 PM"

Your link gave that quote. mandas quoted it.

"So I am content to leave it at that. But let me just say that I am puzzled by your persistence in pointing out that the earth's overall rotational velocity is slowing. No one doubts that. It is not in dispute. But it is irrelevant to the issue here.
Posted by: Snowman | December 16, 2011 1:19 AM"

That you don't seem to know what "slowing down" means is, as you proclaim, unbelievable.


I do not believe you have any "good will", seasonal or otherwise. I think you are cynical creep. You fancy yourself the dashing Scarlet Pimpernel of climate change denial when the truth is you have never read a science paper in your life.

However, I do believe, and can prove, that you are:

(a) a mindless cheerleader of anyone who takes your faux-"skeptical" side. (Remember Richard "Mike Tyson" Wakefield--whose best "Iron Mike" argument you could never identify? How about your fool's demand for a response to Crakar's proven plagiarism?)

(b) a scientifically inept charlatan (Remember your humiliation on arctic ice trends? How about your poorly disguised regurgitation of Anthony Watt's idiotic critique of the IPSO report?)

(c) a proven liar

(d) a coward. (You have never answered a direct question when you knew the truth was to your utter discredit and humiliation. Mandas conceded the trivial and irrelevant qualification needed; you cannot admit to even blatant errors.)

This is just one of your disingenuous tactics: Be irreparably irrational and dishonest then bemoan the lack of civility when you are called on it.

Yes, yes, Skip - I'm a cynical creep, charlatan, liar, coward, etc, etc.

But never mind all that. Far more interesting is the news that Anthony Watts, whom you so admire, has been appointed an expert reviewer by the IPCC for AR5. So, at least, he is reporting on his blog. A surprising turn of events, don't you think?

I'm a cynical creep, charlatan, liar, coward, etc, etc.

Then to employ a recent turn of phrase, your admission should make us all thankful for small mercies.

Re: Watts. I hope it's true. Extrication from his insular and solipsistic world of pseudo science and the praise of apish toadies such as yourself would be the best thing for him.


"....Mandas, your admission that you were wrong is a little grudging, but we should be thankful for small mercies. So I am content to leave it at that...."

You may be, but I am not. How about you do likewise and follow your own advice, or are you content to be, as you suggested in post #6, devoid of any respect and a hypocrite?

And how about you answer Wow's question; or was it, once again, too difficult for you? You are the one who said that:

"...Our topic is random changes in rotational speed, and the extent to which they are a complicating factor in any calculations of sea level...."

So how about you explain exactly to what extent they are a complicating factor. To help you out, here is a nice graph from the US Navy which shows how the rotational velocity has changed over the past 40 years or so:

So here's your chance to do some science for a change. In what way do you think this has affected sea level, and why does it make calculations of sea level rise difficult? You are the one who made the assertion, how about you back it up with some evidence for a change? Or is that too difficult for you - just like Wow's question, to which your only answer to date has been to insult him, as per your usual modus operandi.

Finally, I am a little perplexed by this at post #20:

".... Far more interesting is the news that Anthony Watts, whom you so admire, has been appointed an expert reviewer by the IPCC for AR5. So, at least, he is reporting on his blog. ...:

Not being an avid reader of wattsupmybutt, I have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously you are, because you do not possess the intellect or knowledge to have an opinion to call your own, and you must rely on idiots like watts to tell you what to think. So - what ARE you talking about?

Evidence, Mandas? Well, here is a passage from 'Sea Level Changes' by Eugenie Lisitzin, one of the standard textbooks on the subject:

'The anomalies of mean sea level, which are the consequence of the uneven speed of the earth's rotation, are thus fairly weak, not exceeding 1 cm....However, it must be taken into account that rotational changes in mean sea level cover the whole earth and are acting during prolonged periods. It is therefore highly probable that the changes in the speed of the earth's rotation influence the general circulation of the oceans.'

Does that sound like a complicating factor to you, Mandas? It does to me.

But to answer your second point, I thought it rather interesting that Anthony Watts, the devil incarnate in the opinion of many climate alarmists, has been officially appointed as an expert reviewer by the IPCC. You don't find it so?


Direct question: Why do you post here?

Why, Skip? Well, as you ask me frankly, I will answer you in the same spirit.

Firstly, I am fully aware that my posting is an exercise in futility, as it is for all of us. After all, we are read by few and convince even fewer. Insofar as I have any serious purpose, it is because the characteristics displayed by many here are those I most detest: self-righteousness, group-think and general sanctimonious humbug. Even the name of this blog - How to talk to a climate sceptic - simply oozes lofty condescension.

Take my recent crossing of swords with Mandas. It was not so much what he said that irritated me, nor even that he was simply wrong. Rather, it was the tone he adopted: the sarcastic, self-congratulatory, puffed-up certainty of voice. Do you remember his assertion, that the idea that the variable speed of the earth's rotation could affect sea levels was almost 'the most staggeringly stupid' thing he had ever heard? Then, of course, Adelady rushed in with her own smug remarks. Even when Mandas was forced to concede the point he adopted the politician's cop out: if you think that is what I meant than I was wrong to have given that impression (or words to that effect). I notice we haven't heard from him for a day or two, incidentally. No doubt he is even now scouring the internet for something, anything, that he can find to attack me and salvage some pride.

More broadly, I believe the attitude of many here displays what I think is the defining characteristic of our bien pensant age, a flight from reality. There is a strong tendency in the western world, my country and yours, to prefer a comfortable fantasy to an uncomfortable truth. We see it in politics, economics and public affairs generally. If only we were all green, the feeling goes, held hands and sang the Barney the Dinosaur song ('I love you, you love me') our problems would be solved. Perhaps you recall that on one occasion, and one only, you and I were on the same side. It was when Coby was trying to gather support for the banning of a new Canadian TV network, on the grounds that it might hold views that were not to his taste. The fact that you and I were the only ones to support free speech tells us, I think, a good deal about the other contributors.

But I am straying from the topic, Skip, and probably answered at too great length. So, let me ask you: why do you post here?

snowman whined:

Insofar as I have any serious purpose, it is because the characteristics displayed by many here are those I most detest:

The characteristics he detests are:

honesty, knowledge, empathy for others, education, logical thinking, etc, etc.

You are a low life who wishes harm on future generations with your dishonest rantings and scum-ball discussions.

By Ian Forrester (not verified) on 18 Dec 2011 #permalink

Setting aside the question of whether your critiques are true, do you, Snowman, think it is your place to chastise?

Who would receive critique from a proven liar, admitted fop, and dishonorable coward?

I can document that you lie, mindlessly believe the rantings of a fool, and stupidly chose champions based on nothing but their ideological affiliation. You are some unspecified combination of crazy, illiterate, stupid, dishonest, and evil.

Which of the above assertions do you dispute? Again I can document them all.

And of course you will not answer that question either, because of pure cowardice.

So save your character critiques for an audience with no experience with you. They might actually listen for several minutes. (Maybe a hapless pet such as a fish. I'm sure the British authorities have forbidden you access to children.) The readers of this blog know you too well.

That's all very well, Skip, but there is an implied bargain between us and I venture to suggest you are not keeping your side of it. I answered your question about why I post; now I'm waiting to hear your response.

(Incidentally, in your usual character analysis of me we are on familiar ground. But admitted fop? Isn't that new to the list? I have to admit I'm puzzled.)

Oh, sorry Ian. I didn't notice your post up there. You haven't been around these parts for a while, have you? Nice to see you back.

And Skip, don't bother replying to my earlier question - not unless you really want to, at any rate. As this is the week before Christmas I have a good deal to do. And I think that's more than enough from me for 2011. Perhaps I'll look in some time in the new year to see how you're all getting on.

Meanwhile, Skip, although I am sure my seasonal good wishes are unwelcome, I extend them in any case to you and yours.

Awww. Snowjob is so desperate to appear nice.

Pity he doesn't mind appearing an idiot.

You still haven't answered my question, Snow. Why?

Although you are not worth it, Snowman, I will respond to your post.

I post here because liars and fools like you do. If you and your ilk would shut up, so would I. But you insist--even after promising not to--on returning to this blog and spewing your stupidity and poorly disguised Watts rubbish. And as for your amateurish citation of Lisitzin (as if you, Snowman, simply picked through your vast library of scientific and technical texts under the section entitled "Oceanography" and revisited what you knew from your extensive reading to be a "standard text"), it is obvious where you mined the quote:…

You are as lazy as you are fraudulent. Did you really not think I could not retrace your childish steps in 20 seconds and spot the fruit of a halfwit's Google Book search?

And of course, because you're a disingenuous hack, you conveniently left out--from the very page you lifted your broken quotes--key sections of what Lisitzin said:

From Snowman's quote:

'The anomalies of mean sea level, which are the consequence of the uneven speed of the earth's rotation, are thus fairly weak, not exceeding 1 cm....

Your " . . . " was of course a calculated omission of the very next sentence:

'It is not possible to prove the occurrence of such slight variations at some locality in the world's oceans, since changes in sea level caused by other factors are considerably more pronounced.'

Which was exactly Mandas's point--even making the technically true but trivial concession that rotational speed variation has an infinitesimal impact on sea levels.

Because you are so deluded, Snowman, you thought you had made a profound argument and so you stuck to it past the point of relevancy and honesty. But then this is what you always do.

And your seasonal greetings are no better received than they were intended. Everything you post is part of your grand project of trying to obfuscate this debate with with what you arrogantly regard as your eloquence. Save your holiday cheer for the fish.

So, now: Are *you* ready to answer direct questions?

Of course not; you're a coward.

Come on, Skip, I'm trying to get my Christmas shopping done (shamefully neglected until now) and you keep hauling me back.

I omitted the sentence because it merely seemed to be saying that it was difficult to measure the impact of rotational changes on sea levels at any specific point on the earth's surface. It did not call into doubt the reality of the phenomenon. The text goes on to say, as I quoted, that rotational changes in mean sea level cover the whole earth. Moreover, I have said from the beginning that the impact was relatively minor. Mandas, on the other hand, declared that it did not exist, which is where we came in. By the way, I'm not sure why you are taking me to task for calling it a standard text. I referred to it as such because it appeared to be cited more than any other work, as far as I could see.

Having said that, I accept that I should have included the sentence. Not to have done so left me open to charges of being rather selective. Mea culpa.

So, off to do battle in the shops.

Merry Christmas, Skip.

Mandas, on the other hand, declared that it did not exist, which is where we came in.

That is not what Mandas said, and he qualified as much. And you omitted the sentence out of pure dishonesty and stupidity, thinking you would somehow not be caught. You're a liar, Snowman.

Snowman, I'd give you water in a desert (an increasingly likely contingency if enough people think and act like you) but I don't wish you a merry anything. Don't forget your annual package of Asskiss for Anthony Watts.

Well Skip, your persistently vituperative remarks confirm that - as they say - people will forgive you for being wrong, but never for being right.

Anyway, Merry Christmas once again.

Correctness is never resented and needs no forgiveness.

Repentance from mendacity and cowardice could be.

But you have already specifically stated your mind is closed to refutation on the matter, regardless of facts, so neither contrition or its subsequent forgiveness is likely to be forthcoming.

Go shopping, Snowman. I'm sure your upstanding character has won you a vast list of expectant friends.

"Mandas, on the other hand, declared that it did not exist"

Really? In which post does Mandas say "[it] does not exist"?

And what "it" is he talking about?


I'm curious about your post #25.

Tell me. Do you express similar concerns about tone and arrogance etc towards the posters at wattsupmybutt, or do you - like the hypocrite we all know you to be - reserve such critiques for the people with whom you disagree?

And when will you get around to following your own advice and admit to your errors? Or - once again - is that only something that you demand of others whilst simultaneously excusing yourself of such integrity?