Another Week of GW News, June 3, 2012

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

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Another Week in the Planetary Crisis

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June 3, 2012

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    Live and direct from the laugh, it's funny, damnit department:

  1. 2012/06/02: SMcMillan: (cartoon - McMillan) Fictional Pledges
  2. 2012/06/02: TP:JR: (cartoon - Hallatt) Liar, Liar...
  3. 2012/05/31: DeSmogBlog: (cartoons - James) What is Harper Afraid Of? by Franke James
  4. 2012/05/29: uComics: (cartoon - Auth) Egyptions & Americans
  5. 2012/05/28: uComics: (cartoon - Rall) In the SuperPAC Romney Attack Bunker
  6. 2012/05/27: DbP: (cartoon) Toxic Tories

    A notably strange pic:

  7. 2012/05/29: APOD: Sentinels of the Arctic

    Looking ahead to Rio+20 :

  8. 2012/05/31: CSM: 4 ways to save Rio+20 summit on sustainable development
  9. 2012/06/01: al Jazeera: 20 years after the Earth Summit: What does the future hold? by Dr Vandana Shiva
    None of us are immune to climate change, or the effects it will have on the earth and our environment.
  10. 2012/06/01: Guardian(UK): Rio+20: don't wait for disappointment from the bureaucrats
  11. 2012/05/29: UN: Countries begin last round of talks on outcome document ahead of Rio+20 conference
  12. 2012/05/28: al Jazeera: Rio+20: A green industrial revolution or climate change diplomacy?
    Diplomats at climate change talks this week appear unlikely to draft a workable legal document on CO2 reduction.
  13. Looking ahead to Doha, COP18 and future international climate negotiations:

  14. 2012/05/31: EnvFin: Climate talks ‘frustrating’, but making slow progress - Figueres
    The climate negotiations are proceeding at an "unacceptable" pace, said UN climate chief Christiana Figueres today, but progress is being made. Speaking in Cologne at the opening of the ninth Carbon Expo exhibition and conference, Figueres said: "I know we’re all frustrated with the slowness of the intergovernmental process", to applause from delegates. But, she added, "despite the pace, which is completely unacceptable, governments are persevering", in the face of four years of global economic turmoil. "They’re persevering because they, and we, have no other option," Figueres said.
  15. 2012/05/29: RTCC: Figueres: Doha talks open door to Gulf-funded climate change technology
    The UN climate change chief has called this winter’s negotiations in Doha, Qatar, a huge opportunity for the 20 year old process.
  16. The Kahan et al. paper struck a resonant chord with many:

  17. 2012/05/27: Nature: (ab$) The polarizing impact of science literacy and numeracy on perceived climate change risks by Dan M. Kahan et al.
  18. 2012/05/29: JFleck: Science literacy, numeracy and science policy challenges
  19. 2012/05/29: TreeHugger: Science is No Cure for Climate Denial
  20. 2012/06/02: CIP: Science and Morality
    Even today, social conservatives continue to wage a fierce battle against evolution not because they know (or care) anything about the evidence, but because they fear, quite correctly, that evolution undermines faith. Communists had a similar beef with Darwin, for a very similar reason, his ideas undermined their official Marxist dogma. Leftists in the seventies, and perhaps still, wage a similar battle against evolutionary psychology and studies of links between IQ and other traits (especially race). In every case, the core motive is the same - scientific discoveries have the potential to undermine dogma. So it is with global warming. Environmentalists have been quick to associate the movement against global warming science with special interests like Exxon Mobile and the coal industry, and that association is perfectly valid, but that's not the fire that burns in the hearts of the true (dis)believers. Their religion is fear of the governmental and super-governmental authorities needed to implement realistic action to prevent human caused climate change. Once again science is up against fundamental moral instincts.
  21. 2012/05/30: KSJT: Enlightenment’s dreams of science as dogma buster go poof? Or, climate skepticism isn’t same as ignorance
  22. 2012/05/29: SciNews: Climate skepticism not rooted in science illiteracy -- Cultural values, not knowledge, shape global warming views, a study finds
  23. 2012/05/29: EnvEcon: Study rules out stupidity as a cause of disbelief in climate science
  24. 2012/05/29: Grist: Once again, with feeling: More science will not cure climate skepticism
  25. 2012/05/27: Eureka: Yale study concludes public apathy over climate change unrelated to science literacy
    Are members of the public divided about climate change because they don't understand the science behind it? If Americans knew more basic science and were more proficient in technical reasoning, would public consensus match scientific consensus? A study published today online in the journal Nature Climate Change suggests that the answer to both questions is no. Indeed, as members of the public become more science literate and numerate, the study found, individuals belonging to opposing cultural groups become even more divided on the risks that climate change poses. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the study was conducted by researchers associated with the Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School and involved a nationally representative sample of 1500 U.S. adults. "The aim of the study was to test two hypotheses," said Dan Kahan, Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law and Professor of Psychology at Yale Law School and a member of the study team. "The first attributes political controversy over climate change to the public's limited ability to comprehend science, and the second, to opposing sets of cultural values. The findings supported the second hypothesis and not the first," he said.
  26. And a prime example of someone who doesn't get the Kahan thesis...:

  27. 2012/05/29: PSinclair: Richard Leakey: Evolution is Real, despite Denial. BTW, same with Climate Change

    CO2 levels hit the 400 ppm milestone in the Arctic this week. See also:

  28. 2012/06/02: CCurrents: CO2 Level Hits 400 PPM, Do We Have A Way Out?
  29. 2012/06/01: DeSmogBlog: 400 PPM Carbon Dioxide Concentrations Breach The Arctic
  30. 2012/06/01: ClimateShifts: NOAA: Carbon dioxide levels reach milestone at Arctic sites
  31. 2012/06/01: Guardian(UK): Greenhouse gas levels pass symbolic 400ppm CO2 milestone
  32. 2012/05/31: KSJT: AP: Arctic air hits a CO2 milestone (the rest of use will catch up soon). Al Gore gets a comment, ditto two contrarians
  33. 2012/05/31: TreeHugger: Arctic CO2 Hitting 400ppm - Greenland Sets New High Temperature Record for May
  34. 2012/05/31: CSM: Climate change: Arctic passes 400 parts per million milestone
  35. 2012/05/31: PSinclair: CO2 Soon to Bat 400. It’s been a Long, Long Time since we’ve seen that [vid]
  36. 2012/05/31: WaPo: When hitting 400 is not good: Levels of key greenhouse gas pass milestone, trouble scientists
  37. 2012/05/31: CBC: Greenhouse gas level nearing 'significant' level
    The world's air has reached what scientists call a troubling new milestone for carbon dioxide, the main global warming pollutant. Monitoring stations across the Arctic this spring are measuring more than 400 parts per million of the heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere. The number isn't quite a surprise, because it's been rising at an accelerating pace. Years ago, it passed the 350 ppm mark that many scientists say is the highest safe level for carbon dioxide. It now stands globally at 395. So far, only the Arctic has reached that 400 level, but the rest of the world will follow soon.
  38. Corporations being duplicitous? No, say it isn't so!

  39. 2012/05/30: UCSUSA: A Climate of Corporate Control [links to pdfs]
    How Corporations Have Influenced the U.S. Dialogue on Climate Science and Policy
  40. 2012/05/30: UCSUSA: Leading Companies Contradict Own Actions on Climate Science, Policy
    Half of Reviewed Companies Misrepresented Climate Science Despite Publicly Expressing Concerns
  41. 2012/05/31: TP:JR: Money Where Their Mouths Are Not: Leading Companies Contradict Own Actions on Climate Science, Policy
  42. 2012/05/31: Grist: Report: Corporations are big fat hypocrites about climate change
  43. 2012/05/30: Guardian(UK): Top US companies shelling out to block action on climate change
    Analysis of 28 companies finds cases of support for thinktanks that misrepresent climate science, including Heartland Institute
  44. 2012/05/31: P3: UCS Study on Corporate Influence on Climate Policy
  45. 2012/05/30: DeSmogBlog: The Big Waffle? New Report Exposes Corporations That Try to Split the Difference on Global Warming

    A little blogostorm blew up over a Fatih Birol projection:

  46. 2012/05/30: TP:JR: Yes, Deniers And Confusionists, The IEA And Others Warn Of Some 11°F Warming by 2100 If We Keep Listening To You
  47. 2012/05/30: QuarkSoup: Reuters: Correction on 11 F by 2050
  48. 2012/05/30: ERabett: Axe Grinding
  49. 2012/05/29: QuarkSoup: von Storch on 11 F: "I consider this pure alarmism"
  50. 2012/05/28: QuarkSoup: 11 F Warming by 2050?? No way

    The discovery of slightly radioactive tuna off the California coast tweaked a latent fear:

  51. 2012/05/31: IPS-DC: Nuclear Tuna and NPR's Trivialization by Robert Alvarez
    NPR shouldn't trivialize the risk of radioactive tuna from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
  52. 2012/06/02: Oregonian: Serving tuna with a Geiger counter
  53. 2012/05/30: Guardian(UK): California tuna connoisseurs shy away from sushi over Japan radiation fears
  54. 2012/05/29: KSJT: Lots of Ink: Always a tiny bit radioactive, Bluefin tuna carry a new signature: Fukushima
  55. 2012/05/30: NatureN: Fukushima has positive fallout for marine science -- Radiation tracks movements of animals, water and atmosphere
  56. 2012/05/29: ABC(Au): Japanese tuna trace radioactive path
  57. 2012/05/28: TreeHugger: Radioactive Tuna Discovered in U.S. Waters
  58. 2012/05/28: EneNews: CNN: All 15 bluefin tuna samples off California had Fukushima radiation... back in AUGUST 2011 - "This year’s fish are going to be really interesting" says Stanford scientist
  59. 2012/05/28: EneNews: Scientists: "Absolutely every one" of bluefin tunas tested from S. California was contaminated with Fukushima radiation...
  60. 2012/05/29: CSM: Radioactive tuna travels from Japan to US faster than wind
  61. 2012/05/29: P3: The useful side of radiation
  62. 2012/05/29: BBC: Bluefin tuna record Fukushima radioactivity
    Pacific Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California have been found to have radioactive contamination from last year's Fukushima nuclear accident. The fish would have picked up the pollution while swimming in Japanese waters, before then moving to the far side of the ocean. Scientists stress that the fish are still perfectly safe to eat.
  63. 2012/05/27 EneNews: KGTV: Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught Off Coast Of San Diego -- Tests Show Tuna Contained Levels Of Radioactive Substances
  64. 2012/05/28: EneNews: Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught Off Coast Of San Diego...

    And on the Bottom Line:

  65. 2012/05/31: Reuters: Companies need to disclose climate risk: investors
    Institutional investors and environmental advocates on Thursday urged companies to disclose their risks from the impact of climate change, two years after the Securities and Exchange Commission issued guidelines for firms to do just that.
  66. John Cook and friends continue their point-counterpoint articles:

  67. 2012/06/03: SkeptiSci: Toxic mercury, accumulating in the Arctic, springs from a hidden source by John Hartz
  68. 2012/06/02: SkeptiSci: Modelling the Apocalypse by climatesight
  69. 2012/06/01: SkeptiSci: Ian Plimer Pens Aussie Geologist Gish Gallop #2 of the Week by dana1981
  70. 2012/05/31: SkeptiSci: In Search Of: Himalayan Ice Loss by mspelto, Daniel Bailey
  71. 2012/05/30: SkeptiSci: IEA CO2 Emissions Update 2011 - the Good News and the Bad by dana1981, John Cook
  72. 2012/05/29: SkeptiSci: New research from last week 21/2012 by Ari Jokimäki
  73. 2012/05/29: SkeptiSci: Bob Carter's Financial Post Gish Gallop of Scientific Denial by dana1981

    A note on theFukushima disaster:

    It is evident that the Fukushima disaster is going to persist for some time. TEPCO says 6 to 9 months. The previous Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, said decades. Now the Japanese government is talking about 30 years. [Whoops, that has now been updated to 40 years.] We'll see. At any rate this situation is not going to be resolved any time soon and deserves its own section.
    It is very difficult to know for sure what is really going on at Fukushima. Between the company [TEPCO], the Japanese government, the Japanese regulator [NISA], the international monitor [IAEA], as well as independent analysts and commentators, there is a confusing mish-mash of information. One has to evaluate both the content and the source of propagated information.
    How knowledgeable are they [about nuclear power and about Japan]?
    Do they have an agenda?
    Are they pro-nuclear or anti-nuclear?
    Do they want to write a good news story?
    Do they want to write a bad news story?
    Where do they rate on a scale of sensationalism?
    Where do they rate on a scale of play-it-down-ness?
    One fundamental question I would like to see answered:
    If the reactors are in meltdown, how can they be in cold shutdown?

    Not much good news coming out of Fukushima:

  74. 2012/05/31: EneNews: Japanese Professor: Where did all that plutonium contaminated water disappear to? Into the Pacific Ocean or the ground, of course - Who can comprehend the magnitude of radioactive contamination that threatens never to end?
  75. 2012/05/29: CCurrents: Fukushima Reactor 4 Poses Massive Global Risk
  76. 2012/05/28: Asahi: Rubble hinders decommissioning work at Fukushima No. 4 reactor
  77. 2012/05/29: EneNews: Reuters: Cesium remains dispersed throughout water column "from the surface to the ocean floor"
  78. 2012/05/28: Cryptome: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station 26 May 2012 [pix]
  79. 2012/05/28: CDreams: Growing Fear Over Fukushima Fuel Pool 4 as Wall Bulge Detected
    TEPCO admits a bulge detected in the walls of Unit 4, stoking fears over the building’s stability
  80. 2012/05/29: PSinclair: Fukushima Remains Quietly Out of Control
  81. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Government bears most blame for Fukushima: ex-PM, Naoto Kan
  82. 2012/05/28: PlanetArk: Japan Says Fukushima Spent-Fuel Risk Contained
  83. 2012/05/28: NYT: Japan’s Former Leader Condemns Nuclear Power
  84. 2012/05/28: EneNews: Japan’s ex-Prime Minister Testifies: I feared radioactive releases many hundreds of times Chernobyl
  85. 2012/05/28: SlashDot: Japan Readies Robot For Work At Crippled Nuclear Reactor
  86. 2012/05/28: al Jazeera: Japan ex-PM apologises for Fukushima failure
    Parliamentary commission questions Naoto Kan about his response to last year's disaster at the nuclear-power plant.
  87. Post Fukushima, nuclear policies are in flux around the world:

  88. 2012/06/01: CNN: China to restart nuclear power program
    Beijing has indicated that it will lift its year-long moratorium on new nuclear projects - Will breathe life into an industry plagued since the disaster at Fukushima
  89. 2012/06/03: JapanTimes: Quickstep to restarting reactors
  90. 2012/05/30: EnergyBulletin: A crossroads for Japan: Revive nuclear or go green?
  91. 2012/05/30: PeakEnergy: Japan’s Former Leader [Naoto Kan] Condemns Nuclear Power
  92. 2012/05/29: NatureN: India won't pull back on nuclear ambitions
  93. 2012/05/28: Guardian(UK): The truth about Germany's nuclear phase-out

    The Arctic melt continues to garner attention:

  94. 2012/06/01: CCP: Jason Box: Greenland Ice Sheet Getting Darker
  95. 2012/05/31: Grist: Old photographs found in basement help scientists unravel [Greenland] warming patterns
  96. 2012/06/01: QuarkSoup: The Future of the Arctic Coast
  97. 2012/05/31: ASI: Kind of blue
  98. 2012/05/31: Moyhu: Sea Ice anomalies
  99. 2012/05/31: Wunderground: Unprecedented May heat in Greenland; update on 2011 Greenland ice melt
  100. 2012/06/03: ASI: 2012 Polls, part 1
  101. 2012/06/02: ASI: ASI 2012 update 4: converging and diverging
  102. 2012/05/29: OSU: Discovery of historical photos sheds light on Greenland ice loss
  103. 2012/05/29: UCopenhagen: Old aerial photos supply new knowledge on glaciers in Greenland
  104. 2012/05/29: Eureka: Greenland's current loss of ice mass
    Loss through melting and iceberg calving during the last 10 years is unusually high compared to the last 50 years
  105. 2012/05/27: QuarkSoup: Daily Arctic Sea Ice Extent Back Online
  106. 2012/05/28: ASI: Concentration comparison
  107. 2012/05/28: NatureN: Rediscovered photos reveal Greenland's glacier history -- Ice retreat was as drastic in the 1930s as it is today

    As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  108. 2012/06/01: BBC: BP announces plans to sell stake in TNK-BP
  109. 2012/05/30: ArcticNews: Proposal to extract, store and sell Arctic methane
  110. 2012/06/01: CBC: Arctic surveillance by unmanned planes proposed
    U.S. defence contractor pitches drones to patrol Northwest Passage
  111. 2012/05/29: Grist: Russian rivers are clogged with frozen oil
  112. 2012/05/29: NatureNB: Push for Chinese membership of Arctic Council
    China and India should be granted entry to the intergovernmental council for Arctic issues, a leading group of policy experts has told Canada. Canada takes over leadership of the Arctic Council in 2013, and granting observer status to China, India, and other "non-Arctic powerhouses" should be a top priority, according to recommendations stemming from a conference organised by the Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program policy forum. Currently the council consists of the eight Arctic nations (Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States) and additional six observer countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK). There are also six groups of indigenous people who hold ‘permanent participant’ status.
  113. 2012/05/28: BBC: TNK-BP chief executive Mikhail Fridman to resign - "for personal reasons"

    While in Antarctica:

  114. 2012/06/03: HotTopic: Another Antarctic ice shelf at risk of melt [WAIS]

    The food crisis is ongoing:

  115. FAO: World Food Situation - Food Price Indices
  116. 2012/05/30: CSM: Voracious kudzu bugs spread across South. Are they boon or bane?
    The nubbin-sized Japanese invader arrived on American shores somewhere near Atlanta in 2009. Today it’s eating pesky kudzu across at least three states. Unfortunately, it’s chowing on soybean crops, too.
  117. 2012/05/28: CCurrents: A Hungry Nation Exports Food. It Can Happen Only In A Democracy
  118. 2012/05/29: ABC(Au): Million dollar fungus warning for WA croppers
    Researchers in Western Australia are concerned the barley disease "powdery mildew" will soon mutate and start attacking resistant varieties. Last year the fungus cost WA grain growers $100 million.
  119. The state of the world's fisheries is a concern:

  120. 2012/05/31: ProMedMail: Infectious hematopoietic necrosis, salmon - USA: (WA)
  121. 2012/05/31: PlanetArk: France, Spain Call Time On Bluefin Tuna Season
  122. 2012/05/31: TreeHugger: Bluefin Tuna Season Ended Early by France & Spain, As Illegal Non-Mediterranean Ships Continue Fishing
  123. 2012/05/30: CBC: Kokanee salmon vanish from Okanagan
  124. 2012/05/30: NOAANews: New Bering Sea research reveals how changing ecosystem impacts America's most valuable fisheries
  125. 2012/05/28: BBC: EU fishing reforms face weakening
    European governments are backsliding on commitments to make fishing sustainable, campaigners are warning. Talks on Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform are seeing important changes in moves to eliminate discards, reduce fishing fleets and rebuild fish stocks. The original aim of repopulating stocks by 2015 is facing a five-year delay.
  126. So, are these land grabs Colonialism V2.0?

  127. 2012/06/01: CCurrents: The Ethiopian Land Giveaway
  128. 2012/05/30: Grist: Land grabbing hurts the world’s poor more than climate change, Fred Pearce argues

    Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  129. 2012/05/30: Guardian(UK): "HULK SMASH GM" - mixing angry Greens with bad science
    The Rothamsted protest was an embarrassment for the Green Party, and a sad reminder of the anti-science attitudes that still infest both the party and the broader environmental movement
  130. 2012/05/30: HC: Where’s the beef?
  131. 2012/05/30: Grist: Faked Alaska: Is genetically modified salmon coming soon to a table near you?
  132. 2012/05/28: BBC: The institute conducting a trial of GM wheat in Hertfordshire says its website was taken down by a cyber attack on Sunday
  133. 2012/05/28: NatureNB: Green groups and scientists in [Rothamsted] anti-GM battle amid sun, cheese and folk music
  134. 2012/05/28: BBC: GM crop institute's website targeted
    The institute conducting a trial of GM wheat in Hertfordshire says its website was taken down by a cyber attack on Sunday.
  135. 2012/05/27: BBC: [Rothamsted] GM trial survives - but 'war' goes on
  136. 2012/05/27: BBC: Anti-GM wheat protest halted by police
    Anti-GM protesters who had planned to "decontaminate" a field of modified wheat in Hertfordshire have been stopped from entering by a police line. The Take the Flour Back group said it failed because the crop in Harpenden, created to deter aphids - a wheat pest - was "hidden behind a fortress".
  137. Regarding labelling GM food:

  138. 2012/05/31: AlterNet: Meet the Corporate Front Groups Fighting to Make Sure You Can't Know What's in Your Food [GMO labelling]

    And how are we going to feed 9 billion, 10 billion, 15 billion?

  139. 2012/05/31: Grist: File under bad idea: G8 asks Big Ag to take the lead in feeding the world
  140. 2012/05/31: UN: Neglected indigenous food can be important tool to fight hunger - UN official
  141. 2012/06/02: EnergyBulletin: True Blue: Bringing America's Berry to California
  142. 2012/05/29: TP:JR: How Urban Farming Can Transform Our Cities --- And Our Agricultural System

    In the Western Pacific, System 95W spun into Tropical Storm Mawar, glanced off Luzon and headed for Japan:

  143. 2012/06/03: ABC(Au): Two dead, 5 missing as Typhoon Mawar hits Philippines
    Two children have drowned in a swollen river in the Philippines' southwestern province of Palawan, as Typhoon Mawar lashes the region. Five people are missing and 16 others have been injured in the tropical storm.
  144. 2012/06/01: Eureka: NASA infrared satellite imagery shows Tropical Storm Mawar strengthening

    In the Atlantic & Caribbean:

  145. 2012/05/30: Wunderground: Beryl headed out to sea
  146. 2012/05/29: Eureka: NASA satellites watch Tropical Storm Beryl -- Satellites provide data to NHC forecasters
  147. 2012/05/29: PlanetArk: Beryl cuts soggy path across U.S. southeast
  148. 2012/05/29: Wunderground: Beryl dumping heavy rains; all-time May heat records set in MI, OH
  149. 2012/05/29: CSM: Tropical storm Beryl gives South hurricane prep test
  150. 2012/05/28: CBC: Storm Beryl weakens as it drenches southeastern U.S.
  151. 2012/05/28: Guardian(UK): Tropical Storm Beryl hits north-east Florida
  152. 2012/05/28: Wunderground: Beryl makes landfall, weakens to a tropical depression
  153. 2012/05/27: Wunderground: Beryl a little stronger, closes in on Southeast U.S. coast
  154. 2012/05/28: BBC: Tropical storm Beryl disrupts long weekend on US coast
  155. 2012/05/28: CBC: Tropical storm Beryl strikes [Florida] southeast U.S. coast
  156. 2012/05/28: BBerg: Tropical Storm Beryl Weakens as It Moves Over Northeast Florida

    A couple of storms that died:

  157. 2012/05/29: Eureka: Typhoon Sanvu had a bad weekend
  158. 2012/05/28: PlanetArk: Bud Dumps Heavy Rain On Mexico's Pacific Coast

    While elsewhere in the hurricane wars:

  159. 2012/06/01: TP:JR: Hurricane Season Highlights Dangers from Rising Seas
  160. 2012/06/01: Wunderground: The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season begins: what is in store?
  161. 2012/05/31: Eureka: Hurricane season is here, and FSU scientists predict an active one
  162. 2012/06/01: al Jazeera: The start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season -- But already storms have been churning
  163. 2012/05/30: USGS: Gulf Coast Vulnerable to Extreme Erosion in Category 1 Hurricanes: New Model to Help Community Planners, Emergency Managers
  164. 2012/06/01: Eureka: NASA mission sending unmanned aircraft over hurricanes this year
  165. 2012/06/02: TP:JR: Forecasts For The 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season
  166. 2012/05/30: NOAANews: New model will help NOAA forecasters study the eyewall of hurricanes this season

    As for GHGs:

  167. 2012/05/30: GreenGrok: CO2 Emissions for 2011
  168. 2012/05/31: PlanetArk: EU Carbon Emissions Rise, End Multi-Year Decline
  169. 2012/05/30: EurActiv: EU emissions rise despite climate change policies
    Greenhouse gas emissions for the European Union increased in 2010, despite the economic recession and policies intended to tackle climate change. The increase of 2.4% takes Europe further away from its international commitments to cut carbon dioxide by 2020, and runs counter to advice from climate scientists, who agree that global emissions must peak by 2020 if climate change is not to become catastrophic and irreversible.
  170. 2012/05/30: EUO: EU greenhouse gas emissions rise [2.4% in 2010]
  171. 2012/05/29: QuarkSoup: Visualizing Last Year's Emissions of Carbon Dioxide
  172. 2012/05/30: Guardian(UK): EU greenhouse gas emissions rise [2.4%] despite climate change policies
  173. 2012/05/29: TreeHugger: Emissions From Hydropower in Brazil Grossly Underestimated
  174. 2012/05/29: Eureka: Study finds emissions from widely used cookstoves vary with use
  175. 2012/05/29: AlterNet: Global CO2 Emissions Hit New Record in 2011, Keeping World on Track for 'Devastating' 11°F Warming
  176. 2012/05/27: QuarkSoup: New Emissions Data: BAU
  177. 2012/05/28: HotTopic: IEA: emissions up, 2ºC target looking unlikely
  178. 2012/05/24: IEA: Global carbon-dioxide emissions increase by 1.0 Gt in 2011 to record high

    And in the carbon cycle:

  179. 2012/06/01: Tamino: Annual Cycle of CO2

    As for the temperature record:

  180. 2012/06/01: TP:JR: Yet More Studies Back Hockey Stick: Recent Global Warming Is Unprecedented In Magnitude And Speed And Cause
  181. 2012/06/02: Wunderground:RR: Heads and Tails: Still thinking about Spring 2012
  182. 2012/05/31: QuarkSoup: My Guess for UAH's May LT Anomaly: +0.23 C
  183. 2012/05/31: QuarkSoup: Global Warming Isn't Global
  184. 2012/05/28: CCP: Fat Lady Preparing to Sing: U.S. Crushing Warmest Spring Record

    And the State of the Oceans:

  185. 2012/05/30: DD: Web of marine life disintegrating under human onslaught

    What's new on the extinction front?

  186. 2012/05/31: BBC: US bats on 'extinction watch' [pix]
  187. 2012/05/27: Eureka: 10 million years to recover from [Permian-Triassic] mass extinction
    It took some 10 million years for Earth to recover from the greatest mass extinction of all time, latest research has revealed.
  188. Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

  189. 2012/05/28: ESA: CryoSat goes to sea - for high-resolution mapping of the topography of the ocean floor

    More GW impacts are being seen:

  190. 2012/06/01: OSU: Some butterfly species particularly vulnerable to climate change
  191. 2012/05/31: BBC: UK butterflies continue to decline
    The British butterfly population is continuing a marked downward trend. This is according to a national survey which revealed that numbers of the insects fell by more than 20% between 2010 and 2011.
  192. 2012/05/30: KSJT: E&E Greenwire: "An atonment for the Forest Service’s past sins" -- The cascading species shift in Eastern US forests
  193. 2012/05/30: TP:JR: Leading Climbing Outfit Cancels 2012 Everest Trip, Blaming Ice Dangers Due To Warmth
  194. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Children: hidden victims of Pacific climate change
  195. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Cold-blooded climate change surprise
    Climate change may have a more unpredictable effect on the distribution of cold-blooded animals than scientists had previously thought, a new analysis shows.
  196. And then there are the world's forests:

  197. 2012/06/03: SlashDot: NASA Tool Shows Where Forest Is Being Cut Down
  198. 2012/05/30: MongaBay: Global deforestation alert tool developed from NASA satellite imagery launches
  199. NASA: CASA "Quarterly Indicator of Cover Change" (QUICC)
  200. MongaBay: GloF-DAS - Global Forest Disturbance Alert System
  201. 2012/05/31: CBC: Pine beetles contributing to forest smog, study shows
    Beetle-infested trees release gases that form harmful aerosols in the atmosphere
  202. 2012/05/31: NatureN: Indonesian deforestation ban makes slow progress -- Halfway through moratorium, climate-change goal is still out of reach
  203. 2012/05/30: Eureka: New report examines effects of trees killed by bark beetles on wildfire

    Climate refugees are becoming an issue:

  204. 2012/05/31: UN: UN refugee agency warns of worsening global displacement over next ten years
  205. 2012/05/31: TP:JR: In Northern Africa, Climate Change Could Make A Current Refugee Crisis Even Worse

    Yes we have no wacky weather, except:

  206. 2012/05/28: CBC: Wacky weather mix across Canada -- Sweltering temperatures for Southern Ontario; ice pellets in St. John's

    This week in the New Normal -- extreme weather:

  207. 2012/05/31: 350orBust: In The Forecast: More Extreme - and Expensive - Weather Events
  208. 2012/05/29: TP:JR: Extreme Weather Roundup: Earliest Second Named Tropical Storm, Record-Smashing Heat Wave, Widespread Drought

    Changes in natural cycles are showing up:

  209. 2012/05/26: NPR: Soft-Shell Lobsters So Soon? It's A Mystery In Maine
    April and May are fairly quiet times for Maine lobstermen and women, with the height of the summer season still a couple of months away. This year, strange things are happening on the ocean floor. Many of the lobsters have prematurely shed their hard shells, and lobstermen are hauling large numbers of soft-shelled lobsters much earlier than usual. "That is definitely not normal," says Steve Train, who's been hauling traps for 35 years in Casco Bay, near Portland. He usually sees hard-shell lobsters at this time of year, instead of these "shedders" -- lobsters that have abandoned their old casing to grow into a new, hard one.
  210. On the tornado front:

  211. 2012/05/30: Grist: What does 56 years of tornado data look like? Awesome!

    As for heatwaves and wild fires:

  212. 2012/05/31: Eureka: Wildfire and an example of its important link to the ecosystem
    A dilemma is smouldering, even as several wildfires top the headlines: new findings highlighting the practice of aggressive fire suppression
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  216. 2012/05/30: CSM: Enormous forest fire in New Mexico sets state record for acres burned
  217. 2012/05/30: al Jazeera: It ain't half hot, mum! The heat continues to build ahead of the South Asian monsoon.
    Across northern areas of both India and Pakistan the pre-monsoon heat is beginning to take its toll. Reports from India suggest that more than 80 people have died of heat-related illnesses. Temperatures in excess of 45 degrees Celsius have stretched from the Punjab in the north, to the Deccan Plateau in the south. The highest temperature recorded over the last few days was at Sibi in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, where the temperature reached 48.5C on Thursday afternoon.
  218. Corals are a bellwether of the ocean's health:

  219. 2012/06/01: DD: Sickness spreads in Great Barrier Reef wildlife - Pollution and freshwater outflows from record 2011 floods blamed
  220. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Reef project to map climate change impact
    Mining giant Rio Tinto Alcan and the CSIRO say they are embarking on a million-dollar project to measure the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland. The Future Reef Map project will involve the installation of an ocean sensor on a Rio Tinto ship, which regularly travels to Gladstone from the company's bauxite mine on western Cape York.
  221. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): UN report scathing of Barrier Reef plan
    The United Nations' environmental arm UNESCO has released a report revealing that rapid coastal development is threatening the value of the Great Barrier Reef. The highly anticipated report into the management of the reef, released this morning, warns the reef could be listed as a World Heritage site in danger unless substantial changes are made to Australia's management of the area. It says the Government needs to implement a strategic assessment before considering future developments around the reef.
  222. Acidification is changing the oceans:

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    Glaciers are melting:

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  226. 2012/06/03: Guardian(UK): Race to map Africa's forgotten glaciers before they melt away
    A team of scientists and photographers aims to document the Earth's threatened and fading glaciers
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    Sea levels are rising:

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    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

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    Nevada State Climate Office issues drought declaration, but nothing like ancient droughts identified at Lake Tahoe
  230. 2012/06/01: al Jazeera: Flash flooding hits Canada -- Hundreds of homes are inundated at torrential rains lash Montreal
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  236. 2012/05/28: al Jazeera: Cuban flooding
    Days of heavy rain have left much of central Cuba under water. Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes.
  237. First, stop subsidizing fossil fuels
    Second, put a price on carbon
    And elsewhere on the mitigation front:

  238. 2012/05/30: WaPo: Studies show land rights reform key to saving forests, fighting climate change
  239. 2012/05/29: TP:JR: Can Market Forces Really Be Employed To Address Climate Change? [Stavins]

    Consider transportation & GHG production:

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  241. 2012/05/30: AlterNet: The Simple, Inexpensive Breakthrough That Is Transforming American Cities
  242. 2012/06/01: CalcRisk: U.S. Light Vehicle Sales at 13.8 million annual rate in May

    While in the endless quest for zero energy, sustainable buildings and practical codes:

  243. 2012/05/30: Mercury: California poised to require 'solar ready roofs' on new homes and buildings
  244. 2012/06/01: OSU: New compound could become "cool blue" for energy efficiency in buildings - infrared heat reflectivity about 40%
  245. 2012/06/01: LA Times: California sets stronger energy efficiency rules for buildings
    The California Energy Commission votes to tighten regulations that govern lighting controls, hot-water pipes, windows, insulation and other systems in new buildings and building additions.
  246. 2012/05/29: EurActiv: Cleaning up the policy puzzle on green construction
  247. 2012/05/28: TreeHugger: LEED Bashing: Plastic People Join The Lumber Industry in Trying To Get The Feds To Drop LEED

    As for carbon sequestration:

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    Study IDs ‘zeolite’ minerals that are one-third more efficient for carbon capture
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    Large scale geo-engineering keeps popping up:

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    Given the political and economic challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there is growing interest in finding alternative methods of dealing with climate change. In a new paper, Christopher Borick and Barry Rabe look at the American public's attitude towards using geoengineering solutions as a means to combat global warming.
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    How Corporations Have Influenced the U.S. Dialogue on Climate Science and Policy
  303. As for miscellaneous science:

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    ORCID scheme will give researchers unique identifiers to improve tracking of publications.
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    What's new in models?

  308. 2012/05/28: ERW: Turning over a new leaf for photosynthesis prediction
    Photosynthesis in tree leaves responds to day-length more than temperature, researchers in the US, Sweden and Canada have found. This means that many coupled vegetation-climate models are estimating too high a value for global carbon uptake by vegetation.
  309. And in the ongoing struggle for Open Science?

  310. 2012/05/31: JCBaez: Free Access to Taxpayer-Funded Research -- Act Now!
  311. 2012/05/30: OpenAlex: Green Cities, Open Data

    Regarding Morton:

  312. 2012/05/26: STimes: Meet salmon farming's worst enemy: a determined biologist [Alexandra Morton]
    A B.C.-based biologist stunned U.S. scientists last year with trace findings of a virus usually linked to farmed fish in wild salmon.
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    Regarding Castro:

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    Regarding Roberts:

  315. 2012/06/03: Guardian(UK): Callum Roberts: if seas are to survive, we need a New Deal for the Oceans
    Callum Roberts charts the damage we inflict on our oceans and marine life, and has radical plans to curb further depredations
  316. While at the UN:

  317. 2012/05/31: WMO: Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum
  318. 2012/05/29: UN: More than $427 million provided for humanitarian relief in 2011, says UN report
  319. 2012/05/29: UN: Asia-Pacific region must adopt low carbon policies to sustain growth - UN

    And on the carbon trading front:

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    European carbon prices could treble from current levels to average above 19 euros ($23.80) over the next eight years provided European governments cut supply of permits, according to a survey by consultants PwC. In its annual GHG Market Sentiment Survey, PwC found that 80 percent of respondents were in favor of cutting supply in a bit to boost carbon prices from under 7 euros to a level that encourages firms to invest in clean technology that cut emissions.
  322. 2012/05/29: ClimateSpectator: Inspecting China's carbon trading plans

    The idea of a carbon tax is still bouncing around:

  323. 2012/05/31: PSinclair: Arthur Laffer: Reagan’s Economist Proposes a Carbon Tax
  324. 2012/05/30: ERabett: A Very Modest Proposal

    The debate over the optimal strategy [carbon trading, carbon offsets, auction vs. allocation, cap and trade, cap and dividend, tradable energy quotas and/or a carbon tax] to use in dealing with GHGs continues:

  325. 2012/05/31: ERabett:BSD: Allocate emissions to those who emit them (except electricity)

    On the international political front, tensions continue as the USA and Israel lean on Iran:

  326. 2012/06/01: Reuters: Analysis: Iran commander's trip to disputed islands frays UAE nerves
    A visit by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander to three tiny islands near the Strait of Hormuz oil shipping lane revives a bitter territorial dispute between Gulf antagonists - and trade partners - Iran and the United Arab Emirates.
  327. 2012/05/30: National(AE): Abu Dhabi set to avoid Hormuz with pipeline
    Abu Dhabi oil will be able to bypass the Strait of Hormuz in a matter of weeks thanks to the completion of a pipeline leading to the port of Fujairah. The 270-kilometre connection from Abu Dhabi's oilfields to the to Fujairah on the Indian Ocean is set to transport half of Abu Dhabi's oil, providing security for its core export amid fears of a western confrontation with Iran.
  328. South China Sea tension persists:

  329. 2012/05/31: MWatch: China showing it’s serious about drilling in deep -- New world-class drilling platform shows China’s seriousness
    On May 9, China National Offshore Oil Corp.’s (CNOOC) first deepwater drilling platform began operating in the South China Sea. The world-class vessel will operate at the Liwan 6-1-1 field, about 320 kilometers southeast of Hong Kong, in waters about 1,500 meters deep.
  330. 2012/05/29: CCurrents: An Asean-China Forum For The South China Sea

    And in other miscellaneous items of international political import:

  331. 2012/05/30: BBerg: U.S. Sets Duties as High as 26% on Wind-Energy Towers From China
  332. 2012/05/29: DerSpiegel: Chasing the Sun -- German and Chinese Solar Firms Battle for Survival
    Germany was proud of its supposedly future-proof solar industry and subsidized it to the hilt. But then the Chinese got in on the act and started making much cheaper solar cells. Now, following a glut in production, companies in both countries are fighting for survival.
  333. 2012/05/31: NOAANews: NOAA: U.S., Europe sign agreement to strengthen scientific cooperation on climate, weather, oceans and coasts
  334. 2012/05/26: E&UE: Climate Change and Global Politics
  335. 2012/05/24: SST: China Warns Australia to Choose "Godfather" - China or U.S. - Oilprice

    Climate Change is a threat multiplier exacerbating existing conflicts in food, energy, water, race, ideology ... etc.:

  336. 2012/05/30: BBC: Iraq's PM warns Arab states may face 'water war'
    Arab states could be headed towards a future war over water if they do not act quickly to tackle shortages, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has warned. At a conference in Baghdad, he urged countries to work together in order to prevent conflict in the arid region.
  337. The issue of the law and activism is playing out around the world:

  338. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Anti-mill group to pay Gunns' legal costs
    A Launceston Magistrate has ordered a pulp mill protest group to pay the legal costs of Tasmanian timber company Gunns. Pulp the Mill had challenged Gunns' right to build the $2 billion pulp mill, arguing it had not done enough work at the Tamar Valley site to meet the permit conditions.
  339. What are the activists up to?

  340. 2012/06/01: Grist: Radiohead and Mood music for a climate movement?
  341. 2012/06/02: Guardian(UK): Jarvis Cocker: the iceman cometh

    Polls! We have polls!

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    Given the political and economic challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there is growing interest in finding alternative methods of dealing with climate change. In a new paper, Christopher Borick and Barry Rabe look at the American public's attitude towards using geoengineering solutions as a means to combat global warming.
  344. 2012/05/29: TP:JR: Three Quarters Of Americans Say They Would Consider An ‘Alternative’ Vehicle

    Regarding Water Politics and Business:

  345. 2012/05/29: JFleck: On the Colorado, chance of surplus early, shortage down the road
  346. 2012/05/28: JFleck: Making a map
  347. 2012/05/28: JFleck: El Paso cranking up the desal

    And on the groundwater front:

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    And on the American political front:

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  353. 2012/05/29: AlterNet: Conservatives Attack Scientific Findings About Why They Hate Science (Helping to Confirm the Science)
  354. 2012/06/02: CDreams: In Extreme Wildfire Season, Budget Cuts Put Communities in Danger
    Funding for preventing and putting out wildfires has fallen by $512m since 2010
  355. 2012/05/30: SacBee: Assembly passes bill on California cap-and-trade funds
  356. 2012/06/01: SacBee: California passes tougher energy code for new construction
  357. 2012/05/30: AutoBG: California revokes 'hydrogen highway' grants
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  359. 2012/05/29: PlanetArk: Ohio Legislature OKs Bill On Energy Fracking Rules
  360. 2012/05/28: WaPo: Gas prices expected to fall further heading into summer

    The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  361. 2012/05/31: PlanetArk: Justice Department Probes Whether BP Execs Lied To Congress: WSJ

    So what do you want -- a corporate dweeb, or a sociopathic corporate dweeb? Your choice:

  362. 2012/05/31: TP:JR: Solar Company Used In Crossroads Anti-Obama Attack Ad Received Taxpayer Dollars From Governor Romney
  363. 2012/05/30: TP:JR: Romney’s Colorado Speech Backfires: Town Residents Contradict Campaign Talking Points
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  371. 2012/05/29: MoJo: Meet Romney's -- and Obama's -- Climate Change Adviser -- Gina McCarthy runs Obama's air policy. But before that, she ran Romney's.
  372. 2012/05/29: TP:JR: Romney Campaigns Against Green Jobs While Solar Industry Is ‘Flourishing’ In His Home State
  373. 2012/05/29: TheHill:e2W: Romney ad hits Obama for ‘wasting’ taxpayer money on Solyndra
  374. 2012/05/27: TP:JR: Obama Silent On Climate Change In Big Iowa Energy Speech
  375. 2012/05/26: SST: Why a dead heat?
  376. 2012/05/27: AlterNet: Roseanne Barr on Presidential Run: Two Major Parties Are a 'Bunch of Prostitutes Who Work for Big Money'

    The Northwest ports' coal export question is still around:

  377. 2012/05/29: SeattlePI:B: No new coal port: Seattle City Council
    The Seattle City Council has declared its opposition to a coal export terminal on northern Puget Sound...
  378. About those unfunded satellites:

  379. 2012/06/01: CCP: Heidi Cullen, NYT: Clouded Forecast

    This bit of nonsense from North Carolina seemed to catch people's fancy.
    Canute is dead; long live Canute!

  380. 2012/06/01: Guardian(UK): North Carolina tries to wish away sea-level rise
  381. 2012/05/31: TP:JR: North Carolina Bill Would Require Coastal Communities To Ignore Global Warming Science
  382. 2012/05/31: TMoS: Legislating Against Sea Level Rise - What Crazy People Do in Government
  383. 2012/05/31: KSJT: Raleigh Observer heats up blog squall - reports N. Carolina may ban gov’t plans for faster sea level rise
  384. 2012/05/30: Grist: North Carolina tries to outlaw sea-level rise
  385. 2012/05/30: SciAm:PI: NC Considers Making Sea Level Rise Illegal
  386. 2012/05/27: ERabett: Canute Sets PI = 3

    The Obama chatter is nonstop:

  387. 2012/05/30: MiamiHerald: Fact Check: Oil stats belie tough enforcement talk
    In the three years since President Barack Obama took office, Republicans have made the Environmental Protection Agency a lightning rod for complaints that his administration has been too tough on oil and gas producers. But an Associated Press analysis of enforcement data over the past decade finds that's not the case. In fact, the EPA went after producers more often in the years of Republican President George W. Bush, a former Texas oilman, than under Obama. Also, the agency's enforcement actions have declined overall since 2002 and reached their lowest point last year, the review found.
  388. The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  389. 2012/06/01: NOAANews: NOAA Administrator Dr. Lubchenco names new Deputy Under Secretary for Operations - Rear Admiral David Titley
  390. 2012/06/01: NatureNB: Star science-education researcher leaves the White House
  391. 2012/06/02: TreeHugger: FDA Denies Corn Refiners Petition to Change High Fructose Corn Syrup Name to Corn Sugar
  392. 2012/05/30: BobPark: What's New?
    1. Natural Law: Catholic institutions sue the Obama administration.
  393. 2012/05/31: Grist: FDA: High-fructose corn syrup will not be called ‘corn sugar’
  394. 2012/05/29: UCSUSA: A Huge Show of Public Support for the Power Plant Carbon Standard
  395. 2012/05/28: TreeHugger: Leafully Wins DOE's Apps for Energy Contest
  396. 2012/05/30: BBerg: New Nuclear Chief Can Act Fast on Yucca, Fukushima Fixes
    Gregory Jaczko’s resignation as chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission gives the agency a fresh chance to tackle two crucial issues: nuclear- plant safety and waste disposal. The U.S. nuclear-power industry is in turmoil, competing as it does with rock-bottom natural-gas prices.
  397. As for what is going on in Congress:

  398. 2012/05/31: OilChange: Fracking "FRESH" Act Stinks of Dirty Money
  399. 2012/05/30: Wonkette: House Armed Services Committee Will Teach Stupid Hippie Generals The Error Of Their Ways
  400. 2012/05/28: OilPrice: Short-Term Politics Stifles Pentagon's Green Energy Ambitions
  401. 2012/05/28: PlanetArk: Sen. Murkowski's Fresh Energy Plan To Look Beyond 2012

    What are the lobbyists pushing?

  402. 2012/05/31: TP:JR: Wal-Mart, Sponsor Of ‘Acres for America’ Program, Drops Anti-Public Lands ALEC
  403. 2012/05/30: UCSUSA: Secret Donors Muddy Climate Policy Debate
  404. 2012/05/28: TreeHugger: LEED Bashing: Plastic People Join The Lumber Industry in Trying To Get The Feds To Drop LEED
  405. 2012/05/28: OilChange: Shell’s $4 Billion Arctic Lobby Campaign

    While in the UK:

  406. 2012/05/30: Guardian(UK): Geothermal energy could meet a fifth of UK's power needs - report
  407. 2012/05/29: Guardian(UK): Who's got their hands on all our fish?
    In a gradual process bordering on privatisation by stealth, the resource of the many has fallen into the hands of a few
  408. 2012/05/30: BBC: Distrust could hamper Green Deal
    Public mistrust of the "big six" energy firms may undermine the UK government's planned Green Deal, according to the International Energy Agency. The energy firms are supposed to deliver a mass programme of home insulation under the Deal. The IEA warns that customers could be deterred by high prices and instances of poor service and mis-selling. It says the government needs to tell people more about the benefits of insulating their homes.
  409. 2012/05/30: BBC: Bigger wind farm buffer zones 'needed to protect some homes'
    Tougher noise guidelines to protect people living near wind farms have been recommended by a group of Assembly Members.
  410. 2012/05/29: BBC: 'Bird sanctuary' warning over opposition to Lewis wind farm
    The Isle of Lewis will become a bird sanctuary with no human occupants if wind farms are opposed, a landowner has warned. Estate owner Nick Oppenheim told BBC Scotland that a planned extension to a wind farm would secure 150 jobs. RSPB Scotland has voiced "serious alarm" at moves to expand a proposed 39-turbine development on the island's Eisgein Estate by 30 turbines.
  411. 2012/05/28: Guardian(UK): Britain's climate change policy is going up in smoke by George Monbiot
    Coal and gas emissions targets have been abandoned, by sleight of hand, to the inferno of the energy bill
  412. And in Europe:

  413. 2012/06/01: EUO: Parliament: do not let Poland hijack green agenda
    Warsaw's latest battle against efforts to 'green' Europe's economy is being played out in the European Parliament's regional affairs committee. Polish-designed technical texts could kill the environment-friendly criteria attached to the next E1 trillion EU budget.
  414. 2012/06/01: NatureN: Europe science ministers approve 2014-20 funding framework
  415. 2012/06/01: BBC: MPs criticise 'green' EU farm-subsidy conditions
    EU plans for "green" farm-subsidy rules will reduce European food production and are likely to harm the environment, a Commons committee has warned. Environment, food and rural affairs committee chair Anne McIntosh said the plans would "hurt UK farmers, consumers and our countryside". The forthcoming changes to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) must be more flexible, the Conservative MP argued. The European Commission said MPs were overstating the impact of its plans. The Commission wants 30% of farm subsidies to be conditional on whether recipient farms have met certain environmental standards, a policy it has branded "greening" the CAP. Under the proposals, farmers will need to grow at least three different crops, leave 7% of their land fallow and ensure that permanent pasture is maintained on their land.
  416. 2012/05/30: EurActiv: Report: Europe could kick the F-gas [HFC] habit by 2020
    Most fluorinated greenhouse gases (also known as F-Gases), used in today’s mobile air conditioning and refrigeration units, could realistically be banned across the EU by 2020, a new report says.
  417. 2012/05/30: BBerg: Spain Ejects Clean-Power Industry With Europe Precedent: Energy
    Spanish renewable-energy companies that once got Europe’s biggest subsidies are deserting the nation after the government shut off aid, pushing project developers and equipment-makers to work abroad or perish. From wind-turbine maker Gamesa Corp. Tecnologica SA (GAM) to solar park developer T-Solar Global SA, companies are locked out of their home market for new business. These are the same suppliers that spearheaded more than $69 billion of wind and solar projects since 2004 that today supply more than 50 percent of Spain’s power demand on the most breezy and sunny days.
  418. 2012/05/29: EurActiv: Cleaning up the policy puzzle on green construction
    A patchwork of European regulations, directives and strategies aims at making homes and buildings more efficient, but the jury is still out on how well they work. Adrian Joyce, an architect and advocate for energy efficiency in buildings, says Europe "urgently" needs to improve how it uses energy and called for accelerated improvements in old and new construction.
  419. 2012/05/28: Guardian(UK): The truth about Germany's nuclear phase-out
    Ditching nuclear power has ripples in terms of carbon emissions, politics and culture that we can't ignore
  420. 2012/05/27: SwissInfo: Swiss Alps proposed as powerhouse of Europe
    Many European countries are turning away from atomic power to focus on renewable energies. Switzerland’s water reservoirs could make up for future gaps in supply.
  421. Meanwhile in Australia:

  422. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Walsh talks up stormwater harvesting
    The Victorian Government says a rollout of stormwater harvesting would have prevented water shortages during the recent drought. Water Minister Peter Walsh says stormwater harvesting and recycling is being seriously considered for Ballarat.
  423. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Wind farm debate 'dividing' community
    Residents of Penshurst, in western Victoria, are warning debate over a proposed wind farm near the town threatens to divide the community.
  424. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): [Victoria] Government talks up brown coal jobs
    The State Government says talks to export brown coal from the Latrobe Valley have progressed quickly.
  425. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Kakadu victory as uranium mining battle ends
    Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory is set to be expanded, with the inclusion of land previously earmarked for uranium mining. The Northern Land Council (NLC) has agreed for a 1,200 hectare parcel of land containing rich reserves of uranium to be incorporated in to the park. It is considered the final step in a long battle that Aboriginal traditional owner Jeffrey Lee has waged to protect his land from mining.
  426. 2012/06/02: ABC(Au): UN urges overhaul of Great Barrier Reef plan
  427. 2012/06/02: ABC(Au): Minister dismisses farmers fracking concerns
    The [WA] Mines Minister, Norman Moore believes farmers' fears about the environmental effects of fracking are unfounded.
  428. 2012/05/31: ABC(Au): More power to agriculture over mining exploration
    The Queensland Government is planning to strengthen the community's rights to block coal seam gas exploration, but hasn't yet outlined how it would do it. The state already has four per cent of land set aside as protected Strategic Cropping Land.
  429. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au):TDU: Politics has become an unrivalled blood sport
    It's hard to think of a time when national politics has been more divisive, venomous and downright nasty. The latest focal point is the scandal engulfing former Labor and now crossbench MP Craig Thomson. This has dominated news coverage for weeks and threatens to derail the Government. The media interest in the Thomson matter is understandable at one level - after all, in this finely balanced Parliament, the Government is just one seat away from oblivion -- but the intensity of this interest and the saturation of coverage is symptomatic of a broader culture that is corroding our politics.
  430. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): UN report scathing of Barrier Reef plan
    The United Nations' environmental arm UNESCO has released a report revealing that rapid coastal development is threatening the value of the Great Barrier Reef. The highly anticipated report into the management of the reef, released this morning, warns the reef could be listed as a World Heritage site in danger unless substantial changes are made to Australia's management of the area. It says the Government needs to implement a strategic assessment before considering future developments around the reef.
  431. 2012/05/31: ABC(Au): CSG expert challenges company's gas claim
    An environmental engineer has questioned Origin Energy's assertion that gas bubbling in a Queensland river is a naturally occurring phenomenon.
  432. 2012/05/31: ABC(Au): Power sale bill passes NSW Upper House
    Legislation to sell New South Wales electricity generators has passed the Upper House of State Parliament, after a deal allowing hunting in some national parks. The bill to privatise the state's power generators and sell or lease to Cobbora coal mine got through last night, 20 votes to 17, after the deal to garner the support of the Shooters and Fishers Party. It will now return to the Lower House for final assent, because of amendments agreed to by the Coalition as part of the Shooters deal
  433. 2012/05/31: ABC(Au): Gillard faces down mining bosses
    Julia Gillard has thrown down the gauntlet to mining bosses, telling them face-to-face that they don't own the nation's resources and Australians deserve their share. Ms Gillard delivered a feisty speech to the Minerals Council last night, one month out from the introduction of the carbon tax, telling them she is determined to stick to Labor's plan to share the benefits of the boom.
  434. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Parliament approves independent panel to assess CSG projects
  435. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Gillard delivers tax challenge to mining industry
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard has told the mining industry they do not own Australia's mineral wealth and they have to be prepared to share more of their profits.
  436. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Abbott bolt highlights perceptions of ugly politics
    Concerns about parliament's behaviour and the Federal Opposition's attacks on Craig Thomson were brought in to focus today when Tony Abbott ran for the door at the hint of receiving the Member for Dobell's vote.
  437. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Suspended Thomson votes with Coalition
    Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne scrambled for the exits in the House of Representatives this morning as suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson lent his "tainted" vote to the Opposition. Mr Thomson has been sin-binned by the Labor Party over allegations he used union funds to buy prostitutes and fund his election campaign. However, the Member for Dobell has previously said he would continue to vote with the Government. That changed this morning when the Coalition wanted to bring on a discussion over the proposed increase to the Government's debt ceiling, and Labor tried to gag debate.
  438. 2012/05/29: ABC(Au): Rinehart gets approval for Galilee Basin mine
    The Queensland Government has approved a new open-cut coal mine proposed by Gina Rinehart for the Galilee Basin, but says Australian workers must be given first opportunity to work there.
  439. 2012/05/29: PlanetArk: India's GVK Wins State Nod For $6.3 Billion Australia Coal Mine
    India's GVK Power & Infrastructure has won environmental approval from the state of Queensland for its A$6.4 billion ($6.30 billion) Alpha coal project, clearing a key hurdle towards winning a lease for the Australian mine.
  440. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Government approves $6.4b coal mine in Galilee Basin
    The Queensland Government has granted conditional approval to build one of Australia's largest coal mines in the Galilee Basin in the state's central-west. Queensland's coordinator-general has granted conditional approval for Hancock Coal's $6.4 billion Alpha coal project, west of Rockhampton. It also includes a 495-kilometre railway line to Abbot Point near Bowen, north of Mackay. The project still needs Federal Government environmental approval to proceed.
  441. 2012/05/29: ABC(Au): Dinosaur report could threaten gas hub
    A report on the prehistoric times of Western Australia's Kimberley region is the latest potential threat to the State Government's proposed $30 billion gas hub. Palaeontologist Tony Thulborn has spent decades researching dinosaur footprints around the area north of Broome, and recently published a report in a peer-reviewed online journal. The oil and gas company Woodside wants to use the area to process liquid natural gas from the Browse Basin. Dr Thulborn says his report finds the James Price Point area is the only site in the world created by dinosaurs and should be protected.
  442. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Abbott seizes on Labor leadership speculation
  443. 2012/05/28: GRC: The impacts of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the ecosystem: Gas Battle Heats Up In Australia
  444. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Discontent simmers amid more pressure on Gillard
    Senior Labor figures have rallied around Julia Gillard amid fresh talk of a leadership challenge and anger in party ranks over the decision to let big miners import foreign workers. Weekend reports that chief government whip Joel Fitzgibbon was canvassing numbers for a possible Kevin Rudd leadership challenge have thrown the spotlight back on Ms Gillard's leadership. The other big issue facing the Government, the fate of suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson, will also feature today, with officials from Fair Work Australia set to get a grilling in Senate estimates hearings. But the Coalition will not be able to question the author of the report into Mr Thomson and the Health Services Union (HSU) - because he is on leave. Labor Caucus will meet tomorrow and one Labor MP has told AM there have been a lot of unhappy people in the Caucus - and they are getting unhappier.
  445. The carbon bill is law. Now comes the fun part -- implementation:

  446. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Council urged to ease carbon tax impost
    The Federal Government has expressed concern about how the Bendigo council has calculated a rise in waste charges. The council has estimated the carbon price will add $1.6 million to its waste management costs next financial year. However, Labor's Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, Mark Dreyfus, says he is worried the figure is too high. He says he would prefer the council work on cutting its landfill emissions.
  447. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Carbon price slug adds to city rates hike pain
    Darwin City Council ratepayers are likely to see their rates rise by about 4.5 per cent next financial year. It is the same increase that applied to rates this financial year. But ratepayers will also be hit with higher waste charges due to the Federal Government's carbon price structure.
  448. 2012/05/31: ABC(Au): Council looks at how to cut carbon tax bill
    To New South Wales now, where one of the state's regional councils has been hit with a multimillion dollar carbon tax bill. Shellharbour Council is on the list of Australia's worst polluters because it operates a massive garbage tip. Now it's trying to slash its liability by transforming the dump's methane gas into a more environmentally friendly form of emission.
  449. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Dairy farmers preparing for impact of carbon tax
  450. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Carbon tax a factor as regional flights cut
    Regional operator Brindabella Airlines says the Federal Government's carbon tax was a major factor in its decision to cut two "marginal" daily routes. The Canberra to Albury and Brisbane to Armidale services will be scrapped from June 8.
  451. The Murray-Darling Basin Plan controversy continues:

  452. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Irrigation plan to transform south-east [Tasmania]
    High-profile investors are again looking to bank on Tasmania's ability to provide food security in the future. They are considering investing in a proposed irrigation scheme which aims to transform parts of the south-east from dry paddocks to highly productive horticultural areas. The $40 million scheme will pump water from the River Derwent to the Craigbourne Dam and then to farmers in the region.
  453. 2012/06/01: ABC(Au): Water authority reveals price rises
    North-west Victoria's water authority has unveiled its plan for upgrading works and tariffs for the next five years. Lower Murray Water's draft five-year water plan proposes an annual price rise for its urban water customers in Mildura, Swan Hill, Robinvale and Kerang of 3.95 per cent.
  454. 2012/06/02: JQuiggin: High-cost basin plan water is bad for all
  455. 2012/05/31: JQuiggin: Murray-Darling plan: a disastrous process, a sliver of hope
  456. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Water ministers to thrash out MDB draft plan
  457. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Legal expert thinks Murray challenge 'strong'
    A legal expert thinks there is a strong case to be made by the South Australian Government if it challenges the Murray-Darling Basin draft plan in the High Court.
  458. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): New plan needed to fix the Lakes
    The Murray Darling Association says securing Broken Hill's water supply and fixing the Menindee Lakes should be a government priority. The group's general manager, Ray Najar, says the $450 million aquifer that was originally proposed was uneconomical. However, he says now that it has been scrapped, a new plan needs to be developed.
  459. 2012/05/30: ABC(Au): Old Murray campaigner laments water 'greed'
    Now 83, Les Hill has spent more years than he cares to remember campaigning for improvement to the Murray. The former chairman of the Murray-Darling Association said the release of the revised Murray-Darling Basin draft plan this month had failed to deliver any new hope for a system he believed had suffered from greed and overuse.
  460. 2012/05/29: ABC(Au): SA questions Basin Authority's water quality monitoring
  461. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Basin Authority flags possible new solution
  462. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has released its latest draft plan and is sticking to the same cuts to water allocations
  463. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): New draft report on Murray-Darling water use
  464. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Victoria rejects MDBA water cuts
    The Victorian Government says the plan is a "death warrant" for agricultural communities in northern Victoria. The Water Minister, Peter Walsh, says despite 20 weeks of consultation, the final outcome has barely changed from what the Murray-Darling Basin Authority released in November. The revised draft has maintained its proposed 2,750-gigalitre cut to water entitlements. He says Victoria cannot support the plan.
  465. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Fed Govt flags more expensive Murray-Darling plan
  466. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): Revised Murray-Darling plan sticks to cuts target
    The revised draft of the Murray-Darling Basin plan has maintained its proposed 2,750-gigalitre cut to water entitlements. The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has today sent the revised Basin Plan to state water ministers. After 20 weeks of consultations since the draft plan was released in November, the authority has not changed its recommended cut to water entitlements. The cuts target was decried as too much by Victoria and New South Wales, and not enough by South Australia.
  467. And in New Zealand:

  468. 2012/05/30: HotTopic: 20 years on, NZ’s Rio response inadequate: WWF
  469. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): WWF gives New Zealand governments bad report
    An environmental report card on New Zealand claims successive governments have failed to live up to the promises made at the Earth summit in Brazil 20 years ago.
  470. 2012/05/28: ABC(Au): NZ says woeful green report card misleading
    The New Zealand government says a report that condemns the country's environmental record is misleading. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says successive New Zealand governments have not kept any of the promises that were made at the Rio Earth Summit 20 years ago. WWF has compiled its report as world leaders prepare to head back to Rio de Janeiro to discuss what has been achieved since the first summit in 1992. WWF says the number of threatened species in New Zealand has quadrupled to 4,000 and greenhouse gas emissions have climbed 20 per cent. The fund also says New Zealand has failed to meet commitments it made to protect water quality, bio-diversity and fisheries, and that more than 40 per cent of lakes are listed as polluted.
  471. While in the Indian subcontinent:

  472. 2012/05/31: CBC: India's opposition parties call general strike -- Protest over fuel prices clears streets of major cities
  473. 2012/05/31: al Jazeera: Mass strikes across India over fuel prices
    Cities disrupted as opposition parties and trade unions call nationwide protest after 11 per cent rise in fuel costs.
  474. 2012/05/29: CCurrents: Right To Nuclear Information or A Practical Joke?
  475. 2012/05/29: CCurrents: Trust Deficit: People's Strugggle At Koodankulam
  476. 2012/05/29: NatureN: India won't pull back on nuclear ambitions
    Atomic-energy boss Ratan Kumar Sinha says country is on track to meet nuclear goals.
  477. And in China:

  478. 2012/06/01: NatureNB: China’s carbon intensity struggles
  479. 2012/05/31: NBF: China approves new nuclear safety plan
  480. 2012/05/29: PSinclair: China: Energy and Development on a Mind Boggling Scale

    And South America:

  481. 2012/06/01: al Jazeera: Peru police arrest mayor over mine protests
    Official accused of promoting protests against mine owned by Xstrata that led to two deaths and a state of emergency.
  482. 2012/06/01: NewInt: How do you sleep at night, Mr Davis?
    At least two people dead and more than 100 injured -- this is the way Xstrata does ‘community relations’ in Peru. Meanwhile the mining company’s boss Mick Davis is tipped for a $78 million pre-merger bonus
  483. 2012/05/31: UFlorida: Highway through Amazon worsens effects of climate change, provides mixed economic gains
  484. 2012/05/29: BBC: Peru anti-mining protest leader arrested near Cusco
    Peruvian police has arrested the leader of anti-mining protests a day after declaring a state of emergency in a southern Andean province. Herbert Huaman was among several activists detained, following more than a week of demonstrations against a mining project by Swiss company Xstrata. The copper mine dispute in Espinar province, near Cusco, is over environmental issues and pay. Two protesters were killed on Monday.
  485. 2012/05/28: BBC: Peru emergency in Cusco region over anti-mine protests
    The Peruvian government has declared a state of emergency in a southern Andean province following seven days of anti-mining protests and the death of two demonstrators.
  486. In Canada, neocon PM Harper pushes petroleum while ignoring climate change:

  487. 2012/05/30: WBR: Dave Thomas: "Harper is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to Canada."
  488. 2012/06/02: SixthEstate: When Did Rationally Planning for an Uncertain Future Become "Socialist"?
  489. 2012/06/01: TheCanadian: The Religion Factor in Canada's Environmental Politics
  490. 2012/05/31: DeSmogBlog: (cartoons - James) What is Harper Afraid Of? by Franke James
  491. 2012/06/02: PostMedia: Harper, Tory MPs challenge Kent on climate science, letters reveal
    While scientists and environmentalists criticize him for doing little to fight climate change, Environment Minister Peter Kent also has been questioned by his Conservative party colleagues, including the prime minister, about whether the scientific evidence is real and requires a government response. A series of letters signed by Kent have revealed he has faced many questions from colleagues in recent months about whether Canada needs to take action to reduce consumption of fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline that produce heat-trapping pollution and other toxic emissions in the atmosphere. But in each of the letters, released through access to information legislation, Kent defended scientific evidence, while dismissing myths...
  492. 2012/06/02: PaiD: Why Is Harper Inc. Targeting Only Environmental Charities?
  493. 2012/05/30: Macleans: The Commons: Stephen Harper, environmentalist
    His next two sentences could be safely said here, far away from the House of Commons where those mean New Democrats would have laughed.
    "It is a duty we gladly accept, that of protecting Canada’s environment and its natural endowments, for the benefit of future generations," he said. "That’s why we give environmental protection and conservation the priority that we do."
  494. 2012/05/28: TheCanadian: Silent Summer: Leading Fisheries Researcher on Harper Govt. Killing Ocean Pollution Monitoring
  495. 2012/05/28: WCEL: On importing U.S. "Job-Killing" rhetoric
  496. 2012/05/27: DbP: (cartoon) Toxic Tories

    The G20 controversy lingers:

  497. 2012/05/31: MediaCoop: G20 Report: Police More Violent Than Protesters -- Statistics on Police and Protester Violence Compared
  498. 2012/05/28: CBC: G20 protester [Kelly Pflug-Back] had 'limited' leadership role, judge says

    Mulcair, Dutch Disease etc.:

  499. 2012/05/31: Tyee: Oil sands sparked 'uniquely Canadian strain' of Dutch Disease: report
  500. 2012/06/01: PEF: Dutch Disease, the Canada -- US Exchange Rate and Trade With Asia
  501. 2012/06/01: Far-n-Wide: Mulcair The "Statesman"
  502. 2012/05/31: G&M: Awed by oil sands, Mulcair calls for more environmental oversight
    Precisely one thing surprised Thomas Mulcair on his visit to Alberta: the scale of the oil sands.
  503. 2012/06/01: BuckDog: Alberta Provincial Budget Supports NDP Leader Mulcair's Argument On Dutch Disease ... Ooops!
  504. 2012/05/31: CBC: Oilsands 'impressive' but has challenges, Mulcair says after tour
    Fort McMurray mayor disagrees with NDP leader on oilsands role in 'Dutch disease'
  505. 2012/06/02: CBC: Sask. premier has 'concerns' with Mulcair's Dutch Disease
    Ontario's premier says the high dollar creates 'more challenges' for the manufacturing sector
  506. 2012/05/31: PaiD: When The Left Is Right
  507. 2012/05/31: CBC: NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to visit Alberta oilsands
  508. 2012/05/30: TStar: Mulcair’s politically deft oilsands critique is right (sort of)
  509. 2012/06/02: CBC: Mulcair blames Harper for East-West divisions
  510. 2012/05/30: CBC: 'Oilsands fever' seen as Canada's Dutch Disease
    On the eve of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's visit to Alberta's oilsands, a new report backs his claim that Canada's economy suffers from a form of Dutch Disease. A study released Wednesday by the Pembina Institute says Canada has come down with a unique strain of the phenomenon, dubbed "oilsands fever," that is producing near-term economic benefits that are often overstated. The report says these benefits are spread unevenly across the country and could be hiding economic turmoil down the road. But another report by a different group says Canada's oil and gas industry is spreading the wealth by using the money earned from booming exports to buy goods and services from the rest of the country.
  511. 2012/05/29: TStar: NDP leader Tom Mulcair invades enemy territory
  512. 2012/05/29: PostMedia: Mulcair to get an earful during oilsands tour
    Alberta's energy sector is poised to roll out the black carpet for Thomas Mulcair later this week in the hopes of convincing the NDP leader of the economic importance of the oilsands to all of Canada. Under fire from western Canadian premiers for suggesting the oilsands are to blame for driving up the Canadian dollar and killing manufacturing jobs in Ontario and Quebec - the so-called "Dutch disease" - Mulcair is headed for Alberta Thursday to tour Suncor Energy's Fort McMurray operations and meet with municipal and provincial politicians.
  513. 2012/05/28: BCLSB: A "Gaffe", Eh? Part WOW!

    Under the smokescreen of fiscal responsibility, the Harper gang is streamlining environmental reviews out of existence:

  514. 2012/05/30: PostMedia: No red tape in green oversight, environment minister told
    Changes to environmental reviews of industrial projects in recent years are already "preventing process duplication," says an internal government presentation obtained by Postmedia News. The Harper government has publicly argued reforms are necessary to Canada's environmental protection laws because of too much duplication in reviews at the federal and provincial levels that cause delays, but the internal document, prepared by the Canadian Environmental Assessment (CEA) Agency last fall, for a joint presentation that was to be delivered by Environment Minister Peter Kent and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver to Conservative MPs, suggested duplication was no longer a significant problem.
  515. 2012/06/01: G&M: Scientists decry Ottawa’s plan to close environmental research centre
    For six years, Cynthia Gilmour, senior scientist at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, led a research team that annually poured a teaspoon of mercury isotope, diluted in water, into a small, remote lake in Northwestern Ontario. The international project was being conducted in the federally funded Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), a unique outdoor laboratory for ecosystem research consisting of 58 lakes and their drainage areas.
  516. 2012/06/02: EarthGauge: An unprecedented letter to PM Harper from former Fisheries Ministers
  517. 2012/05/30: TheCanadian: Former Ministers Fraser, Anderson Should be Listened to on Gutting Fisheries Act...Siddon, Not So Much
  518. 2012/05/30: TheCanadian: Four Former Federal Fisheries Ministers Line Up Against Harper's Plan to Gut Fisheries Act
  519. 2012/05/29: G&M: Ottawa’s environmental-review overhaul hits tough hurdles
    The federal government’s insistence that cabinet should have final say over resource projects such as Enbridge Inc.’s ENB-T Northern Gateway pipeline is stirring opposition that could undermine its effort to streamline environmental approvals.
  520. 2012/05/29: CBC: Fisheries Act changes questioned by former ministers -- Bi-partisan letter expresses concerns about omnibus budget bill
    Four former federal fisheries ministers are questioning the government's motives behind the inclusion of environmental protection changes to the Fisheries Act in the Budget Implementation Act. Mulroney-era Conservatives Tom Siddon and John Fraser, and Liberals Herb Dhaliwal and David Anderson, who both served under Jean Chretien, say in an open letter they don't believe federal ministers have given plausible explanations for why so much environmental legislation has been included in a money bill.
  521. 2012/05/28: PostMedia: Canadian scientists slam weakening of federal Fisheries Act
    The majority of freshwater fish at risk of extinction would lose protection The federal government is sabotaging its own legislated requirement to protect endangered freshwater fish by weakening the Fisheries Act, Canadian scientists say in a letter to be sent to the Harper government Tuesday. The revisions mean that the majority of freshwater fish and up to 80 per cent of the 71 freshwater species at risk of extinction would lose protection, according to the letter from the 1,000-strong Canadian Society For Ecology and Evolution (CSEE) provided exclusively to The Vancouver Sun.
  522. 2012/05/28: HillTimes: Feds trying to gut Fisheries Act under the radar, say two former federal Conservative fisheries ministers
    John Fraser and Tom Siddon slam Conservatives on Bill C-38.
  523. 2012/05/27: DbP: Marine pollution program cut by feds
  524. 2012/06/03: PostMedia: Calgarians protest federal budget bill outside Harper’s office
  525. 2012/06/01: Rabble:JK: Shining a light on the federal government's false claims on Environmental Assessment and the Budget

    BlackOutSpeakOut day is coming:

  526. BlackOutSpeakOut
  527. 2012/06/01: 350orBust: Why I’m Speaking Out In Defence Of Two Core Canadian Values, Nature & Democracy

    The battle over the Northern Gateway pipeline rages on:

  528. 2012/05/30: TheCanadian: Enbridge Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign to Sway Public Opinion in BC
  529. 2012/05/29: G&M: Enbridge ad campaign intensifies pipeline battle
    The battle for the hearts and minds of British Columbians over a proposed oil pipeline has ramped up after Enbridge Inc. launched a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign -- and Greenpeace Canada responded by unfurling a giant, eye-catching banner on Lions Gate Bridge. The tactics revealed on Tuesday by the opposing sides in the debate are dramatically different. Enbridge is going with a finely crafted print and television campaign created by Kbs+p Canada, with media relations directed by Hill and Knowlton, a leading communications company that claims to have "invented the concept of public relations." On the other hand, Greenpeace and others opposed to the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal to link Alberta’s oil sands to a West Coast tanker port are going with low-budget drama, petitions and social networking.
  530. 2012/05/29: 350orBust: The Enbridge Pipeline: What’s At Stake?

    The Western Premiers' Conference went down this week with no surprises:

  531. 2012/05/31: TheCanadian: Clark Skips Western Premiers' Conference to Avoid Pipeline, Tanker Talk
  532. 2012/05/29: CBC: Redford's energy plan supported by western premiers
  533. 2012/05/29: WpgFP: Western premiers meeting in Edmonton to talk energy, labour at annual summit
  534. 2012/05/27: PostMedia: Redford to push for united energy strategy amid oilsands criticism at Western premiers meeting
    The leaders are regional but the stakes are national as Western Canada's premiers meet in Alberta this week. The provincial and territorial premiers will come together in Edmonton tonight and Tuesday ...
  535. 2012/05/27: CBC: Western premiers to talk environment, energy and Tom Mulcair
    The environment, energy and federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair are on the agenda Tuesday when leaders of the western provinces and territories get together. "There is going to be an emphasis on environmental regulation," said Alberta Premier Alison Redford, who will host the meeting in Edmonton. "British Columbia wants to talk about families and community development and (Saskatchewan) Premier (Brad) Wall and I want to continue to advance the Canadian energy strategy agenda."
  536. The ISA/PRV/IHN virus in BC waters is potentially disastrous:

  537. 2012/05/27: AlexandraMorton: Dear CFIA why are you ignoring ISA virus?
  538. 2012/05/26: STimes: Meet salmon farming's worst enemy: a determined biologist [Alexandra Morton]
    A B.C.-based biologist stunned U.S. scientists last year with trace findings of a virus usually linked to farmed fish in wild salmon.
  539. 2012/05/26: TheCanadian: Seattle Times on Alexandra Morton: Meet Salmon Farming's Worst Enemy

    In BC, the stage is set. Now what will Clark and Dix do?

  540. 2012/05/29: Tyee: You're Going to Get Zapped
    Why you shouldn't believe Premier Clark's claims her government just spared you from big Hydro rate hikes.
  541. 2012/05/29: TheCanadian: Anton 'the Inkfish' Clouds Hydro Losses from Bad IPP Deals
  542. 2012/05/30: CBC: [Cline Mining Corp] Coal company sues B.C. over Flathead mining ban
    A coal mining company is suing the B.C. government for half a billion dollars following its decision to ban mining in the Flathead Valley in the southeastern corner of the province.
  543. 2012/05/29: NI: The voters' choice: People's Order of BC winner
  544. 2012/05/29: CBC: Coast guard cuts prompt formal B.C. complaint
    Province asks Ottawa to reconsider closing stations at Kitsilano, Comox and Tofino. The B.C. government has expressed its disappointment to the federal government over a plan to chop coast guard services as part of a plan to balance the federal budget. Premier Christy Clark said Monday her justice minister has formally written to the federal government asking it to reconsider the cuts.
  545. 2012/05/28: TheCanadian: Power for Proposed BC LNG Plants Called into Question

    About Bill 37:

  546. 2012/05/31: TheCanadian: Alexandra Morton: Farm Disease Secrecy Act Quietly Withdrawn by Minister
  547. 2012/05/31: AlexandraMorton: Bill to make Disease Secret Withdrawn Amid Public Outcry
  548. 2012/05/30: AlexandraMorton: Minister McRae who do you serve?
  549. 2012/05/29: AlexandraMorton: Minister McRae Considers rewording his silence the messenger act
  550. 2012/05/28: AlexandraMorton: Look Them in the EYE
    There are moments in history and in the lives of people where threat creep towards them without cause for alarm, like the long sweep of a tsunami far out to sea and then suddenly makes landfall. History is full of them, human lives are ended by them. British Columbia, a nasty groundswell fundamental to your right to food security is approaching faster than a galloping horse to make landfall and history in the BC Parliament in the coming days. Please wake up.
    In the coming few days, the Liberal government of BC intends to pass Bill 37, which makes sickness in farm animals a secret.
  551. Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  552. 2012/06/02: DeSmogBlog: Mordor found in Northern Alberta
  553. 2012/06/01: PI: Shine a light on the oil sands boom
  554. 2012/05/30: PI: New report presents solutions to manage economic downsides of oilsands development
    Pembina Institute analysis identifies significant challenges for the Canadian economy if impacts of the oilsands boom are left unaddressed
  555. 2012/05/30: PI: [link to 4.2 meg pdf] In the Shadow of the Boom -- How oilsands development is reshaping Canada’s economy
  556. 2012/06/01: SaskBoy: Tar-sands
  557. 2012/06/01: SCC: It’s the tar sands, stupid!
  558. 2012/06/01: CBC: Lower oil price won't delay big projects, yet
  559. 2012/05/29: OilChange: Tar sands "could produce $3 trillion"

    Also in Alberta:

  560. 2012/06/02: NI: Welcome to Alberta
  561. 2012/05/30: G&M: Pipeline spill sends 22,000 barrels of oil mix into Alberta muskeg
    A huge pipeline spill has released 22,000 barrels of oil and water into muskeg in the far northwest of Alberta. The spill ranks among the largest in North America in recent years, a period that has seen a series of high-profile accidents that have undermined the energy industry’s safety record.
  562. While in Saskatchewan:

  563. 2012/05/30: PEF: Debating Boyd on Resource Royalties
  564. 2012/05/29: CBC: Shareholders of Canadian grain company Viterra have approved a takeover bid by Swiss commodities giant Glencore Ltd.
    [...] The takeover will still need to be approved by the federal government.
  565. Ontario is wrestling with its energy policy:

  566. 2012/05/30: CBC: Thunder Bay flooding prompts national appeal for help
  567. 2012/05/30: 350orBust: Floods Hit Close To Home
  568. 2012/05/30: BCLSB: Do Wind Turbines Effect Property Values?

    While in la Belle Province:

  569. 2012/05/28: MediaCoop: Six Nations confronts Samsung's energy project
    Confederacy call on supporters to help enforce cease and desist order Members of Six Nations have called upon supporters to join them on May 29th in blocking a multi- billion dollar renewable energy windmill project being planned by Samsung. The multi-national Corporation did not receive permission from the traditional Haudenosaunee government in Six Nations to proceed with the project.
  570. 2012/05/29: MediaCoop: (1min40sec) Haudenosaunne people speak to Enbridge pipeline hearing May 23 London

    In the Maritimes:

  571. 2012/06/01: SRBP: NAFTA and Hebron
  572. 2012/06/01: CBC: Oil companies win NAFTA fight over local investment
    ExxonMobil and Murphy Oil win NAFTA dispute over N.L. research investment demands
  573. 2012/06/02: TMG-DD: supplement re anti-fracking rally
  574. 2012/06/02: CBC: Anti-fracking groups take message through Moncton
    Nearly 300 people filled the streets of Moncton Saturday to speak out against fracking. The group started in Highfield Square, then marched down Main Street towards City Hall. When they arrived, a variety of speakers addressed the crowd, including doctors, aboriginal communities and environmentalists. The protestors are demanding the province ban shale gas exploration.
  575. As for miscellaneous Canadiana:

  576. 2012/05/28: G&M: An excellent debate about resource revenues
  577. 2012/05/30: EmbassyMag: Canada to change course, recognize right to water: Kent -- Observers fear future efforts may water down UN language

    The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  578. 2012/05/31: EnergyBulletin: The Rumbling of Distant Thunder
  579. 2012/05/27: CCurrents: Limits We are Reaching -- Oil, Debt, And Others
  580. 2012/05/30: MN: Impending Resource Depletion Ahead: But We Are Intelligent
  581. 2012/05/28: EnergyBulletin: Global scarcity: Scramble for dwindling natural resources by Michael Klare
  582. 2012/05/27: EnergyBulletin: Degrowth American Dream

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  583. 2012/06/02: Rabble: Anti-choice researchers in Chile try to hide illegal abortion -- and women who die from it
  584. 2012/05/31: AlterNet: Right-Wing Terrorism: Arson, Bombs, and Break-Ins at Women's Clinics Seek to Instill Fear
  585. 2012/05/29: AlterNet: How Frightened Patriarchal Men Have Tried to Repress Women's Sexuality Through History
  586. 2012/05/27: CCurrents: Overpopulation And Systemic Collapse
  587. 2012/05/28: Guardian(UK): Women raped while in the US military are denied abortions. End this now

    Apocalypso anyone?

  588. 2012/05/30: CSM: How climate change destroyed [Indus River/Harrapan culture] one of the world's largest civilizations
  589. 2012/05/29: SciNews: Harappans may have lived, died by monsoon -- Ancient Indus civilization shaped by seasonal rains
  590. 2012/05/28: Eureka: Climate change led to collapse of ancient Indus civilization, study finds
  591. 2012/05/23: SciAm: Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?

    How do the media measure up?

  592. 2012/05/31: ABC(Au): Cooking up 'errors' in Media Watch's reporting
  593. 2012/05/29: Slate: Dodgy Boffins -- What's wrong with science journalism in the U.K.?
  594. 2012/05/31: KSJT: So what IS wrong with British science journalism?
  595. 2012/05/31: Eureka: 4 telltale signs of propaganda on Twitter -- Georgia Tech study profiles behavior of social media 'hyperadvocacy'
    1. Sending high volumes of tweets over short periods of time;
    2. Retweeting while publishing little original content;
    3. Quickly retweeting others' content; and
    4. Coordinating with other, seemingly unrelated users to send duplicate or near-duplicate messages on the same topic simultaneously.
  596. 2012/05/25: SciMag: The Unwritten Rules of Journalism

    Here is something for your library:

  597. 2012/05/28: EnergyBulletin: [More a Talk Review than a Book Review]: Jeff Rubin on The End of Growth

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  598. 2012/06/02: ERabett: The Dangers of Genetic Manipulation
  599. 2012/05/31: PSinclair: Arthur Laffer: Reagan’s Economist Proposes a Carbon Tax
  600. 2012/05/29: 350orBust: The Enbridge Pipeline: What’s At Stake?
  601. 2012/05/28: ERabett: Empathy First

    Meanwhile among the 'Sue the Bastards!' contingent:

  602. 2012/06/01: BBerg: Chevron Fires Ogilvy as Lobbyist Over Ecuadorean Dispute
    Chevron Corp. fired Ogilvy Government Relations as its U.S. lobbyist after a person affiliated with the firm spoke to a group advocating for residents of the Ecuadorean rainforest in a multibillion legal fight with the oil company, a person familiar with the matter said
  603. 2012/05/30: BobPark: What's New?
    1. Natural Law: Catholic institutions sue the Obama administration.
  604. 2012/05/31: CBC: Chevron's $18B Ecuador pollution lawsuit comes to Canada
  605. 2012/05/30: PlanetArk: Illinois Sues [Phillips 66's] Wood River [refinery], Alleging Water Pollution
  606. 2012/05/28: AutoBG: Ecotality sues over NRG's $120m electric vehicle charging station settlement

    Developing a new energy infrastructure is a fundamental challenge of the current generation:

  607. 2012/06/01: TCoE: The challenge of natural gas
  608. 2012/05/31: Eureka: New small solid oxide fuel cell reaches record efficiency [57%] -- System designed for household and neighborhood power generation
  609. 2012/05/31: BBC: Chilean power firm Colbun puts project on ice
    One of the two firms planning to build the giant HidroAysen dam in Chilean Patagonia has frozen the project, citing lack of government backing. Colbun said there was no point continuing with the planning stage for the project's transmission line unless Chile's government came up with an energy strategy that had wide support. Protestors argue that the scheme will destroy a valuable natural environment. The dams are intended to provide a third of Chile's electricity.
  610. 2012/05/30: ArcticNews: Proposal to extract, store and sell Arctic methane
  611. 2012/06/02: ERW: 'Golden age of gas' threatens renewable energy, IEA warns
  612. 2012/06/02: CleanBreak: Hydrogenics sells electrolysers and services for 2MW European "power-to-gas" project
  613. 2012/05/30: Guardian(UK): Geothermal energy could meet a fifth of UK's power needs - report
    The study found that subsidising geothermal technology initially would help to bring down costs rapidly as UK sites were developed
  614. 2012/05/29: Grist: The truth about renewable energy: Inexpensive, reliable, and inexhaustible
  615. 2012/05/28: TP:JR: The World’s Energy Disparity Is Reaching A Critical Stage To Spawn Innovation
  616. 2012/05/28: TreeHugger: 3,000' Tower Will Generate Clean Power from Hot Air and Cool Water
  617. 2012/05/28: DeutscheWelle: Energy switchover leaves unanswered questions
    A year ago, the German government announced its plans for an energy switchover. The country's biggest post-war infrastructure project is taking shape, but there is still plenty of resistance to it.
  618. 2012/05/28: al Jazeera: The biggest climate victory you never heard of
    The fight against coal in the US has achieved great success due to activists' passion and commitment.
  619. Hey! Let's contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It'll be a fracking gas!

  620. 2012/06/01: OhioFracktion: Riverdale Residents Blockade Aqua America Construction Road
  621. 2012/06/01: CCP: Riverdale residents block eviction and construction of road by Aqua America to remove 3 million gallons of water daily from the Susquehanna River (that is in severe drought) to be used for fracking
  622. 2012/06/01: DeSmogBlog: Chesapeake Energy And Other Fracking Companies Squatting On New York Citizens' Land
  623. 2012/06/01: DeSmogBlog: Massey WV Coal Battle Take Two: Erie, CO Citizens Fight Fracking
  624. 2012/05/31: Reuters: Fracking at top of Chevron, Exxon meetings
    Investor concerns about hydraulic fracturing at Chevron have eased, in contrast to a slight rise at rival Exxon, as the two largest U.S. oil companies faced growing pressure at shareholder meetings to name independent chairmen to improve governance.
  625. 2012/05/31: DeSmogBlog: ALEC Slips Exxon Fracking Loopholes into New Ohio Law
  626. 2012/05/31: EurActiv: Shale gas strategy 'not the optimum path': Fatih Birol
    An energy strategy without fossil fuels would be preferable to the regulated gas pathway outlined in the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s new report, the paper’s own author told EurActiv in an exclusive interview yesterday (30 May).
  627. 2012/05/30: TreeHugger: IEA's Golden Age of Natural Gas Will Usher in a Dark Age for Civilization & Nature
  628. 2012/06/03: PeakEnergy: Shale Gas: The View from Russia
  629. 2012/06/02: TMG-DD: supplement re anti-fracking rally
  630. 2012/06/02: CBC: Anti-fracking groups take message through Moncton
  631. 2012/05/31: OilChange: Fracking "FRESH" Act Stinks of Dirty Money
  632. 2012/05/31: ABC(Au): CSG expert challenges company's gas claim
  633. 2012/05/30: EurActiv: IEA’s golden rule: Shale gas companies need license to drill
  634. 2012/05/30: KSJT: All Fracked Up [Buffalo]
  635. 2012/05/30: TP:JR: International Energy Agency Finds ‘Safe’ Gas Fracking Would Destroy A Livable Climate
  636. 2012/05/30: OilChange: Subsidised "Green Gas" No Better than Coal
  637. 2012/05/29: DeSmogBlog: Fracking Industry Trying To Keep Doctors Silent About Chemical Dangers
  638. 2012/05/29: Guardian(UK): Using shale gas over coal does not help climate, says big gas investor
  639. 2012/05/29: EurActiv: IEA’s golden rule: Shale gas companies need license to drill
    The International Energy Agency (IEA) has unveiled a ‘golden’ rulebook for the extraction of unconventional gases such as shale, which it says is needed to give them a 'social license to operate'. The checklist includes more regulation, transparency, investment, environmental protection, and a switch to best practices.
  640. 2012/05/29: PlanetArk: Ohio Legislature OKs Bill On Energy Fracking Rules
  641. 2012/05/29: FuelFix: Drilling boom spurring clean up push
  642. 2012/05/29: NatureN: Fracking boom spurs environmental audit
    As hydraulic fracturing unlocks new gas reserves, researchers struggle to understand its health implications.
  643. 2012/05/28: NBF: Improved Fracking Technology
  644. 2012/05/29: BBC: Campaigners' anger over agency's shale gas report
    The International Energy Agency (IEA) has infuriated environmentalists with a report on what it calls the "golden age" of gas. The summary says gas use could grow more than 50% by 2035 if local problems with shale extraction can be overcome. Only in the last paragraph does it say this would be inconsistent with a global temperature rise of 2C. And it does not warn the boom could lead to a potentially devastating 3.5C rise until page 91 of the full report. Critics complain that most policy makers won't get that far and say the IEA should not be celebrating any fossil fuel golden age.
  645. 2012/05/25: SciAm: How Can We Cope with the Dirty Water from Fracking?
    Advanced membranes, unusual solvents and new drilling processes could clean and recycle a growing flood of contaminated water
  646. 2012/05/28: DeSmogBlog: Toothpaste More Dangerous Than Fracking, "Expert" Says

    On the coal front:

  647. 2012/05/30: TreeHugger: Remember, the Death of Coal Will Ruin Lives

    On the gas and oil front:

  648. 2012/06/01: BBerg: Closing oil prices Friday
    OIL (US$/bbl)
    Nymex Crude Future...83.23
    Dated Brent Spot.....98.81
    WTI Cushing Spot.....83.23
  649. 2012/06/01: BBerg: Brent Oil Falls Below $100 for First Time Since October
  650. 2012/06/01: OilChange: Saudi oil import rise exposes the lie of North American oil independence
  651. 2012/05/29: BBC: Spanish company Repsol has said it is pulling out of Cuba after failing in a recent attempt to find oil off the island
  652. 2012/05/29: LA Times: Companies are removing oil from their products to cut costs
    Rising crude prices are fueling a boom in bioplastics as manufacturers took for alternatives to petrochemicals in car seats, beverage containers, solar panels and other goods.
  653. 2012/05/28: NBF: Drilling Mud Technology
  654. 2012/05/28: BBC: Coryton oil refinery set to close within three months
    Hundreds of jobs have been put at risk after administrators announced the closure of an oil refinery in Essex. The Coryton plant was placed into administration by its Swiss owner Petroplus in January.
  655. In the fossil fuel corps:

  656. 2012/05/30: ABC(US): Int'l coalition protests Chevron shareholders' meeting
  657. 2012/05/30: DeSmogBlog: What Chesapeake Energy's Financial Scandals Mean For The Rest of Us

    Regarding oil and the economy:

  658. 2012/06/02: PeakEnergy: Feeling peaky: The economic impact of high oil prices

    And in pipeline news:

  659. 2012/05/30: G&M: Pipeline spill sends 22,000 barrels of oil mix into Alberta muskeg
  660. 2012/05/29: EurActiv: BP punches Nabucco below the belt
    UK oil major BP said it was no longer considering shipping gas from its Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan through the Nabucco pipeline, dealing a blow to the troubled European project. But the European Commission said the "full-scale version" of Nabucco was still the main option under consideration. Iain Conn, BP's head of fuel refining and marketing, said in a speech last week that BP and Azeri state oil group Socar were now considering only two options for the pipeline's route to Austria -- a smaller, pipeline from the Nabucco consortium, known as "Nabucco West", and the South East Europe Pipeline (SEEP).
  661. Yes we have a peak oil sighting:

  662. 2012/05/30: FCNP: The Peak Oil Crisis: The Edisonian Approach

    Biofuel bickering abounds:

  663. 2012/05/31: TreeHugger: Sustainable Farming for Clean Cooking Fuel: The Quest to Kill Charcoal in Africa
  664. 2012/05/31: TreeHugger: Bringing the Biofuel Cooking Stove to Africa
  665. 2012/05/31: Eureka: Standing trees better than burning ones for carbon neutrality
  666. 2012/05/29: CER:RRapier: The First Commercial Cellulosic Plant is NOT About to Open

    The answer my friend...:

  667. 2012/06/01: TreeHugger: When an Anti-Clean Energy Conspiracy Isn't
  668. 2012/06/02: PeakEnergy: Are the lights still on in South Australia?
  669. 2012/05/25: MediaMatters: Myths & Facts About Wind Power
  670. 2012/05/30: BCLSB: Do Wind Turbines Effect Property Values?

    Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  671. 2012/05/31: NBF: Sharp Develops Concentrator Solar Cell with World’s Highest Conversion Efficiency of 43.5%
  672. 2012/06/01: TreeHugger: Solar Cogeneration Installation Demonstrates Solar Cooling at SoCalGas
  673. 2012/05/31: ABC(Au): Boost in low-cost solar cell efficiency [dye-sensitised solar - 8%]
  674. 2012/05/31: UCSUSA:B: More Solar Roofs in California
  675. 2012/05/31: TreeHugger: Sharp Hits Solar Cell Efficiency Record of 43.5%
  676. 2012/05/30: PSinclair: Solar Grid Parity Inevitable. Who’ll be the Leader in this Disruptive Technology?
  677. 2012/05/29: ABC(Au): Germany sets new solar power record
    Solar record German solar power plants produced a record 22 gigawatts of electricity - equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity, says the head of a renewable energy think tank.
  678. 2012/05/28: TreeHugger: Last Weekend, Half of Germany was Running on Solar Power
  679. 2012/05/25: Oregonian: SolarWorld says, bring 'em on, as China's JA Solar and others scout Oregon for solar manufacturing
  680. 2012/05/28: NBF: Under the right circumstances, solar cells from Semprius could produce power more cheaply than fossil fuels

    The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  681. 2012/06/01: NBF: India's Nuclear Energy plans through 2017
  682. 2012/06/02: BBC: Post-Chernobyl disaster sheep controls lifted on last UK farms
    Restrictions covering sheep movements after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster have finally been lifted from all farms in England and Wales after 26 years.
  683. 2012/05/31: BNC: Roads Not Taken (yet)

    Nuclear waste storage requires _very_ long term thinking:

  684. 2012/05/28: BBerg: Bankrupt Nuclear Waste Firm Impact Services Gets Deadline
    Impact Services Inc., the bankrupt nuclear waste processor storing 1 million pounds of scrap radioactive material at its Oak Ridge, Tennessee, facility, was told to produce missing financial documents by next week. Impact filed for Chapter 7 liquidation May 24 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Delaware, listing assets of less than $10 million and debt of as much as $50 million. Specific creditor claims and company financial details haven’t been filed. "There is about one million pounds of waste" at the company’s compound...
  685. Low energy nuclear keeps coming up:

  686. 2012/06/01: NBF: Brillouin funded for $2 million and Acoustic Cavitation Fusion

    More people are talking about the electrical grid:

  687. 2012/05/30: DerSpiegel: Nuclear Phase-Out -- German Power Grid Expansion to Cost Billions
    Germany needs thousands of kilometers in new power lines in order to prepare for the country's planned nuclear phase-out, the country's main grid operators announced this week. Amid criticism that her energy revolution has stalled, Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for faster grid expansion.
  688. 2012/05/31: DD: German power grids increasingly strained by solar and wind generation
  689. 2012/05/30: WNN: Germany moves to bolster grid
    Germany has announced plans to upgrade and expand its electricity grid over the next decade in order to help renewable energy sources fill the gap left by its phase-out of nuclear power. An investment of some E20 billion ($25 billion) will be needed.
  690. 2012/05/28: OilDrum: German Power Grids Increasingly Strained
  691. 2012/05/27: NBF: Village-scale DC solar grids provide power for lighting and cell phones

    And then there is the matter of efficiency & conservation:

  692. 2012/05/29: GreenGrok: Energy Efficiency: Gaining Traction or Spinning Its Wheels?
  693. 2012/06/02: NDMag: Efficiency and Conservation Not Enough to Achieve Energy Security
  694. 2012/05/30: EnergyBulletin: Burning Desire for Efficiency by Tom Murphy

    Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  695. 2012/05/31: TreeHugger: FIAT Bets Big On Natural Gas As The Future of Fuel For Cars
  696. 2012/05/30: STimes: Electric car chargers turned on for I-5 and Highway 2
    Ten sites opened in the state this week where drivers can recharge electric cars on Interstate 5 and Highway 2.
  697. 2012/05/29: BBerg: Toyota Prius Escapes Niche to Surge Into Global Top Three
  698. 2012/05/28: AutoBG: Ecotality sues over NRG's $120m electric vehicle charging station settlement
  699. 2012/05/27 AutoBG: Ex-Sierra Club chair: U.S. EV makers should adopt cell-phone sales model

    This week in the Gee Whiz File:

  700. 2012/05/31: AutoBG: Prieto Battery working on 1,000x more powerful lithium-ion battery

    As for Energy Storage:

  701. 2012/05/31: NBF: Boulder Ionics liquid electrolytes could double storage of ultracapacitors and improve batteries by up to ten times
  702. 2012/05/29: EnergyBulletin: Leverage points in energy storage by Ugo Bardi

    The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

  703. 2012/05/30: Grist: IKEA subsidiary accused of cutting down centuries-old trees

    Who's fielding theFAQs?

  704. 2012/05/29: Guardian(UK): Are solar, wind and marine power too intermittent to be useful?

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  705. 2012/06/01: TP:JR: June 1 News...
  706. 2012/05/31: TP:JR: May 31 News...
  707. 2012/05/30: TP:JR: May 30 News...
  708. 2012/05/29: TP:JR: May 29 News...

    Other (weekly) lists:

  709. 2012/05/31: TreeHugger: Energy News...
  710. 2012/06/02: BPA: The Ag Hot Five No. 9
  711. 2012/06/01: EnergyBulletin: ODAC Newsletter
  712. 2012/05/29: BPA: Agriculture News

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  713. 2012/06/01: WottsUWT: Paging David Appell and Nick Stokes again: time to fess up and apologize
  714. 2012/05/31: TWTB: Christopher Monckton, birther - Part III
  715. 2012/05/31: WtD: Monckton the "Birther": wacky climate change denier questions Obama’s birth certificate [vid]
  716. 2012/06/02: Puckerclust: Facts are not negotiable
  717. 2012/05/29: DeSmogBlog: 'Peer of the Realm' Monckton now a Birther
  718. 2012/05/29: BBickmore: The Monckton Files: Cracked
  719. 2012/05/28: Stoat: To the reader
  720. 2012/05/28: DeSmogBlog: Toothpaste More Dangerous Than Fracking, "Expert" Says

    The Heartland saga drags on:

  721. 2012/06/01: Grist: It wasn’t just the billboards: How activists brought down the Heartland Institute
  722. 2012/06/01: BCLSB: Heartland Expert List Roundup
  723. 2012/05/31: HuffPo: The People-Power-Inflicted Downfall of Heartland
  724. 2012/06/02: BCLSB: Jan Veizer Didn't Even Know He Was On Heartland List--Also, He Deplores My Actions
  725. 2012/06/01: WtD: Operation Heartland: The Economist politely sinks the boot into the dying think tank
  726. 2012/05/29: WtD: Operation Heartland: lost of funds not exceeds $1m, climate denial now has a social stigma
  727. 2012/05/29: TP:JR: With Latest Corporate Defection, Heartland Institute Losses Now Exceed $1 Million
  728. 2012/05/29: BCLSB: Lomborg Makes It Official - no longer an HI expert

    This week in intimidation:

  729. 2012/05/30: Tamino: Peace

    As for climate miscellanea:

  730. 2012/06/01: DeSmogBlog: How To Divide And Conquer The Free Market Climate Change Denial Movement
  731. 2012/06/01: Grist: Winning the climate culture war
  732. 2012/06/01: SciAm:EC: 3rd Annual Antelope Die-Off in Kazakhstan - Was a Spacecraft to Blame?
  733. 2012/05/30: Berkeley:B: Is environmentalism bad for fighting climate change?
  734. 2012/05/31: ILO: Transition to green economy could yield up to 60 million jobs, ILO says
  735. 2012/05/30: NakedCapitalism: Greening the desert
  736. 2012/05/30: ClimateSight: Modelling the Apocalypse
  737. 2012/05/28: ProMedMail: Undiagnosed die-off, dolphin - Russia, Ukraine: Black Sea

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  738. OhioFracktion: to save the land and people
  739. BristolU: Palaeoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project
  740. NASA: CASA "Quarterly Indicator of Cover Change" (QUICC)
  741. MongaBay: GloF-DAS - Global Forest Disturbance Alert System
  742. EarthGauge
  743. Project Pressure - Glacier Archive - A visual time capsule
  744. Climate and Stuff
  745. NOAA: Coral Reef Watch Satellite Monitoring
  746. NIDIS: National Integrated Drought Information System
  747. The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement
  748. Wiki: Chart of nuclides
  749. Wiki: List of nuclides
  750. Wiki: Radionuclide
  751. JMA: Japan Meteorological Agency -- Tropical Cyclone Information
  752. Severe Weather Information Centre

    Low Key Plug

    My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.



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Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck YearsThis weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week's Global Warming news roundup skip to bottom Another week of Climate Disruption News Information Overloadis Pattern RecognitionJune 5, 2011 Chuckles…
Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck YearsThis weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week's Global Warming news roundup skip to bottom Another week of Climate Disruption News Sipping from the Internet Firehose...December 4, 2011 Chuckles…
This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week's Global Warming news roundup skip to bottom Another Week in the Ecological Crisis Information is not Knowledge...Knowledge is not Wisdom February 2, 2014 Chuckles, COP20+, NSA at Copenhagen…