Climate denial as a false flag operation

I hope it can stay lighthearted for Stephan Lewandowsky, it may be fun in the beginning grabbing the tiger by the tail, but some of these climate denial bloggers have made harassment an art form and this tiger may well turn around!  I refer to the subject referenced in this post, the survey of climate blog readers that shows conspiracy theories run rampant in folks who deny the reality of AGW.

But at least for now, the fun continues. Apparently Stephan and co-author of the post Klaus Oberauer have determined that crazy denialists like Lord Monckton are really "warmists" in disguise only trying to discredit legitimate sceptics (like Dr Roy Spencer?)

Who knew?  Maybe Fox News is likewise just trying to make normal conservatives look like extremist ideologues...oh you sneaky liberal media!

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Oh boy, but how much fun is Lewandowsky having? I'm thoroughly enjoying the spectacle and I hope the spat gets picked up by the MSM so the rest of the world can get to see climate denial for what it is, and disown it.

It's the way Lewandowsky baited his trap, drew all these deniers in, and then turned on them with a barrage of ridicule which the deniers seem to keep coming back for more of.

This latest installment is astoundingly good.

I do think Lewandowsky has successfully plotted the death of false scepticism: these people have become laughing stock.

If he has any more ammo than he's already used, then I might even start feeling sorry for the poor old deniers....

By Vince Whirlwind (not verified) on 14 Sep 2012 #permalink

There was no need for baiting the trap.

It's a bare pavlovian reaction they have been trained by their dog handlers to respond to without thought.

That last bit is all important. They have been taught NOT TO THINK AT ALL. If they thought about what they were told, they'd note the inconsistencies and contradictions, therefore would lose the religious zeal necessary to propound the idiocy of the deniers.

If they'd thought, they would not have proven the conclusion of the paper so comprehensively and thoroughly.

Oh, please god, let there be more... after years of harassment of scientists, it's so heartening to see tables turned.

wadard "climate denial for what it is"

no boy, you are wrong and are not willing to understand that green-leftist political agenda al gore likes and corrupted climate science workers act together in an unprecedented manner and that's the simple reason why you are a pupil of the polticial climate church whose sole justification for existence is co2 alarmism and non-reactions of the climate system to frau claims by post-normal pseudo science. you and all the other fellows of the rotten climate church are a shame to mankind and civility

kai, do you have anything intelligent to say? your word-salad-crap is completely empty of any signal you know what the hell you are writing about.

Nah, kai is a 12 year old. Doesn't know what a hyperling is and is just trolling.

"green-leftist political agenda"
"al gore"
"corrupted climate science workers"
"polticial (sic) climate church"
"post-normal pseudo science"
"rotten climate church"


Lewandowsky is still producing articles, and they are still provoking the predictable reaction from the usual crowd of deniers who just can't see how well they are proving Lewandowsky's case. The farce is strong with that lot.

The latest article is here:

There was something in the article which caught my attention:
Numerical skills alone are often insufficient to understand a data set—indeed, number-crunching ability that's unaccompanied by informed judgment can often do more harm than good. This fact frequently becomes apparent in the climate arena, where the ability to use pivot tables in Excel or to do a simple linear regressions is often over-interpreted as deep statistical competence.

Does that remind you of anyone?

Give us a clue - does it start with "M"?

By Vince Whirlwind (not verified) on 18 Sep 2012 #permalink

This fact frequently becomes apparent in the climate arena, where the ability to use pivot tables in Excel...

Why would anyone try to use excel for any serious attempt at statistics?

I think mandas is referring to JRW.

By Ian Forrester (not verified) on 18 Sep 2012 #permalink

mandas, as always, you are always and principally wrong: many many many more have falsified the hallucinatory rumor of anthropogenic climate change. you should start to learn and live a better life than just do support stupidly wrong alarmistic climate lies. you should work on your intelligence to be able to understand what i just told you

Wow, Kai, how can anyone else ever become as intelligent as you without 15,000,000 years to spare for devolution?

wadard, of you course not you, because your deficiencies are too big. bad luck for you but take it like a true climate hallucinator.

wadard, i am disappointed about the severe incivilities you have dared to express. do better in the future, for the sake of your parents

kai wasn't evolved. He is what you get when all your parents thing is going on is "intelligent design". Resulting in an even less intelligent progeny.

"i am disappointed about the severe incivilities you have dared to express"

So are: "stupidly wrong alarmistic climate lies." and "corrupted climate science workers" polite in your world?

Or is it only impolite if you scorn a teabagger where it is justifiably earned?

Our newest tea bag here seems to hate Free Speech.