Mirror, mirror...

So this is an idea shamelessly stolen from Noah Smith, a blogger who writes about economics.  He has created an "illustrated bestiary", introduced thusly:

In your journey through the Econ Blogosphere, you will be beset by a great many curious and interesting species of EconoTroll. At first you may be intimidated by their voluminous use of insider jargon, their rough-and-tumble personal attacks, their strenuous insistence that you read the complete works of their movements' founders before participating in any discussion, and above all their sheer persistence and apparent surplus of spare time. But fear not, noble traveler, for I have taken it upon myself to create this Illustrated Bestiary, in order to prepare you for (most of) the characters you will encounter on your way...

It is all very applicable to the climate blogosphere, surely any blog-topic community, and very funny, so I thought I would reuse his juxtapositions of images and invite some suggestions of which labels, bloggers and/or regular commenters around the Climate Blogosphere fit the bill!  All meant in good fun, I assure you!

The pairs are presented as "how they see themselves" on the left, and "how the world sees them" on the right.

Set A:


Set B:



Set C:


Set D:

Noah does have some additional funny content that may be a bit "insider baseball" but is still worth reading.

So?  Who are we looking at here?

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I'll go first and suggest the Reverend Lord Monckton for Gandalf/Crazy old man (set B).

I can't tell if Set A is crakar, snowman, Dick Wakefield, Dan Pangburn, Biel Roaig or kai.

Wow, I really want to see a "Climate BlogTroll Bestiary"! I give you full permission (and encouragement) to shamelessly copy the format of my post, with all new sets of funny pics and "insider baseball" jokes. Let's make it a meme...every blogosphere will have its own bestiary!

Also, if my experience is any guide, you'll get tons of hits. ;-)

By Noah Smith (not verified) on 24 Oct 2012 #permalink

Thanks, Noah! and well done :)

My punt of a post above was a reluctant acceptance that I would probably not find the time to do it properly. But a public holiday is on the way...you are tempting me again!

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it before, don't miss the excellent satire pointed to here, you may find it topical for your blog as well as just funny.



About that climate blogtroll bestiary...come on, do it! You know you want to! ;-)

By Noah Smith (not verified) on 24 Oct 2012 #permalink

Lots of good choices for Set A, but I'll give the nod to Tony Watts.

It's hard to argue with Coby's choice of Monckton for Set B, but there are others that match as well: Roy Spencer and Ed Wegman, to name two.

Set C is a good match for James Inhofe (among other politicians, but he's the best fit), and there are several "think tanks" (e.g., the Heritage Institute) that would fit Set D.

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 24 Oct 2012 #permalink

I fail to perceive the distinction in Set C.

There is a fun game called "kill - fuck - marry", where you name three people and your companion has to nominate which one of the three he/she would kill, which one he/she would fuck, and which one he/she would marry.

I would like to propose a similar game for some of the posters around here, to be called "troll - poe - moron". You could add a fourth category of 'shill', but that would not be in the spirit of the original game.

Someone like kai is obviously a troll, and Biel Roaig would be a moron.