Some New Year's Day inspiration

This is worth your time.


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What would adapting to climate change be like? A picture is worth a thousand words: But a second picture is worth a few thousand more! I saw the kids protecting their families from the rising tide at the beach and thought it was an amusing analogy. The running-away photo was just an unforeseen…
If you have a spare couple of hours, I am sure the YouTube below is well worth the time. I don't, so I can't comment on anything but my expectations and the approval of Dessler's performance from Eli Rabett and Deltoid. Thanks, Eli, for the link.
From Linda Holmes, a poignant post about how the deluge of information makes it impossible to scratch the surface in a single lifetime: there are really only two responses if you want to feel like you're well-read, or well-versed in music, or whatever the case may be: culling and surrender. Culling…
Now this is worth checking out! (for the incurious, it is a bit of fantastic photography of various insects) The mosquito larvae are my favorite so far.

What an inspiring film!

By Ben Lawson (not verified) on 03 Jan 2013 #permalink