Dr. Jeff Masters: Katrina-level storm surges have more than doubled due to global warming

Jeff Masters reports on these studies:

Grinsted, A., J. C. Moore, and S. Jevrejeva, 2012, "A homogeneous record of Atlantic hurricane surge threat since 1923," PNAS 2012, doi:10.1073/pnas.1209542109

Grinsted, A., J. C. Moore, and S. Jevrejeva, 2012, "Projected Atlantic hurricane surge threat from rising temperatures" PNAS March 18, 2013 201209980, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1209980110

There is a press release here.



And apparently this is on top of the effects from sea level rise, of which rises measured by metres are not out of the question.  I believe that a 1 cm rise in sea level equates to a greater increase in the high tide level, but I am not sure of this or of how much local topography determines that.  Regardless, we clearly need more coastal states to pass laws dictating sea level will not get so out of hand!

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If you are in the path...the thousand mile wide path...of Hurricane Sandy, a.k.a. Frankenstorm, then you should make sure you know what the storm could do in relationship to where you are. If you are in or near an area with mountains, look for very serious flash flooding. The winds will be strong…
Earlier this year a paper was published in the journal Nature in which a team of scientists looked at changes in storm surge potential under conditions of global warming, and they used the New York City area in their modeling. Combined with resent research adding to the growing body of data and…
Ahem. So previously there was a lot of hype and confusion and not much paper. Now that has changed, with Reconstructing sea level from paleo and projected temperatures 200 to 2100AD by Aslak Grinsted, John C. Moore & Svetlana Jevrejeva. Which says: We use a physically plausible 4 parameter…
Probably. The Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University makes annual predictions of hurricane season activity, and they released one of these predictions today. This particular group has a good track record, although I would worry that they tenaciously hold to the idea that global…

Yes, there is some variation of weather phenomena from year to year. No, there is no 1 meter sea level rise within the next decades or even centuries. It is true that at the moment it is terribly cold from East Siberia to Scotland. I am afraid of a new ice age.

"No, there is no 1 meter sea level rise within the next decades or even centuries"

So you're a time traveller?

"I am afraid of a new ice age."

Catastrophic Climate Change Alarmism.

Current arctic sea ice extent:

The latest value : 14,043,594 km2 (March 26, 2013)

We are extremely far away from an ice-free arctic ocean, unfortunately. It's terribly cold there. Yes, wow, it's winter and I know, you hate winters.

"Current arctic sea ice extent:"

In winter.

Completely worthless.

wow, arctic sea ice extent in winter "completely worthless"?



Because in the winter of that pole there is no sunlight, therefore nothing for the greenhouse gas to hold on to for months.

Therefore winter sea ice doesn't say ANYTHING about AGW.

If you can't explain, then you better go and educate yourself before professing any knowledge or interpretation of sea ice data.

wow, wrong explanation. You as hypocrite warming alarmist which is obsessed by CO2 has no other idea?

Freddy, assuming you're not troll, the important metric for Arctic sea ice is the Summer extent because of the impact it has on the Earth's albedo.

By turboblocke (not verified) on 29 Mar 2013 #permalink

So you think that the sun shines in the polar winter, freddy.

It figures.

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Still too clueless to explain the graphic? So pathetic.

So what IS the explanation for winter ice being irrelevant? After all, if you "know" the actual answer isn't "It's night for months at the poles", then you MUST know what it is, right?

Oh, no, you don't because you're a clueless moron.

wow, belief it or not: I have not looked at your graphic, because I decided so.

Your "arguments" are only "inspired" by hysteric warming alarmism, therefore your intellectual level is low.

"wow, belief it or not: I have not looked at your graphic,"

I can quite believe it. You're not even smart enough to try to explain.

You're just clueless and proud of it, the epitome of a teabagger.

"Your “arguments” are only “inspired” by hysteric warming alarmism"

How would you know if you never look at the arguments?

the problem is you're inspired by the teabagger faith and that requires an absolute lack of independent thought, you must obey the collective wisdom of the Koch.

Wow, your understanding of the criticism on your climate fraud beliefs is zero. You lack all basic skills to be qualified to understand why you and your climate church brothers are so wrong in their expectations of a warming world,

Two letters describe your every utterance.


Wow, congratulations to you for your brilliant intellect: "M.T." (mean temperature)

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turboblocke @11

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Katrina was a hurricane with an unusual far more northern trajectory than "normal" hurricanes. Hence you cannot argue that the freqency of "Katrina-type" storms has doubled under the AGW doctrine.

well gosh, nobody has, kaitroll.

wow, then you agree that coby failed with the title of the subject here. Thank you for your support!

No, try reading it.

Not Katrina type (based on your definition of what makes Karina Karina-type). Katrina level.

Huge storms.

Why not, for a refreshing change, read the post you are whining about before whining?

Sorry, storm surges.

Wow, no need to apologise. It's not worth to adopt language precision in case a basic concept / argument is totally wrong. Reformulating a little bit does not change what is wrong. Again for your understanding: Katrina was a unique hurricane in the recent past.

Katrina was weather and not climate, understood?

Also, arctic sea ice extent in summer is weather and not climate. By the way had we small arctic sea ice extent already in the fourties of the last century, just for your information.

Hi Coby,

I know this is your blog and I know you have a policy which opposed moderation, but I am going to suggest that the policy may require slight modification if you do not wish the blog to slide into oblivion.

This wow vs kai troll show is putting me off, and I suggest it probably is putting other people off as well. I have tried to post links and comments based on studies etc, but they quickly become engulfed in the rantings of a couple of lunatics who either never cared about rational argument and science, or lost interest some time ago.

It's up to you of course, just making a suggestion.

"It’s not worth to adopt language precision in case a basic concept / argument is totally wrong."

Try again in English, troller.

But you are correct: it is not worth bothering with precise language when your concepts an d arguments are totally wrong.

Though you do bring up an interesting point.

You seem to be insisting that Katrina was unprecedented.

Do you wish to confirm this?

mandy, of course you want everyone else off the site who is both smarter than you and not too polite to point it out.

It is a coping mechanism. Expected.

Kai does the same thing too.

"Also, arctic sea ice extent in summer is weather and not climate"


Are you saying that it isn't possible to have an interglacial?

"Katrina was weather and not climate, understood?"

More katrinas happen when climate changes to one where katrinas are more common.

Wow, if you have a profession, what is it? Are you a scientist, meteorologist?
Do you espouse the belief and fact that weather and climate, among other things run in cycles? This includes droughts, cold and warm winters, and yes, even ice ages. The Atlantic Basin's last active cycle ended in 1969, while the basin's recent cycle of relative inactivity ended around 2005. Based on history, we'll probably remain in this pattern for at least another decade.
Everyone has an opinion, not all are based on science.
If we are to reduce the effect of sea level rise, real or perceived, and mitigate storm surge look at coastal and wetland restoration along vulnerable coastal areas. Wetland restoration in the heartland would reduce the magnitude of rain induce flooding.