Only In It For The Gold: Neither Optimist nor Pessimist, Just Activist

Only In It For The Gold: Neither Optimist nor Pessimist, Just Activist.

"We must stop treating the natural world as something to exploit, and start realizing that it is our home. If we do that, we can thrive."

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This grab-you-by-the-throat speech by Ghanaian economist George Ayittey unleashes an almost breathtaking torrent of controlled anger toward corrupt leaders and the complacency that allows them to thrive. These "Hippos" (lazy, slow, ornery) have ruined postcolonial Africa, he says. Why, then, does…
John Derbyshire thinks there's a tension between liberalism and science: liberal scientists, which is to say most scientistsâ¦are stuck in an uncomfortable philosophical fork. Liberalism is optimistic. It is a doctrine of progress and improvement. (Why do you think they call themselves…
Strangely enough, in Christian philosophy apparently the one on the left is the pessimist, and the one on the right carries the message of hope.

Science: The #1 tool for activists. Yeah.

Not sure I get your point, Erayor...? (Assuming this is dry sarcasm)

Do you prefer activists to use ideology as their primary tool? Any activism should be motivated by reality and science is the best tool for understanding reality.

Besides, the post does not make any comment on the relationship of science to activism.