(OT) Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz from The Oatmeal

Very amusing and very rigorously constructed argument in favour of Net Neutrality:

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works - The Oatmeal.

Ted Cruz is the Obamacare of put-downs via Obamacare association.



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Unless, of course, someone wants to buy higher performance?

"It's not putting the Internet in the hands of the government . . .
. . . It simply classifies the Internet in a such a way that all data, regardless of origin, must be treated equally."

Ok, I give, who/what makes this rule and enforces it?

Same people as enforced the rule before it was sunset ended, Pauline.

What IS it with you rightwngnuts and your complete and utter lack of knowledge about anything you proclaim strongly about?

YOU DID NOT KNOW, DID YOU? The internet was under net neutrality laws until recently when those laws were due to expire and the new laws are to REPLACE the old ones.

Yes, dearie, that means that the internet you claim WAS COMPLETELY FINE BEFORE was ONLY SO *because* it was under net neutrality laws.

What's happened since them?

Google, Youtube and Netflics, the REASON why people WANT high speed internet, are being double dipped and their VoD dropped/choked by cable companies who have SINCE bought up those perfectly working internets and have their own product that they wish to foist on a public who prefer someone else's products, therefore have to be punished for their apostasy, have killed the internet.

The invisible hand is giving you the very visible finger, and all YOU can do is whine that "if anal violation of my body is wrong, then let the market decide!".

And the local moron weighs in with the usual parade of straw men.
No thanks required from the audience, you're welcome to the free entertainment.

See a shrink, Pauline, you're talking to yourself, or possibly nobody.

This is a good explanation of net neutrality.

Thank you for the great work.

Regards, Philip

By Philip S. Webster (not verified) on 04 Apr 2015 #permalink