The only response ever needed to Choprawoo

I'm getting really tired of "ChopraFan" spamming the comments of unrelated posts with his serious kissing of Chopra's posterior over Chopra's risibly idiotic multipart response to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. In fact, given the number of times that I've fisked Chopra's profound ignorance of and obtuseness over science and what the theory of evolution actually says, I feel like I'm playing a game of Whac-a-Mole with him, with no end in sight.

Consequently, as promised over at PZ's demolition of this woo, my response will be brief. In fact, I daresay it may be the only response ever needed to any Choprawoo. So, here is my response to Chopra's The God Delusion? Part 6 (also found here). Feel free to use it as you see fit:

Woo woo woo woo woo Dawkins woo woo. Woo woo woo woo woo materialists don't understand woo woo. Woo woo woo woo Materialists say evolution is random woo woo woo. Woo woo woo anthropic principle. Woo woo woo consciousness woo woo can't be explained by DNA woo woo. Woo woo consciousness all around woo woo. Woo woo universe is conscious. Woo woo woo quantum theory woo woo. Woo woo woo evolution information theory. Woo woo. Woo woo universal consciousness intelligent design. Woo woo woo. Woo woo woo God woo woo field of consciousness woo woo pervades universe woo woo. Woo woo arrogant skeptics woo woo versus dogmatic fundamentalists woo woo. Woo woo Chopra find middle ground in woo. Woo universe experienced through consciousness woo woo consciousness is God woo woo woo.

Continue on like this for about 1,100 words or so, and then do it six times, one for each part of Chopra's "rebuttal" of Dawkins.

There, that could be almost any column Chopra's written over the last couple of months.

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I tried not to do it. I really did. I tried to resist the temptation to respond to Deepak Chopra's latest incursions into woo as he flailed futilely at Richard Dawkins' arguments for science. Fortunately, PZ Myers and MarkCC have been around to take down his idiocy. But then I thought about it Why…
I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get a bit bored with Deepak Chopra. He's like the Energizer Bunny of woo; he just keeps going and going and going and going. Unfortunately, one of his sycophants going under the 'nym "ChopraFan" appears to have infested my blog, posting plugs for Chopra's…
There I was, puttering around the Internet trying to procrastinate while writing yet another grant, when I came across a truly inane article by Scott Adams arguing that the entire universe must be intelligent because processes that lead to products of intelligent (machines, books, etc., made by us…

LOL good one:)

Well, that's a lot more logical than anything Chopra writes. I think it would sound best in a Daffy Duck voice.

By T. Bruce McNeely (not verified) on 03 Dec 2006 #permalink

Heh, this reminds me: One of the cool things done against woo here in Canada is buried within comedy. Specifically, the show Comedy Inc., which has a recurring segment devoted to nothing but making fun of Deepak Chopra. It does nothing to rebut what he actually says; the only intend is to portray him as an idiot (which it does quite well).

Sounds like you found lyrics for a B-side Ramones song.

Woo, woo, HEY!

Dang, I was hoping the response would feature EneMan...

By Magnus Malmborn (not verified) on 03 Dec 2006 #permalink

I think the most amazing thing about DC's series is that he wrote six parts rebutting a book he clearly never read. If he'd stopped at one, he might have been able to convince at least a few people he'd cracked the cover open.

GURU'S SIDE (after James Tate, Pulitzer Prize Winner)
A poem

Lamplighter Loonyshenko,
the guru of the blind --
well, we're now after you,

having failed to convince
us of your out of mind life
after death and consciousness,

we think you're doomed
to become a laughing stock
of the sane in the world.

You call us bigots and
fundamentalists, but what goes
in our heads is amazement

that you have no reason, no
logic, no knowledge of science.
You admit you always speculate

and talk of quanta everywhere,
holy consciousness in space with
your holy mind bursting with ego.

We know this by heart now.
We bring to you wisdom
of science that you refutes.

It seems it's too late now.
You are incorrigible. You are
a species abominable.

Note: Inspired by Tate's poem, Graveside in
Selected Poems, Wesleyan University Press
Middletown, Connecticut, 1991.

~white wings…

A poem

We need the guru
of quantum consciousness
to live in this world,
as a fish needs a bike

to ride in this world.
Without God and
guru's guidance,
we'll be crossing at

random in this world,
leaving behind DNA
that will blow even
God's mind.

God preserves DNA.
God preserves the
lunacy of the lunatics --
like the crazy guru's.

~white wings


I think it's very interesting how Chopra seems to suffer from a religious form of Compulsive Centrist disorder. The fundies and atheists are both wrong, Chopra sticks himself in the "middle", therefore he is serious and erudite and the rest are just rambling loonies. Quod erat bovis fimus.

"What a Dog Hears" (Far Side cartoon ala Gary Larson) and "What Woobies Hear," ala Orac. Excellent analogy.

The first 26 episodes of "Comedy, Inc." were apparently bought by, of all networks, SPIKE TV, and were sopposed to have been shown on Monday nights. I don't know if they actually were shown, and the show isn't on the network's chedule or web site now.

The concluding part:

The God Delusion? Part 7

"The answer centers on the last point from Dawkins in our discussion.

7. The universe is full of wonder and mystery, but these will be solved, one at a time, until science has a complete understanding. In this way the entire supernatural tradition--and God himself--will be erased."

"In the final post on this topic I will address some of the responses I have recieved to this subject."

In the next post he will answer you critics.

Let your response be:

woo woo Chopra woo woo ChopraFan woo woo Chopra woo woo hop Chopra woo woo hop hopraC woo woo pop horac woo woo hop orac woo woo orac woo woo woorac

By ChopraFan (not verified) on 04 Dec 2006 #permalink

In the next post he will answer you critics.

Yes, and I'm sure he'll spout the same vacuous bilge he's been using to try to "critique" Dawkins. Deepak go "woo woo woo" all the way home!

The first 26 episodes of "Comedy, Inc." were apparently bought by, of all networks, SPIKE TV, and were sopposed to have been shown on Monday nights. I don't know if they actually were shown, and the show isn't on the network's chedule or web site now.

Hopefully it'll show up eventually; Americans miss out on way too many good comedies simply because they aren't produced locally. Out of all the great shows produced "overseas," the only ones that get any decent syndication in the US are The Kids in the Hall and the British Whose Line is it Anyway? (And no, The Office doesn't count until the original British episodes come over.)

Not true, if you check the PBS stations or (of course) BBC America, which has been shortening the time between original runs and runs here.

One local PBS station -- of course, I AM in Brooklyn, which helps -- runs THE NEWSROOM, another runs ROSEMARY AND THYME, BBC America runs both comedy and mystery shows regularly, recently including LIFE ON MARS, MURDER CITY, VINCENT, THE ELEVENTH HOUR, and (the popular but abysmal) HEX. PBS also runs the original COUPLING. (I could give your more, but it is Pledge Week).

OK, this is staying OT, but it is a HELL of a lot more interesting than Chopra.

How can you continue to read him. You have the patience of a guard outside buckingham palace. Amazing. I can't stand the man after 3 paragraphs and I thought I had stamina.