A photon has moved

Way back when I first started my blog, one of my favorite blogs was A Photon in the Darkness, in which Prometheus regularly demolished quackery, particularly autism-related quackery. Sadly, Prometheus' blogging has become more and more sporadic over the last year or so, with gaps sometimes longer than a month between posts. I was worried that he might be retiring permanently from the blogosphere. That would be a great loss.

Recently, however, Prometheus has been a bit more active. In fact, he's even moved his blog to a new location: http://www.photoninthedarkness.com. Moreover, he's recently posted a great set of articles entitled Myths and Legends of Autism (Parts One, Two, and Three), suggesting that he's resurrected his blog and will be posting more regularly in the future.

And a welcome return it is!

Of the three parts thus far, my favorite is Part Two: The Brave Maverick Doctors. In it, he discusses three main types of "brave maverick" doctors who embrace woo to treat autism specifically or who use woo in general: the Misfit, the Iconoclast (the one that gives me the most pause, given that I come from academia and do not want to become one of these "brave maverick doctors"), and the Reluctant Hero. I might have to write a post in the future in which I suggest a couple of more distinct types of these "brave maverick doctors."

ON A SIDE NOTE: Given that Prometheus finally moved his blog over to his own domain (probably to keep J. B. Handley from cybersquatting it as he did with me), it occurred to me: Although I blog for ScienceBlogs, a while back I purchased the domain www.respectfulinsolence.net. Right now that domain just redirects to my ScienceBlogs blog. However, in the unlikely event that I ever leave ScienceBlogs, the same address will be reset to whatever my new blog location might be. (Don't worry, I have no intention of doing so for the foreseeable future unless my benevolent Seed overlords get fed up with me.)

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