EneMan the science fiction star

As I mentioned in January, everybody's favorite blog mascot has seemingly undertaken a new career in show biz. In fact, he's become a big movie star, even popping up in some fairly avant garde movies.

This month, however, he's popping up in a most unexpected place: In one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time:


Even better, though, there's something that my readers would most definitely appreciate. You--yes, you!--can, if you so desire, peruse the various movies that EneMan is slated to appear in through the course of 2008 and vote for your favorite at EneMan Goes to Hollywood.

Personally, I'm having a very difficult time picking between Scarfece ("Say hello to my little friend" was never scarier) and The Enemator, but you can check out all the possibilities and then vote for yourself.

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I am most amused by March - however the despite no expilcit limitation to US based health care professionals the form requires one to choose a US-state one lives in. ( so my vote may be lost - or not depending on the sophistication of the counting routine )
Not that this is not an extremely common failing of American sites ( "we deliver everywhere in the World*" : And by world we mean the continental US. ) with the revelation that as non US resident one is not eligible coming on page 3 of the form after one has filled out the fields for credit card number and nickname of the maternal grandmothers first lover.

We are not amused. ( I do understand limiting the scope of a campaign to the places one knows the law of and the postage, and has reliable statistics about probable response - while expanding ones business outside the limits of the home country would seem to multiply potential customers it is often not worth the effort in increased administration cost. I have little patience with NOT stating the limited scope on page one. ))

Voting, fine. Recieving full-color poster? What am I going to do with a full-color Eneman poster? (yes, I know what the first suggestion is....)

On the above picture: am I the only one who, when looking for Eneman's distinctive feature, first noticed the flash of stormtrooper weapon between Darth Enema's legs?

(From the site): "Two thumbs up -- Way up!"


where are the updats? and where is my poster.